Andy Rubin: “Your Phone Shouldn’t Be An Assistant”

Andy Rubin by Joi Ito

Dear Andy Rubin, Was there really a need for you to join the ranks of people who didn’t take the iPhone seriously? Because your comments at AsiaD make it sound like you are about to side with folks like RIM’s CEO and Steve Ballmer by saying silly things about what people do and don’t want. […]

Google Should Put a Muzzle on Andy Rubin


Is Google’s Andy Rubin off the reservation, speaking the truth, or just dealing with jet lag? At the AsiaD conference that is coinciding with the announcement of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and the Galaxy Nexus phone, Rubin is making some statements that make it sound like: Google is on the defensive Google is struggling […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus/Android 4.0 Announcement Expected on October 18th

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Ever since Google and Samsung postponed the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, we’ve been waiting for a sign of life. Last night, we finally got a pulse as Engadget heard that Google and Samsung might be announcing both of these in Hong Kong on October 19th. That of […]

Google and Intel to Optimize Future Versions of Android for Atom

Google and Intel

Today at the Intel Developer’s Forum conference, Google’s Andy Rubin and Intel CEO Paul Otellini took the stage together and announced something that will surely excite those of you who are big on Intel chips. The companies will be working together to optimize future versions of Android for Intel’s low-powered Atom processor line. Rubin brought […]

Nexus Devices Won’t Be Exclusive to Motorola

Nexus Logo

While I theorized on a few things that might happen with the Motorola Droid Bionic because of Google’s acquisition of Motorola, you can be sure there will be one process that won’t be changing and that is how Google selects its yearly Nexus phone. Google’s Android guy Andy Rubin has come right out and said […]