Apple Lets Parents Get Refunds For Some iOS In-App Purchases


Parents whose children bought in-app purchases from select iOS games can now request a refund through a lawsuit settlement website. The website is a result of a class action lawsuit filed against Apple in 2011 by parents upset that their children unknowingly spend money on in-app purchases on iOS devices. The lawsuit led to new […]

Apple Cracking Down on App Store Searching Apps


Following the rejection of AppGratis, Apple continues to limit app discovery apps with more app bans. This according to an anonymous developer talking to PocketGamer. The anonymous developer submitted an app to the App Store that used social networks to help users discover new apps for their iPhone, or other iOS device. Recently, however, Apple […]

Take a Walk Through a Decade of iTunes


This month the iTunes Music Store turns ten, and to celebrate Apple put together a mini-site in iTunes showing how the store helped change the music industry. The Decade of iTunes site breaks down every year of the iTunes Music Store in detail. The timeline starts off on April 28, 2003 when the store first […]

AppGratis Promised Higher App Store Rankings, Claims Leaked Document


A leaked document given to Business Insider from a developer that dealt with AppGratis seems to prove the company promised higher App Store rankings to those who advertised in AppGratis. The document shows a list of countries and where a buy through AppGratis could land an app in App Store rankings in those countries. A […]

Apple May Cut More Apps Like AppGratis from the App Store


While AppGratis is the most recent daily app deal app to get the boot from the iOS App Store, it seems it isn’t the last, as Apple will likely boot others from the store soon. An AllThingsD report claims that Apple wants to prune the App Store a bit by removing apps like AppGratis that offer […]

AppGratis CEO Calls Apple Terms Confusing, Explains Why App Was Pulled

Apple approved the AppGratis iPad app just days before pulling from the App Store

Last Friday, Apple pulled AppGratis, the popular app discovery tool from the iOS App Store, and today the AppGratis’ CEO took to the company blog to explain the situation from his point of view. AppGratis CEO Simon Dawlat explains that he started AppGratis back in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2011 that his company had to […]

Apple Makes App Store Ratings Easier To See


Today Apple made a minor change to the iOS App Store to make age ratings more visible than before. The iPhone and iPad App Store age ratings now appear in small icons below the name and developer of apps so users can see them with minimal effort. The rating icons merely show recommended age for […]

Apple Goes Green for iCloud Power

A giant solar array provides 100 percent of the power to Apple's Maiden, N.C. data center

Today Apple announced that 75 percent of its corporate facilities across the globe no rely on renewable energy for power instead of fossil fuels, up from 35 percent in 2010. In the company’s Environmental Footprint Report for fiscal 2012, Apple revealed that a number of its facilities operate entirely on renewable energies. Apple’ corporate headquarters […]

iOS 6.1 Fixes Purchased Apps Crash in iPad App Store

ipad app store purchased apps section fails in ios 6

Open the iPad App Store and tap on the Purchased Section. If it fails to load for a long time and then crashes the app, you’re not alone. Apple finally admitted to a person contacting tech support that the company is aware of the issue. Fortunately, iOS 6.1 beta 4 seems to offer a fix […]

Apple Announces 40 Billion Apps Downloaded Since 2008

iPad App Store

Today Apple announced that, since the launch of the App Store iOS, users have downloaded more than 40 billion apps. More than half that number of apps: downloaded in 2012 alone. Apple’s announcement comes after a “record breaking” December. Users downloaded more than 2 billion apps for iPhones, iPod touches, iPads and iPad minis in […]

Google Play Store Revenue Increasing, Still Behind Apple App Store

Top Grossing Cross Platform Apps

According to this Distimo report Google’s revenue from the Play Store is rapidly increasing, but it still has a long way to go before it catches up to Apple’s iOS App Store. The report says that Google’s daily revenue from the Play Store increased by 43 percent across 20 countries in the past four months. Apple’s App […]

Apple App Store Down For Some


The iOS App Store in down for many iPhone and iPad users, preventing them from downloading new apps or app updates. Many iOS users are taking to Twitter to report the App Store is down, though others report no problems at all. Apple hasn’t issued a statement on the issue, though an Apple support representative […]

Xbox SmartGlass for iPhone and iPad Now Available


Shortly after launching on the Android platform, Xbox SmartGlass for iPhone and iPad has arrived on Apple’s App Store awaiting those who use Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. After a bit of a wait, iPhone and iPad owners can now access Xbox SmartGlass which turns the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a second screen for […]

Static Lines on Keyboard Pester iPhone 5 Owners in App Store (Video)

Static Lines on iPhone 5 keyboard

The iPhone 5 ships with a new App Store, and users that try to purchase apps may run into static lines on the keyboard while entering an Apple ID password. The video below shows the static lines, which aren’t always present, streaking through the middle row of keys. The issue appears tied to the iPhone […]

Apple’s Vaunted App Stores Need Some Work


Apple continues to sell iOS devices at a record clip. Apparently over 100 million iOS device toting folks have also upgraded their older devices to iOS 6, along with those users who are receiving iOS 6 with an new iPhone 5. Apple also seems to be doing quite well in terms of selling Macs. The […]

Google Maps App Submission for iOS Likely False


There has been rumors that since Apple has retooled its mapping app on the iPhone to eschew the Google service in favor of its homegrown service that Google would submit a Google Maps app for iOS as a competing app. However, according to The Loop‘s Jim Dalrymple, that may not be the case as Dalrumple claims that the […]

Apple By the Numbers Fall 2012 Edition


Apple announced the new iPhone 5 at their press event in San Francisco today kicking things off with the customary Apple by the Numbers bragging session highlighting their facts and figures. And once again the stats don’t lie. Apple’s gaudy numbers show a company that shows no signs of lagging during the post Steve Jobs era. […]

Projectbook for Helps iPad Users Stay Organized


Projectbook, which has quickly climbed to become the best selling productivity app for the iPad in Apple’s App Store, has just received an update to bring user requested features. The app is being dubbed a notebook and to-do manager for the iPad to help users stay organized and keep track of all their notes and […]