Should You Pay $35 to Root Your Nook Color?

Kindle on the Nook Color

Afraid to open up the terminal or command prompt on your Mac or PC to perform the dark art of rooting your shiny new Barnes and Noble Nook Color? You can still have the power of a rooted Nook without the fear for the low-cost of $35, thanks to Nook2Android, a service that does all […]

RIM Demos Android Apps on BlackBerry PlayBook, Again (Video)

BlackBerry PlayBook

If RIM’s earlier demo of Android applications running on the BlackBerry PlayBook earlier wasn’t enough, the company has posted another video of the tablet showing off its ability to run applications of the Android variety. As opposed to the video earlier this week, RIM’s new video gives us a closer and more detailed look at […]

RIM Demos Android Apps Running on BlackBerry PlayBook (Video)

BlackBerry PlayBook

Today at BlackBerry World, RIM finally gave us a taste of how Android applications are going to run on their tablet device, the BlackBerry PlayBook. Back at the end of March, RIM confirmed the fact that the PlayBook would eventually get the ability to run Android applications. In the video below, you’ll get a short […]

Sprint Brings Carrier Billing to The Android Market


Sprint has officially brought carrier billing to the Android Market which leaves Verizon as the only major carrier left in the United States that doesn’t support the feature. Google has confirmed that it’s going to be a phased roll out, meaning some will see it before others, and by the end it will be offered […]

Android Still Poses Problems for Developers

Android Poses Problems for Developers

There’s no doubt that Google’s Android is a serious threat for the both Apple’s iOS and RIM’s Blackberry OS. However, while Android is becoming more and more ubiquitous, it still faces several challenges when it comes to dealing with developers. A recent study by Baird suggests that while most respondents are still writing apps for Android, […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Officially Will Be Able To Run Android Apps

BlackBerry PlayBook

We had heard back in February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the BlackBerry PlayBook would indeed be able to run Android applications. Until today though, that notion had been only mere speculation. Just a short time ago, RIM ended all the speculation and confirmed that  the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook, which just went […]

On the topic of Android Market gift cards…


As I mentioned earlier today (and a few times prior), developers will stick with iOS because that’s where the money is. iOS started the game with gift cards and millions of paying customers through iTunes. Android did not, and all the developer tools in the world won’t change that. They need more money in the […]

Android making it easier to buy, stream and sync music and apps


Google is making a play at Apple’s stronghold. Not the iPod, nor the iPhone or iPad, but iTunes. Music purchasing is coming to Android Marketplace, and it’s being backed up with seamless ways to sync and stream from your PC. And they’re making it even easier to buy and install apps.

Android Market at 50K this week and rising


Our hats off and hardy congrats to Android!  It looks like as of this week, the Android Market will hit 50,000 applications available for download.  This is only after a few months back of being at 20,000.  Not too shabby for only a few months work. The Android Market is constantly adding new applications, slowly […]