VLC Media Player For Android Nearing Release? Plays All Video Formats

screenshot of VLC Media Player for Android

Android tablets and phones make great media players, but they don’t play every format, which can frustrate users. There are multiple apps, programs, and services for loading or streaming video, but most aren’t as simple and streamlined as iTunes. Even Google Video doesn’t totally fit the bill. That’s why when VideoLAN announced that they would bring VLC […]

Skype 2.5 App Update Adds 14 More Android Devices and New Features

skype mobile update

Skype announced recently that they’ve updated their Android app to work on 14 more devices and improved the overall experience. Good news for the Skype faithful, especially if you have a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Atrix, HTC Evo 3D and several other devices. There are now 41 Android tablets and phones in total with Skype […]

App Store Infographic: Stats Show Why iPhone Apps Arrive First

App Store Wars

As an Android user, I have become accustom to waiting for apps. Up until the last 6 months all of the good apps have gone to the iPhone before they arrive on Android. While this has changed for some apps, in regards to updates coming faster on Android, for the most part the iPhone remains king of […]

Top 4G Apps for the Motorola Droid Bionic

Droid Bionic - image credit: Chad Faith shaswatpatel.com

The Droid Bionic is one sweet phone — a great combination of power and speed thanks to the 4G LTE radio inside. Once you have it in your hands, which apps should you download to take advantage of all the Bionic has to offer? I have a few suggestions below, including one that will help […]

CamiApp For iOS Digitizes Written Notes, Works With Evernote And Dropbox

CamiApp Editing

Digital note-taking systems have evolved to the point where they can truly replace pen and paper, but what if you’re still a pen and paper type of person? Keeping a notebook for jotting down thoughts is a habit that’s hard to break, and even Evernote’s manifold attractions can’t make up for less than elegant phone […]

Epson iPrint Now Available for Non-iDevices (That is, Android)

Epson iPrint app for Android

As much as certain former CEOs touted the idea that we’re in a Post-PC world, anyone who has ever tried to use their mobile device as a productivity tool will tell you that PCs are still very much a necessity. Especially if documents rule your working life. Printing from mobile devices isn’t as easy, seamless, […]

QNX BlackBerry Phones to Run Android Apps?

BlackBerry PlayBook

According to a report from Bloomberg, RIM is going to be adding the ability to access Android applications to its upcoming line of QNX BlackBerry phones, the first of which is supposed to launch either later this year or in early 2012. RIM’s tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, also runs on QNX and it too is […]

Purdue’s GARI App Helps Law Enforcement Interperet Graffiti

GARI interperets graffiti for law enforcement

The words graffiti and app don’t usually find themselves int he same sentence unless you’re talking about old school Palm Pilots or the Android app that brings the handwriting recognition engine to modern smartphones. However, researchers at Purdue University see graffiti a little differently and have created an app to help law enforcement understand it […]

Nuvel vSOS Now Available for Android

Nuvel vSOS Emergency App for Android

Nuvel vSOS, a digital age Life Alert-like service, has finally brought out an Android version of their app. Previously only available for iPhone, now Droid users can take advantage of emergency response that not only spans the U.S., but also other parts of the world. The app has two aspects to it. Owners can add […]

13 Android Sleep Apps for Quicker, Better Sleep


Noise cancelling and sleep gadgets are growing in popularity, but if you have an Android phone there’s no need to buy an expensive dedicated device. Check out our top picks for Android sleep aid apps that claim to help you fall asleep quicker, sleep better and feel more rested. Most of these apps will work with […]

CNN App for Android Phones Now Available

CNN App for Android

Back in January, CNN released their Android application for Android 3.0 Honeycomb meaning it wasn’t available to Android phone owners. However, today, CNN has pushed out a handset compatible version of their app which can be found on the Android Market. In order to use the application, you’ll need to be running Android 2.1 Éclair […]

AutoCAD for Android Launching April 20th

AutoCAD for Android

AutoDesk has finally confirmed that it will be bringing AutoCAD WS to the Android devices around the world on April 20th. It’s going to be a free download when it arrives on the Android Market and it will have all of the same features that AutoCAD for iOS has. Unfortunately, it’s only going to be […]

10 Essential Free Apps For Your New Android [HTC Thunderbolt]

Åstro File Manager

The HTC Thunderbolt it just the latest amazing Android device to arrive on a major carrier. With the upcoming launch of the Motorola Droid Bionic, Samsung Droid Charge, Sony XPERIA PLAY and others, Android is about to be gracing the smart phones of a lot of new users. If you are new to Android, we […]

Myriad Alien Dalvik Allows Android Apps to Run on Maemo, Symbian


Myriad’s Alien Dalvik is a Java virtual machine that allows Android apps to run on a foreign platform. Similar to virtualization technology that doesn’t require the native environment, like Wine which allows Windows programs to run on Linux and OS X sans a virtualized copy of the Windows operating system, Alien Dalvik will allow Android […]

Can RIM’s PlayBook be the Best Android Tablet on the Market?


Research in Motion, makers of the BlackBerry PlayBook, may be toying with the idea of allowing Android applications to run on its PlayBook tablet. While the idea may seem unlikely, it could be a winning strategy for Canadian-based RIM who is fighting a battle against both Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform. The seemingly […]