Lord of the Tablets: Return of the Stylus

Galaxy Note Stylus

When the iPad launched in 201o, it challenged the Tablet PC market, offering a new tablet experience to millions of consumers. A tablet experience that was thinner, lighter and without a stylus. Steve Jobs was adamantly against the stylus, but we still saw a number of styli arrive for the iPad, offering sub par writing and inking […]

Orangutans Love iPads, Gorillas Prefer Android

Orangutans Love iPads

The Milwaukee County Zoo’s three orangutans love playing with the iPad, according to the LA Times technology blog. Earlier this year one of the zoo’s gorilla keepers posted that she wanted iPads for the gorillas to play with. Though she was joking, the zoo received the tablets all the same. But the gorillas weren’t having […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Now Available For In-Flight Entertainment (For Some)


Flying long distance American Airlines? Lucky (or rich) enough to be in first or business class? Then your flying experience is about to get a lot more tablet-tastic. Starting today, passengers in the fancy seats won’t have to contend with the same plebeian in-flight entertainment system as the folks in coach. Instead, the flight attendants […]

Could Apple Snuff Out The Kindle Fire With iPad 3 HD and Tiered Pricing?


According to many sources, Apple will be launching a high resolution iPad 3 in March. But according to a new analyst with Barclays Capital, Apple could wreak havoc on the tablet competition by bring the iPhone pricing strategy to the tablet market. If Apple can follow through with this new iPad 3, and keep the earlier […]

Third Party Android App Markets Need To Go

amazon app store

Phil over at Android Central pointed out a trend the community over there is experiencing with regards to apps bought from the Amazon App Store. It seems that Android devices are getting a little confused about who should handle updates when a new version of an app comes out. A couple scenarios appear to be […]

NaNoWriMo: Are Tablets Good For Writers?

My favorite writing setup by jkleske on Flickr

A few weeks ago author N. K. Jemisin () asked me to help her find an office app for iPad or Android tablets that would allow her to accept and reject Word’s track changes and view comments. We found a partial solution in SoftMaker Office, but it still has drawbacks and isn’t available for the […]

GameStop’s Android Tablet Controller May Usher In A New Gaming Era

gamestop bluetooth Android tablet game controller

Ever since the first Honeycomb Android tablets started selling, both Google and Nvidia have played up their gaming capabilities. Any tablet or smartphone made in the past couple of years can run Angry Birds decently, but the Tegra 2 chip makes games with complex graphics and 3D elements really shine. So it’s no surprise that […]

Time Warner Cable Finally Working On Android App

Time Warner Cable Android tablet DVR screencap

Over on the Time Warner Untangled blog, the cable company announced that they’re in the process of developing a version of the TWCable app for Android tablets. Citing the popularity of the existing iPad app and the mountains of customers asking when an Android version would come out, blogger Jeff Simmermon threw the droid faithful […]

iPad and Android Apps Help Autistic Kids Communicate


Tablets and other mobile technology have become so ubiquitous that we sometimes forget how much impact they’ve had on our lives. This is especially true for people living with disabilities. One example of that is apps that help non-verbal kids with autism communicate with their parents and peers. Yesterday Robert Scoble posted about a new iPad […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung is one of the few Android tablet makers that has consistently delivered devices that look good, run well, and avoid the shortcomings rampant in this segment of the market. The 8.9 inch Galaxy Tab is not the exception to the rule. Just like the 10.1 inch version released earlier this year, it combines a […]

Get iOS 5 and iCloud Features On Your Android Phone and Tablet


Yesterday was the big day for Apple device owners as the iOS 5 update hit. Though the upgrade didn’t go smoothly for everyone, many are enjoying their updated iPhones and iPads right this second. Android owners are looking at the lack of Ice Cream Sandwich in their lives and thinking: “Where’s Mine?” Even if you […]

ThinkPad Tablet Review [Editor’s Choice] – Built For Business

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Almost as soon as tablets became the hot new thing in consumer electronics, corporations and small business users wanted in on the action, too. While the form factor makes for a sweet portable computing experience, deploying tablets isn’t always feasible due to security concerns and basic usability issues. It’s no surprise that Lenovo would create […]

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Color

Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Barnes and Noble Nook Color

Yesterday’s Kindle Fire announcement added heat to the tablet market, sparking speculation that it could be an “iPad Killer” not just because it costs $199 but also because it has the Amazon branding behind it. But comparing the Kindle Fire to the iPad isn’t completely apropos. They’re different sizes — 7 versus 9.7 inches — […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Review: Working With The Stylus

ThinkPad Tablet and Stylus

Hardware-wise, the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet is similar to other Honeycomb tablets on the surface — same CPU, RAM, display resolution, and basic functionality — which is why there’s so much intense interest in one of the features that makes it stand out: the stylus. This isn’t the first Android tablet to come with a pen, […]

Samsung’s Windows 8 Tablet Needs a Diet

samsung series 7 slate pc Windows 8

Samsung’s Series 7 Slate PC is being handed out at Microsoft’s Build conference today, but I had a chance to play with the hardware a couple of weeks ago at IFA 2011 and it isn’t anywhere close to being ready to compete with the iPad and its Android counterparts. All the chatter around Microsoft’s next […]

PowerDVD Mobile Streams Media to and From Android Tablets


Everybody wants to stream media to your tablet, including PowerDVD with their new PowerDVD Mobile software. The Honeycomb tablet app finds your video, music and photos served up by the company’s most expensive media playing PC software and then streams them over your home or office Wi-Fi network to your Android tablet running their app. […]