Antennagate Plagues HTC One (Video)


HTC’s conscious decision to focus on premium design for its HTC One flagship may come with an unintended consequenc: reception problem if the phone is held a certain way. Though we haven’t been able to confirm if the problem affects all global and U.S. releases of the HTC One, we have found–and are able to […]

Apple: Purple Tint on iPhone 5 Camera Pictures Normal


After the iPhone 5 was released, users noticed that under certain conditions, the device’s camera shows an issue with a purple tint appearing on the resulting image. Whether this issue gets blown up as being the new ‘camera gate,’ akin to Apple’s antennagate situation with the iPhone 4’s antenna, is unclear, but at this time, […]

Android 4.0.4 Update Ushers In Signalgate Bug for Galaxy Nexus


It appears that the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update that’s being rolled out to the GSM version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is causing some grief for a number of users related to signal and reception. The update, which brings the software to Android version 4.0.4, is causing a sudden and high drop […]

iPhone 4 Users Can Claim $15 For Reception Problems

Apple iPhone 4S

If you’re an iPhone 4 owner who experienced reception problems, you can claim a $15 check as the result of a class action lawsuit that was recently settled. The website,, says that iPhone 4 users that meet certain criteria to file a claim for $15 from Apple. To get the money users have to […]

HTC Titan Latest Handset to Suffer From Antennagate Issues


The issue of poor reception with metal construction on cellular phones was made notorious on Apple’s iPhone 4, which had a stainless steel band that served as both the phone’s antenna and as structural support for the phone. In what was known publicly as Antennagate, the iPhone 4 had diminished reception when a user held […]

Verizon iPhone 4 Has Familiar Antenna Problems


Verizon may have sold more than 500,000 iPhones on day one, but the latest iPhone launch is deja-vu all over again. When the iPhone 4 launched on AT&T’s network last year, customers complained of activation problems and reception issues. Apple redesigned the iPhone 4’s antennas before unleashing it on Verizon’s network, but the exposed antennas […]

Next-Gen iPhone Chassis Aims to Remedy Antennagate Issues


When the iPhone 4 launched, Apple made a huge deal about the stainless steel band that wraps around the device, but unfortunately because the external antenna isn’t coated, your skin, when held over the antenna, interferes with the reception of your iPhone. That issue, dubbed lovingly by the press as Antennagate, was considered one of […]

Apple Raises Eyebrows with Droid X Video Showing Signal Drop

Apple Takes on Droid X With Latest Smartphone Antenna Video - Mac Rumors

Nobody ever accused of Apple of being shy when it comes to attacking the competition. Remember the I’m a Mac, I’m a PC commercials? Well, it looks like Apple is going to continue to push its claims that its “Death Grip/Antennagate” issues are shared by all phones from all makers, and do so with a […]

Apple Finally Buries Its Original Spirit and Moves On


Don’t take this as an rant against Apple. It isn’t. It’s just an acknowledgment that, in my view, Apple has finally and publicly admitted that like all corporate behemoths, it has moved on from the original vision on which it was founded. On Friday, Apple held a public funeral for that original spirit that attracted […]