7 Best Shark Week Apps for Fans


The Discovery channel is back on the attack with Shark Week 2014. An entire week of Jaws-filled fun and shark news to keep us all entertained and sitting in front of our TVs being reminded of what lies underneath the calm ocean surface. If you’re like many of us and can’t get enough of Shark […]

Facebook Announces Android, iOS App Center Launches


After a leaked screenshot of Facebook’s App Center for iOS had appeared early yesterday, the social network giant announced that the official App Center has indeed launched with over 600 apps available for both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile platforms. App Center features both mobile and web apps and the company says that the […]

Chomp for Android is Dead

Chomp for Android is Dead

Chomp, the app discovery service, is no longer available for Android users. According to GigaOm, Chomp recently removed the Android option from search on its website. Chomp’s Android app is also gone from the Google Play Store. Apple bought Chomp back in February to help improve app discovery in the iOS App Store, but Chomp […]

Lend an App Patented, Coming to an iPhone Near You?


Just discovered a great new app? Want to share that app discovery with your friend over lunch? Well, there’s an Apple patent for that, and hopefully the feature will be headed to an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad near you. Apple had filed for a patent for the process of app sharing. Essentially if you […]