BatteryGuru Review: Better Battery Life for Galaxy S4, S3 & More

battery guru intro

Android phones notoriously suffer from poor battery life, but the utility Snapdragon BatteryGuru can help lengthen that battery life. The app promises to give users more time on a single charge. BatteryGuru does a great job of analyzing how a user works with features and apps on a Snapdragon-powered phone and sets up a recommended profile […]

Nike FuelBand 2: Heart Rate Monitor & Android Support Rumored

Nike-Fuel-Band-Review-best of 2012

The Nike FuelBand 2 is reportedly in the works, and may come with a heart rate monitor and Android support. Nike FuelBand is currently one of the most popular app enabled fitness accessories, even earning a place on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s wrist. While popular, the FuelBand lacks several features like a heart rate monitor […]

Snapseed Comes to Android for Free

snapseed editing system

Snapseed makes smartphone image editing a snap thanks to an intuitive interface and some interesting photo filters and sharing tools. Now that mobile digital darkroom goodness comes to Android after a long time as an iOS only app, which only makes sense since Google bought the app. While the app shines by making it incredibly […]

NFL Game Rewind for Tablets Fumbles Thanks to Restrictions


The NFL comes a little closer to offering a great mobile viewing experience with the NFL Game Rewind app, but sadly fumbles the ball with silly restrictions and an overpriced subscription model that only appeals to super fans. The app lets users watch football on their iPad or Android tablet. So far that’s awesome. Unfortunately, […]

TED Finally Has An Official Android App

TED Android app

Over the years TED has put more than 12,000 videos on its website many of them worth watching at least once. Today, the organization behind the series of conferences released its official Android app so more users can view the videos on their phone. The new TED Android app is available now on Google Play […]

Game Developer Leaves Unprofitable Android Market

Mika Mobile Battleheart

Mika Mobile, the developer behind Zombieville USA and Battleheart, is pulling its support away from Android. The studio just can’t justify the money spent on Android based on how much it makes off the platform. In a blog post, Mika Mobile described the situation saying that its Android apps are just not making money. About 5 percent […]

Seagate GoFlex Satellite Android App Now Available

Seagate GoFlex Wireless

Seagate has just released an Android app that connects to their recently released Seagate GoFlex Satellite WiFi equipped hard drive for streaming movies and music. The Seagate GoFlex Satellite is a 500GB hard drive with a built in battery and WiFi, which allows your smartphones and tablets to connect to the hard drive. The GoFlexSatellite can connect support up to 3 different devices streaming 3 different HD movies at the same time. Seagate announced today […]

How To Tether To Your Android Phone with WiFi Tether

Wi-Fi Tether app

WiFi Tether is an app for rooted Android phones that lets you use your phone as a wireless hotspot. This allows users to bypass carriers’ built-in Wi-Fi hotspot software, which is especially helpful on phones that come with unreliable hotspot apps, such as the HTC Thunderbolt. Installing the WiFi Tether App Keep in mind you […]

SugarSync for Android Automatically Sends Your Photos to the Cloud

SugarSync Photo Sync

Now that we are using our phones as cameras more often, we are beginning to amass a collection of photos on these highly mobile devices. Many users will upload a photo or two to Facebook, but not as many will back up their photos to their computer by connecting their phone with a USB cable. […]

See What’s Using Your Android’s SD Card with Grid Size App


While new Android devices are shipping with massive 32GB Micro SD cards, if you have an older Android device the smaller SD card can quickly fill up. If you want to see what’s taking up all of your space without connecting to a computer, check out the Grid Size file manager, which gives you a […]

AutoCAD for Android Launching April 20th

AutoCAD for Android

AutoDesk has finally confirmed that it will be bringing AutoCAD WS to the Android devices around the world on April 20th. It’s going to be a free download when it arrives on the Android Market and it will have all of the same features that AutoCAD for iOS has. Unfortunately, it’s only going to be […]

DriveReply App Helps Drivers Stay Safe and Undistracted


DriveReply is an updated version of a driver safety app designed to keep drivers from getting distracted by their Android smart phones while on the road. Just the other day I was almost hit by a lady who was more focused on her phone than me, a fellow driver. Thanks to this Iconosys app for […]