How to Get Google Talk with Video Chat on Your Android

Google Talk with Video Chat

So you may have heard that Google has started rolling out Android 2.3.4 to the Nexus S and the Nexus One. The update for the Nexus S brings an update to Google Talk that allows for video chat, pretty much the equivalent to FaceTime for Android. Only thing is, it’s only available for the Nexus […]

Nexus One Android 2.3.4 Update Can Be Manually Installed

Nexus One

Attention Nexus One owners. If you’re looking to get Android 2.3.4 on your phone this moment (who likes waiting for OTA updates?), then there is an easy manual installation process that you can follow to get it up and running right now. Last week, Google announced that Android 2.3.4 would roll out to the Nexus […]

Nexus S Android 2.3.4 Update Can Be Manually Installed

Nexus S

Earlier today, Google announced that it was bringing Android 2.3.4 and video chat capabilities through Google Talk to the Nexus S in the next couple of weeks. Well, Nexus S owners, good news. You don’t have to wait for the update because there is a way to get it right now. Android Central has discovered […]

Android 2.3.4 Update Gets Detailed

Android 2.3.4

Earlier today, Google announced that it would be releasing Android 2.3.4 to the Nexus S and the Nexus One bringing video chatting via Google Talk to the former and bug fixes to the latter. And while we pretty much know what to expect from the Nexus S’ new video chat feature, Nexus One owners were […]

HTC Doubleshot to Succeed myTouch 4G on T-Mobile?

T-Mobile myTouch 4G

The awesome yet very mysterious HTC Doubleshot is apparently going to be the successor of T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G device at least according to a report over at TMoNews. Just yesterday we found out that the HTC Doubleshot is going to be a Android 2.3 Gingerbread QWERTY slider which comes in addition to some other specifications […]

Nexus S 4G Coming to Sprint on May 8th for $200

Nexus S 4G

Sprint has finally made the release date and pricing of the upcoming WiMax enabled Nexus S 4G official announcing that the device will be headed to shelves on May 8th with a familiar price tag of $199 which will come after a new two-year contract is signed. We had heard previously that the Nexus S […]

T-Mobile G2 Gingerbread Update Rolling Out Soon

T-Mobile G2

Earlier today, T-Mobile confirmed that the recently released LG G2x would be getting Gingerbread at some point in the near future and  the carrier has announced that the original G2 will be getting a bump to Android 2.3 in the near future as well. We had previously heard that the G2 would be getting Gingerbread […]

HTC Doubleshot Coming With Gingerbread, Physical QWERTY Keyboard

HTC Doubleshot Specs

It looks like the pieces that make up the HTC Doubleshot, a dual-core smartphone that is rumored to be coming to T-Mobile, are coming together as another two specifications have seemingly been confirmed. According to a user agent profile found by Pocketnow, the HTC Doubleshot is going to be coming with some fresh baked Android […]

T-Mobile LG G2x Gingerbread Update Coming Soon

T-Mobile LG G2x

T-Mobile has confirmed that their newly released LG-made G2x smartphone will be receiving its Android 2.3 Gingerbread update in the very near future which will bring it up to speed from the Android 2.2 Froyo that it currently runs. The tweet from T-Mobile’s official Twitter account has confirmed that Gingerbread is “coming soon” to the […]

Wi-Fi HTC Flyer Pre-Orders Start April 24th at Best Buy

HTC Flyer

Best Buy has announced that it will begin taking pre-orders for the HTC Flyer Wi-Fi only tablet starting April 24th. Best Buy declined to give a specific release date for the device and only gave a spring release window which we had heard before. When the Wi-Fi HTC Flyer finally launches, it’s going to cost […]

Ultimate Android 2.3 Update List: Which Phones Will Get Gingerbread?

Droid Pro

Back in December, Google announced that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread would follow Android 2.2 Froyo as the next operating system coming to Android OS smartphones. As of today, April 21st, there are only 3 phones that currently boast official Gingerbread leaving many device owners to wonder: Am I going to be getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread? […]

Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread Update Suspended by Google

Samsung Galaxy S

In some news that should be familiar to Samsung Galaxy S owners, Google has decided to ‘temporarily suspend’ the Galaxy S Gingerbread update that began rolling out last weekend to device owners in the United Kingdom. Vodafone has gone ahead and confirmed that Google has stopped the roll out of Android 2.3 because of what […]

Droid Incredible Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Coming This Summer

Droid Incredible

An HTC representative has confirmed that the HTC Droid Incredible Android 2.3 Gingerbread update will roll out at some point this summer. This should be delightful news and seems to confirm an earlier rumor that the Droid Incredible would see the update at some point in Q2. For those that don’t know, Q2 consists of […]

Motorola Droid X Gingerbread Update Leaks, Get it Now

Motorola Droid X

There have been numerous reports floating around today that Motorola Droid X Gingerbread update version 4.5.588 has been silently hitting devices. And while it’s still unknown as to whether or not this is the official build that Verizon is going to release to the masses, it looks like it can be pulled by anyone with […]

HTC Flyer Tablet Launching in Europe on May 9th

HTC Flyer

HTC has announced that the HTC Flyer tablet, a device that won our award for Best Tablet at CTIA (as the HTC EVO View 4G), will be launched across European markets starting next month on May 9th. The company managed to slip this little bit of news in with the HTC Sensation aka HTC Pyramid […]

HTC Sensation Appears in First Promo Videos

HTC Sensation

For those just emerging from underneath rocks, HTC announced a new dual-core device this morning called the HTC Sensation aka the HTC Pyramid. It’s an exciting launch and those interested in the device will be happy to know that HTC has put up several promo videos showing off the device. The two promotional videos show […]

HTC Sensation Headed to T-Mobile USA This Summer

HTC Sensation

HTC announced the HTC Sensation aka HTC Pyramid at a press event earlier in London and while it will be headed to Vodafone and Asian markets first, HTC and T-Mobile have confirmed that the device will be headed to T-Mobile USA this summer. This should come as a relief to those in the United States […]

HTC Sensation Officially Announced, Headed To Vodafone First

HTC Sensation

HTC officially announced the HTC Sensation aka the HTC Pyramid at their press event in London finally making one of the most rumored phones official. Folks on Vodafone in the United Kingdom and other European countries will be the first people to see the device in Q2 and that launch will be followed by a […]