New Android Market Update Brings a Number of Changes


Google is now starting to push out a new version of Android Market, the company’s own app store for Android handsets, that brings with it a number of enhancements that should be welcomed by many users. The new version of Android Market takes it to version nmber 3.3.11 and adds settings for automatically updating all […]

Google Adds Honeycomb Tablet Support to Google Docs


Google’s online document creation, editing, and storage suite has now been updated to support a better experience for tablets. In particular, Google Docs–which includes tools for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations–can now support a desktop-like experience through an updated app for Android tablets. The updated native Android app–available free on Android Market–now brings a multi-pane user […]

Hulu Plus for Android Update Brings Support for Nine More Devices

Hulu Plus

Slowly but surely, Hulu is rolling out its Android application to more devices and this time around, it’s nine devices, some of them pretty well known, that have been added to the support list. Hulu Plus version v1.0.139 also brings improved playback performance along with it which means those of you who currently have access […]

Google+ App for Android Gets A Huge Update

Google+ for Android

Today is a pretty big day for those of you already using Google+ and also, for those of you that have yet to give Google’s spin social networking a try. First and foremost, the flood gates have been opened. That’s right, Google+ is now open to anyone and everyone. In addition, Google has rolled out […]

Facebook Updates Android App


Facebook has rolled out an app update to access its social networking service on the Android platform, which can be downloaded or upgraded for free through Google’s Android Market. Though the update improves the experience of using the app on Android smartphones, the experience still trails that of Facebook for iOS on the iPhone. For […]

QNX BlackBerry Phones to Run Android Apps?

BlackBerry PlayBook

According to a report from Bloomberg, RIM is going to be adding the ability to access Android applications to its upcoming line of QNX BlackBerry phones, the first of which is supposed to launch either later this year or in early 2012. RIM’s tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, also runs on QNX and it too is […]

Android Market Now Featuring Google TV Apps?


It looks like Android app developers are now submitting and getting their Google TV-compatible apps onto Google’s own Android Market app store. Back at Google I/O this year, the Android OS-maker had promised to migrate Google TV to the Honeycomb platform, it looks like cross-platform compatible apps may be hitting tablets, phones, and TVs in […]

Android Market Update Brings +1 Button, PIN Number for Purchases

Android Market

Back in July, Google rolled out a massive Android Market update that overhauled the look and brought a number of new features including new ways to discover applications and the ability to rent movies and purchase books right from your phone. Today, Google is back at it with another big update for the Android Market […]

Hulu Plus Now Working on All Previously Unsupported Android Devices?


It looks like Hulu may have updated its Hulu Plus subscription TV and video streaming app to bring broad Android compatibility. Before, like Netflix, Hulu Plus would only work on a number of certified Android handsets–perhaps due to DRM issues on Android–but now the app seems to be working fine on a number of Android […]

Unlock With Wi-Fi Takes The Effort Out of Smartphone Passwords

Unlock with Wi-Fi

I am pretty sure that the folks that made Unlock with Wi-Fi have been reading my thoughts. I, like many of you, keep a password on my phone in case I lose it when I’m out. I don’t want baddies getting an inside view of my life. However, when I’m at home, having to enter […]

Updated YouTube App Gives Android Video Creators More Control


Google had just released an update to the YouTube app for Android smartphones, which can now be found on Android Market. The app update will give video and content creators more control of their video uploads on YouTube, allowing content owners the ability to view previously uploaded videos and edit their titles, descriptions, and privacy […]

Android Design Flaw Allows Pop-Up Ads, Phishing


Hackers at the DefCon conference exposed a design flaw in the Android operating system that could be exploited by criminals to phish for customer data or introduce pop-up ads to smarrphones. According to CNET, if the flaw is exploited by a hacker, users who open a legitimate bank app would be greeted by a fake […]

Netflix App for Android Now Supports Several More Devices


Netflix for Android was supposed to be marked by celebration when it arrived. Unfortunately, it was met with a chorus of boos because it was only available for a select few Android handsets. Slowly but surely though, Netflix has brought support to more and more devices and today, the list of support has grown enormously […]

How to get the New Android Market With Movies & Books Now

Google Market

Google announced a new and improved Android Market for phones, which will offer more top app lists, books, movies and an improved layout this week. The new Android Market is a noticeable improvement over the old clunky looking marketplace. The new look will start rolling out to phones over the next month, but if you can’t wait […]

Google Shopper Update Brings Google Offers to the Table

Shopper NYC Uptown

Looking for deals and discounts? Well, Google Shopper’s latest update, available for Android smartphones via Android Market, brings Google Offers to budget-conscious shoppers. With Google Offers integration, Google Shopper will now display the latest discounts and deals, much like Groupon and LivingSocial. Currently, though, the daily deals and ‘offers’ are available only to residents of […]

Google Begins Rolling Out New Android Market for Phones

Google Market

In a blog post today, Google announced an overhaul to the Android Marketplace that will start rolling out today and will gradually hit devices with Android 2.2 Froyo or higher over the next couple of weeks. So, what’s new? For starters, the new Market is going to allow you to purchase books and rent movies […]

Official Scrabble Makes it Over to Android Market at Long Last


Android users have had to make due with non-official solutions like Words with Friends in the past while iOS users have long enjoyed the official Scrabble for some time now, but now Electronic Arts is releasing Scrabble as a free download on Android Market. As Scrabble is a free title, you’ll have to face ads. […]

Android 3.2 to Bring New Way of Viewing Non-Tablet Apps

Zoom Feature

It’s no secret that Android tablets are lacking in the optimized application department with current numbers for optimized Honeycomb applications hovering around 250-300 in number. And it doesn’t help that the rest of the applications, the ones designed for phones, often look and behave terrible. Well, to combat that, Google has announced that it will […]

Is There Hope for Android Tablets?

Droid Tablet

I’ve spent almost half a year playing around with Android tablets and while there is progress being made it’s clear that we need to see a marked improvement in the Android tablet experience if there is any hope for Android tablets. To stand a chance, we need a ‘Droid’ tablet to show off what tablets […]