Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Cheap Android Tablet

Cheap Android Tablets are note worth the price.

Buying a cheap Android tablet sounds lie a great way to get someone in your life connected to the Internet for next to nothing, but there is a big reason you should never buy a cheap no name Android tablet that you find at Walmart, Walgreens or even Best Buy. Cheap Android tablets offer the […]

Best Android Tablet Apps [July, 2014]


When it comes to buying an Android tablet one thing that constantly gets talked about is apps. In the early days of Android tablets the app selection wasn’t very good, and the OS wasn’t built with a tablet in mind. However, things have severely changed over the course of the past few years and the […]

Will Windows RT Tablet Prices Kill Hopes of Beating iPad?


A leaked roadmap for ASUS branded Windows tablets shows that Microsoft’s attempt to compete with Apple as the leading player and Android as the scrappy upstart might be lost before it gets back into the game. This depends on whether the leaked roadmap of an ASUS branded Microsoft Windows RT Tablet proves valid. It shows introductory level […]

NFL Game Rewind for Tablets Fumbles Thanks to Restrictions


The NFL comes a little closer to offering a great mobile viewing experience with the NFL Game Rewind app, but sadly fumbles the ball with silly restrictions and an overpriced subscription model that only appeals to super fans. The app lets users watch football on their iPad or Android tablet. So far that’s awesome. Unfortunately, […]

Google Lets iPhone & Android Users Search With Handwriting

Google Search Handwriting

Google now lets iOS and Android users search the web using their own handwriting without the need for a special app or keyboard. Users don’t need the Google Search app for the new handwriting recognition, they simply need to enable to feature on Google.com. Users need to go to settings which is below the search […]

Nexus 7 Review: The 7″ Tablet to Beat

Google Nexus 7 review

The Google Nexus 7 is the best Android tablet I’ve used so far. This 7″-tablet isn’t going to topple the iPad from atop its tablet throne, but there’s a lot of value in the $199 device and it’s much more portable than the iPad. The Nexus 7 is a solid device, paired with the best […]

Hands-On With The Matrix One, A $149 Android Tablet

Matrix One tablet

The Matrix One Android tablet either has the worst timing possible, or is just inexpensive enough to take a few impulse buyers from picking up the Nexus 7. The Matrix One is a new 7-inch tablet with a big selling point of a low price point. There is a $99 version of the tablet, but […]

Google+ Is Finally Coming to iPad and Android Tablets

Google+ for iPad

Google is finally bringing Google+ to Android tablets and the iPad. The new Google+ for tablets will arrive in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store “soon.” Both apps will feature a new stream layout that looks similar to the phone versions, except it scrolls both vertically and horizontally depending on how the device […]

Nyko Announces Gamepads for Tegra-equipped Tablets

Nyko PlayPad

Nyko and Nvidia want to make gaming on Android devices more like gaming on consoles with a new collection of PlayPad controllers. The new Nyko PlayPad and PlayPad Pro controllers are specially designed for games running on Tegra devices. Nvidia is helping Nyko create the controllers to make sure they work with as many Tegra […]

Why the iPad Beats Android Tablets in Church


When it comes to using a tablet to run a church service the iPad is a clear winner. Bryan Faulkner serves as the technical director for his church and describes himself as an Android fan, but not a fanboy. When his church bought him a tablet to do his work, he eschewed Android and went iPad because […]

Chameleon Gives Android Tablets a Better Homescreen


Despite Google’s best efforts with Ice Cream Sandwich, the homescreen interface for Android tablets could be a lot better. Chameleon, a new Kickstarter project hopes to improve the Android homescreen. Chameleon is a homescreen replacement app from Teknision that uses a collection of custom widgets to make the Android tablet homescreen neater and more useful. […]

Kindle Fire is Half The Android Tablet Market


The Amazon Kindle Fire accounts for half of the Android tablet market just five months after its release according to comScore.  The Kindle Fire represented 54.4% of the Android tablet market as of February 2012 according to Comscore. The entire Samsung Galaxy Tab family comes in second with 15.4%, while the Motorola Xoom holds just 7% of the Android […]

Google Wanted To Sell 10 Million Android Tablets in 2011

Android tablet early designs

When Google and Motorola announced the Xoom in early 2011, the search giant expected to sell 10 million Android tablets in the year as well as another 10 million in 2012. According to The Verge, the numbers come for a presentation given by Google’s senior vice president of mobile, Andy Rubin in 2010, when the Xoom […]

Kindle Fire vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)

Kindle Fire vs Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

With the introduction of the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Samsung has entered the low-cost tablet space with an excellent entrant. Priced at $249, it’s only $50 more than the $199 Kindle Fire from Amazon. The price alone is enough to tempt many users, but $50 is a significant gap when budgets are tight. Is the Galaxy Tab 2 worth the $50 premium?

How To Use Google Voice With Android Tablets And Media Players

Google voice

Even though my tablet doesn’t have a number and can’t make calls (without help), it’s still a useful platform for Google Voice. Same with Android media players like the Samsung Galaxy Player. In fact, with Google Voice you can turn a non-phone device into a free texting paradise for a kid or teen.

5 Kid-Friendly iPad Alternatives For Ages 4 – 13 And Up

Ever since it first came out the iPad has proved popular with kids as well as adults. There are hundreds, if not thousands of apps aimed at kids as young as 6 months old. However, the iPad is not a toy. Anyone who’s let their small child near an iPad or any other piece of […]

Quick View: Tablified Market HD Only Shows Apps Made For Android Tablets

Tablified Market HD

Android tablet owners may be few compared to certain other, uh, fandoms, but those of us who do belong to this exclusive club enjoy our slates. However, when it comes to finding apps made specifically for larger screens and higher resolutions the Android Market Google Play Store isn’t the most helpful. There is a section […]

Can the iPad 3 Kill Tablet Contracts?


The iPad 2 sold more tablets in the last 90 days of 2011 than all Android tablets currently activated by Google. There are a number of reasons that the iPad has won over consumers, but one of the biggest reasons has been the lack of any contract. The iPad has never come with a contract, […]