Sprint Expands Carrier Billing Options for Google Play Store


It looks like Sprint’s and Google’s partnership–which so far has graced areas such as Google Voice and Google Wallet–is about to expand carrier billing. Previously, Now Network subscribers were able to only charge the purchases of apps to their Sprint phone bills, but an expanded agreement between Sprint and Google will now allow consumers to […]

Google Play Store Updated to Resolve Early Problems


After having re-branded its digital storefronts from Android Market to Google Play, early problems with the Google Play app forced Google to quickly deploy and push out a new update. Early adopters to the Google Play storefront noticed that some of the link to the store was broken and even if the store loaded, apps […]

3 Ways to Get Google Play Store Now on Your Android Device


There are now several ways to get the Google Play Store download–to replace the Android Market icon on your Android smartphone, tablet, or phablet–ahead of the update that is slowly being pushed out by Google. We’re hearing that Google is rolling out the update to its Nexus series devices first–including the latest Galaxy Nexus–and then […]

Android Market Now Called Google Play Store

The Android Market Is Dead, Sort Of

In a bit of a surprise move, Google has killed off the names of several of its main services including the Android Market, and re-branded them under a new umbrella called Google Play. The Android Market will now be called the Google Play Store, Google Music will now be called Play Music, Google Music will […]

Google Updates Google Docs for Android for Tablet, Offline Viewing


The Google Docs for Android app has been updated in Android Market to provide additional features to users of Google’s cloud-based office suite. The new updated app, available for free, now brings offline viewing and editing as well as better tablet support for viewing documents. Offline users will help users with limited data plans have […]

Lost Your Phone? Don’t Have A Security App? Time for Plan B.

Plan B

There’s a meme going around the Internets these days that goes: “We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity.” That may be overstating things a bit. Still, losing your phone is a big deal and the cause for a lot of cursing, tears, and anger. Especially if you didn’t put any protection on it.

Following SOPA Blackout, Wikipedia Releases Official Android App


After protesting the possibility of U.S. legislation on piracy in an attempt to safeguard national privacy, Wikipedia had blacked out its website on Wednesday. It looks like although the U.S. portal of the online community-curated encyclopedia had gone dark, there was some light at the end of the tunnel on Wednesday as Wikipedia had released […]

Facebook for Android Update Brings Real-Time Push Notifications


Tired of those delayed notifications for when friends comment on your photos or write on your wall? Facebook heard you and is now rolling out an update for the Android platform that brings a number of enhancements, including an overall to its notification system to feature real-time push notifications to alert you of new items […]

Skype 2.6 Update for Android Adds Photo and Video Sharing

Skype for Android

Skype has rolled out version 2.6 of its Android application and the software brings a feature that many of users have been waiting for. That feature of course is the ability to share photos and video with your colleagues, family members and friends directly from your Android device. You are able to do both of […]

Day 7 of Android Market’s “10 Billion Download” celebration


We haven’t updated you lately on what’s available from the Android Market at a severely discounted rate in a few days. By now, you should know that you can access the current day’s list from the Market App on your Android device or by checking out the Android Market landing page for this promotion from Google. They have […]

Android Market helps with Android version segmentation


Earlier this year, Chuong talked about Android fragmentation and how it could become a problem with Android becoming so popular. Unlike iOS and Windows Phone, Android devices are not held to a universal standard. Not only do we have different Android version, we have different CPUs, displays, and other varibles that can affect software compatibility.  Now […]

Facebook Update Now In Android Market


Earlier today, we had reported that Facebook would be updating its app to bring the iOS and Android version closer together visually. This morning, though Facebook did confirm that the app would be forthcoming, the app itself wasn’t available for update. Now, at the end of the day, the update is now found in Android […]

Google Adds Device and App Version To Google Market Reviews

Android Market Reviews

Google updated the web version of the Android Market recently to add a couple of  features that should prove very useful to Android owners and app developers. Now each review shows extra meta data identifying the phone or tablet the reviewer is using and the version of the app they had when they submitted the […]

Third Party Android App Markets Need To Go

amazon app store

Phil over at Android Central pointed out a trend the community over there is experiencing with regards to apps bought from the Amazon App Store. It seems that Android devices are getting a little confused about who should handle updates when a new version of an app comes out. A couple scenarios appear to be […]

Top Movies Rentals Now 99 Cents on the Android Market

Movie Rentals

In celebration of the holiday season and really, to help make the lives of traveling across the country or globe easier , Google has dropped the price of renting its top movies on the Android Market to just $.99. This is much better then the usual asking price of $2.99. The deal won’t last forever […]

Adobe Flash Player Missing on Ice Cream Sandwich at Launch


Though Adobe has stated that it is exiting the mobile Flash market, the omission of the Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich caught many off guard as Flash has been supported on Android since version 2.2 Froyo. Those overseas who were fortunate enough to grab the debut Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, the […]