Developers Rush Out New Apps Before Apple Shuts Down For the Holidays


Developers hoping to either submit new iOS apps or revised versions of currently available apps on Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad platform are rushing their efforts for the review process before Apple shuts down for 8 days for the holidays. Developers hoping to submit an iOS hit that’s the hopeful equivalent to the next […]

Microsoft Lures Android Users with Free Phone Offer to Windows Phone


In Microsoft’s latest publicity campaign for Windows Phone, the software giant is offering a free smartphone to Android owners who have been affected by malware on Google’s platform. The latest promotion follows recent reports that Google recently removed 22 titles from Android Market that contained malicious code. In a twitter post, Microsoft asks Android users […]

Apple’s iOS App Store Now Home to Over 500,000 Apps

iPad 2

In a press release today, Apple announced that its iOS App Store has gone over the 500,000 app mark, a figure that Google’s Android Market hit back in October of this year. It also announced that its dedicated Mac App Store has seen over 100 million downloads since launch. Apple confirmed that the Mac App […]

Kindle Fire Review Roundup: Competitive With Compromises

Announced in New York City six weeks ago, Amazon’s debut Google Android tablet is the company’s first foray into the tablet market, and the Internet giant made a splash with an innovative UI, attractive price that undercuts competitors, and a breadth of content thanks to a diverse ecosystem that takes aim squarely at Apple’s iPad. […]

New Android Market Update Brings a Number of Changes


Google is now starting to push out a new version of Android Market, the company’s own app store for Android handsets, that brings with it a number of enhancements that should be welcomed by many users. The new version of Android Market takes it to version nmber 3.3.11 and adds settings for automatically updating all […]

Encyclopaedia Britannica iPad App Now Available

Encyclopaedia Britannica

College students (and curious minds) who own an iPad are in lucky today as Encyclopaedia Britannica has announced that it has released the iPad version of its popular Encyclopaedia Britannica application onto Apple’s iOS App Store. For those that don’t like spending money on software, there is a free version of the application which will […]

Google Voice Update Brings iOS 5 Crash Fix

Google Voice Returns to the iOS App Store

Just a couple of days ago, it became apparent that the Google Voice application on the iOS App Store had disappeared. At first, it was a mystery. Then, Google’s Senior Product Manager for Google Voice Vincent Paquet confirmed that the application had been pulled intentionally saying that “our last update of this week had a […]

Facebook iPad App Arrives Today, Finally

Facebook iPad App

The long wait for an official Facebook iPad application appears to be over as ThisIsMyNext is reporting that Facebook plans on rolling out the software to owners of Apple’s tablet at some point today. If you saw the leak that occurred all the way back in July, then there won’t be very many surprises when […]

How Financial Times is Helping Consumers Unshackle Themselves From Apple


Financial Times just disclosed early results behind its newly launched web application and the data suggests a shifting trend from the apps ecosystem, in which Apple’s iOS mobile platform leads, to web apps, which can be accessed from any browser on any platform. According to the publication, whose native iOS app was removed from Apple […]

Instagram 2.0 Arrives for iPhone and iPad

Instagram 2.0

Instagram has released the biggest update in the app’s nearly year old history and it figures to delight those that are using iDevice’s that are running a version of iOS that is above iOS 4.2.1. Dubbed Instagram 2.0, this major update overhauls the photo-filter app that currently boasts over 9 million users on iPhones, iPod […]

Apple Expands iTunes Promotion at Starbucks to Include More Digital Content


Apple has a long partnership with Starbucks where the coffee chain would offer codes for free iTunes music download. However, in an age where almost every content you can imagine is going digital, Apple is expanding its iTunes promotion at Starbucks to encompass more different types of digital content. In the past week, Starbucks gave […]

Verizon to Re-Launch Android App Store Today


According to CNN, Verizon will re-launch its V CAST Apps Android app store today and will re-brand it as Verizon Apps. It will, like V CAST Apps currently does, be separate from the Android Market and it will, of course, come per-installed on Verizon’s Droid smartphones. And yes, just in case you were wondering, Verizon […]

5 Best Fantasy Football Apps for iPhone

NFL Fantasy Draft Cheat Sheet

If you’re like me, you’re already fired up for not only the real NFL season but the fantasy football season as well. The trash talk, the drama, the joy of watching your nemesis’ first round pick miss several games, it all comes to life when fantasy football starts. I’ve been playing since the days where […]

5 Useful Earthquake Related iPhone Apps


For those of you in California, the earthquake would have been pretty routine news. However, for those of us on the East coast, who usually face hurricanes, tornadoes and snow storms, this was a shock. A couple of our writers, Warner Crocker and Sumocat, were close enough to feel it significantly. While others in my area did, […]

Android Market Now Featuring Google TV Apps?


It looks like Android app developers are now submitting and getting their Google TV-compatible apps onto Google’s own Android Market app store. Back at Google I/O this year, the Android OS-maker had promised to migrate Google TV to the Honeycomb platform, it looks like cross-platform compatible apps may be hitting tablets, phones, and TVs in […]

Google+ for iOS Update Brings Support for iPad and iPod Touch


Recently, we saw Google unleash a massive update for the Google+ app for Android and now, it’s iOS’ turn for a sizable update as the software has now been updated to support the iPad and the iPod touch. Before today, iPad and iPod touch users were in the dark and it was only available to […]

Facebook App for iPad Gets Detailed

Facebook for iPad

We had heard awhile back that a launch of the official Facebook app for the iPad, something that Apple tablet owners have been craving for quite sometime, was finally on the horizon. And then, when Facebook announced that it was announcing something awesome at the end of June, we got excited. Well, it’s not late […]

Optical Drive Becomes Latest Casualty in Quest for the Cloud

The new faster, MacBook Air. The ultimate everyday notebook. Now up to 2.5x faster, featuring highspeed Thunderbolt IO and OS X Lion

The ‘cloud’ is becoming a big feature of our digital lives today–anywhere from the most recently launched Spotify for cloud-based streaming music to cloud-streamed videos like those on Netflix and Hulu. All of this is driven by the increasing access and availability to the Internet and broadband, either through mobile like on 3G and 4G […]