Apps to Super Charge Your Super Bowl Party


Here’s a list of mobile apps that will help you get ready for the Super Bowl and help you enjoy the game. I’m not as excited about the Super Bowl this year as I would be if my Packers made it. So I looked for some apps to make the game more enjoyable as I hang […]

GBM’s iOS and Android Apps Of The Week [Jan 15 – 21]

iOS and Android apps of the week

Every week the staff of GBM uses dozens of apps, some we can’t live without and some we can’t uninstall fast enough.

These are the apps we’ve been using or discovered recently that stood out in the crowd. They range from the practical to the time-wasting (in a good way).

Airbnb Launches Android App, Mobile Site


Airbnb is introducing an all-new Android app that lets users rent and book non-traditional rooms. Airbnb is designed to provide travelers with alternatives to hotels and to help hosts pay their rent or mortgage.  The service launched an iPhone app quite some time ago, but Android users were left out in the cold. Users can use […]

Android Smartphone Marketshare Rises; So Why Don’t Devs Love Us?

comscore november 2011

comScore just released their November 2011 report on mobile subscribers. The data is mostly unchanged from August’s numbers, though there are interesting tidbits. For example, Apple gained ground in the Top Mobile OEM category, a measurement of which companies sell the most actual phones. From August to November Apple went from 9.8% to 11.2% marketshare, […]

Swype Beta Incorporates Dragon Dictation And Provides Better Accuracy

Swype Beta with Dragon dictation

Happy users of the Swype keyboard for Android may be getting a new version of the popular app soon. The popular trace-to-type keyboard — pre-loaded on many smartphones — just launched a new beta that includes two major upgrades. The first is Dragon voice dictation by Nuance, the company behind Dragon Naturally Speaking and the […]

Top 10 Apps of 2011 (By Downloads)

Distimo top 10 apps in 2011 by downloads

One interesting tidbit in the Distimo app store report TechCrunch wrote about today is the list at the bottom of the top apps of 2011. The list is based on number of downloads across all major app stores and platforms, and reveals something about what most people use their mobile devices for right now. Of […]

WordPress For Android 2.0 App Review

Post List - tablets - WordPress 2.0

Yesterday WordPress released version 2.0 of their app for Android. The new version brings welcome functionality and non-suckiness to an app that has been only semi-useful in the past. Aside from updates to the UI, including a new dashboard, users can now edit posts in rich text mode. There’s better support for media — inline […]

Day 7 of Android Market’s “10 Billion Download” celebration


We haven’t updated you lately on what’s available from the Android Market at a severely discounted rate in a few days. By now, you should know that you can access the current day’s list from the Market App on your Android device or by checking out the Android Market landing page for this promotion from Google. They have […]

10 Billion Apps Promo Day 2: Today’s Best 10 Cent Android Apps

Fruit Ninja

We’re on Day 2 of Google’s 10 Billion Android Apps celebration. If you didn’t scoop up yesterday’s 10 cent apps, there’s still time as of this posting. And the new batch is already live, though not yet on the landing page (thanks Android Central!). There are several really good apps on this list. I just […]

Google Celebrates 10 Billion Apps Downloaded with 10 Cent Apps

Google Android Market

If you’re Google and your Android Market just surpassed 10 billion apps downloaded, how would you celebrate? Well, by offering up $.10 applications of course. That’s right. Google is currently offering up a “10 Days of Offers: Top Premium Apps, 10¢ Per App” sale on the Market that includes a number of applications that  probably […]

Third Party Android App Markets Need To Go

amazon app store

Phil over at Android Central pointed out a trend the community over there is experiencing with regards to apps bought from the Amazon App Store. It seems that Android devices are getting a little confused about who should handle updates when a new version of an app comes out. A couple scenarios appear to be […]

How To Sideload (Almost) Any Android App On The Nook Tablet

Nook Tablet

So remember how just yesterday someone figured out how to install non-Amazon Store apps on the Kindle Fire by just checking the “Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources” checkbox in the settings? I figured that wouldn’t be possible on the Nook Tablet since that particular setting is hidden. Welp, turns out it’s not as […]

NaNoWriMo: Are Tablets Good For Writers?

My favorite writing setup by jkleske on Flickr

A few weeks ago author N. K. Jemisin () asked me to help her find an office app for iPad or Android tablets that would allow her to accept and reject Word’s track changes and view comments. We found a partial solution in SoftMaker Office, but it still has drawbacks and isn’t available for the […]

NaNoWriMo: Best Free Android and iPhone Apps For Writers

nanowrimo apps

The first week of NaNoWriMo is at an end and hopefully you’ve reached your word count goals every day (or caught up by now). If you’re attending any of the NYC-based write-ins this week, keep an eye out for me! Riffing off my post from earlier this week on good smartphones for writers, today I […]

Time Warner Cable Finally Working On Android App

Time Warner Cable Android tablet DVR screencap

Over on the Time Warner Untangled blog, the cable company announced that they’re in the process of developing a version of the TWCable app for Android tablets. Citing the popularity of the existing iPad app and the mountains of customers asking when an Android version would come out, blogger Jeff Simmermon threw the droid faithful […]

Beware The Fake Netflix App, It’s A Phishing Scam

Real Netflix app and Fake Netflix app

I hope the hackers behind this nasty little trick get put under the jail. Exploiting people’s need for Netflix on their phone is evil! Over on the Symantec blog the company highlights yet another type of security risk Android is currently vulnerable to: fake apps masquerading as legit apps that exist solely to steal your […]