Toshiba Trims the Fat; Slimmer Tablet Coming Soon


Toshiba, which has launched its debut Android Honeycomb Thrive tablet, is looking to expand its tablet market share by introducing a new model soon that’s sleeker and slimmer according to leaked reports. While the Thrive is an affordable Android tablet with a number of connectivity features and ports, adaptive display that upscales images and videos, […]

Amazon Kindle Tablet in Sep or Oct for Hundreds Less


A rumor surfaced late last week that Amazon will follow the lead of HP and price its Android tablet (which is expected to be released in either September or October) for a lot less than the iPad: maybe “hundreds” less. If they do, look for it to be the one Android tablet to really compete […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Goes On Sale, Banks on Productivity

ThinkPad Android Tablet with Pen

The ThinkPad Tablet from Lenovo is finally up for sale on the Lenovo site. This Android tablet includes a collection of features you won’t find on every Android tablet like Netflix, handwriting recognition and a Thinkpad keyboard folio — to name a few. The ThinkPad Tablet is a 10.1″ device that runs Android 3.1 and includes Dataviz […]

Tablets at Work: State of the Tablet Infographic

tablet use in business infographic

The iPad and new Android tablets are joining the various special Tablet PCs which have been in enterprises for years to form a new workplace that is embracing the tablet with amazing speed. A new infographic from SocialCast gathers an impressive array of information about tablet use in the workplace into an interesting infographic. Some of the […]

Vizio’s $300 8″Android Tablet Hits Stores Today

Vizio 8 inch Android Tablet

Watch out Nook Color. The new 8″ Vizio Android tablet is looking to take over the affordable Android tablet space with a $299 price tag and modest specs. We’d heard about the Vizio Tablet back in January at CES 2011, and now, 8 months later it is finally hitting shelves at popular retailers like Amazon, […]

Ten Essential Android Tablet Apps (Honeycomb)

Angry Birds Android Tablet

Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ don’t have the huge app catalog that you find on the iPad, but that doesn’t mean you have to go app-less when you use a slick Android tablet. The team at GottaBeMobile has put our heads together to come up with the essential Android Honeycomb apps you […]

IdeaPad K1 Review: First Impressions

Lenovo IdeaPad K1 - Back

The IdeaPad K1 is Lenovo’s first entrant into the increasingly crowded  Android tablet market. After using it for a couple of hours I wanted to share my first impressions of the device. The IdeaPad K1 is one of two Lenovo Android tablets. The IdeaPad K1 is designed for consumers, while the ThinkPad Android Tablet is […]

Apple’s Control Freak Mentality Gives iPad an Edge


After using and reviewing a collection of tablets the team at GottaBeMobile could have easily told you that Apple has an edge, but now you don’t have to take just our word for it. Numerous tablet teardowns by iSuppli have revealed iPad design advantages, that stem from the notorious tight-fisted control Apple exerts over the […]

Tablets Become Swiss Army Knife of Gadgets

Tablet Replacement Trend Chart

Tablets like the iPad aren’t replacing laptops on the whole, but the new couch companion devices are taking over many of the activities we used to do on dedicated devices. Are you converging like the survey respondents? Millenialmedia reports that the tablet is now the go to device for several computer activities, but that’s not […]

Should You Pay $35 to Root Your Nook Color?

Kindle on the Nook Color

Afraid to open up the terminal or command prompt on your Mac or PC to perform the dark art of rooting your shiny new Barnes and Noble Nook Color? You can still have the power of a rooted Nook without the fear for the low-cost of $35, thanks to Nook2Android, a service that does all […]

Amazon Hopes to Deliver 4 Million Tablets By End of Year?


Touchscreen component suppliers indicate that Amazon may be looking to ship between 1.5 to 2 million of its self-branded Android tablets when the device debuts in September and potentially could ship up to 4 million tablets by the end of 2011. Outside of relatively more affordable WiFi-only Android tablets, like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer […]

Is There Hope for Android Tablets?

Droid Tablet

I’ve spent almost half a year playing around with Android tablets and while there is progress being made it’s clear that we need to see a marked improvement in the Android tablet experience if there is any hope for Android tablets. To stand a chance, we need a ‘Droid’ tablet to show off what tablets […]

How to Root the Acer Iconia Tab A500 with Gingerbreak

Rooting Acer Iconia Tab A500 as simple as Tapping Root Device

The Acer Iconia Tab A500 Android Honeycomb 10.1″ tablet that I am reviewing is easy incredibly easy to root thanks to the Gingerbreak app which can root or unroot the device with the tap of a finger Here are the steps and applications needed to root the Acer Iconia Tab A500. Turn on USB debugging – from […]

Acer Iconia Tab A500 First Impressions (Video)


I just got ahold of an Acer Iconia Tab A500 tablet running Android’s Honeycomb 3.0 operating system. If you already own an Android smartphone, want a tablet that supports external storage, doesn’t need a dongle to connect to a HDTV or perhaps just like the open nature of the Android marketplace; the Acer Iconia Tab A500 is worth […]

HTC Quietly Rolling Out System Update for HTC Flyer


The HTC Flyer is getting a small software update over the air that is said to improve system performance, though HTC was not specific to the improvements. The software update may be rolling out in batches so fret not if you haven’t received an update notification. According to HTC, your software number should be 2.00.405.3 […]