iPhone & iPad Apps Generate Revenue, Google Play Delivers Downloads

If the iPhone 5S is a minimal upgrade, can it compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4?

According to quarterly results released by research firm Canalys, developers looking to generate revenues directly from people purchasing their apps should keep their eye on the iOS App Store, while developers looking to get access to more eyeballs for in-app advertising should look towards Google’s Play Store. According to the firm’s App Interrogator research, Apple’s […]

Apple’s iOS App Store Now Home to Over 500,000 Apps

iPad 2

In a press release today, Apple announced that its iOS App Store has gone over the 500,000 app mark, a figure that Google’s Android Market hit back in October of this year. It also announced that its dedicated Mac App Store has seen over 100 million downloads since launch. Apple confirmed that the Mac App […]

Top 10 Android and iPhone Apps to Use Instead of Watching Commercials


Ad Age is reporting that the most popular activity TV watchers do during commercials is not skipping past them with their DVR, but playing with their smart phone. According to a study by IPG Media and YuMe 93% of TV watchers and 73% of online video watchers use what the report calls “distraction media” during […]

Report: Android Market to Outgrow App Store by August

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Research firm research2guidence is reporting that if  Google’s Android Market keeps growing at the rate its currently at, it will likely outgrow Apple’s App Store by August of this year. The report comes just about a week after Distimo, an app store analytics company, claimed that the App Store would outpace Apple’s by July. Research2guidence […]

Apple rejecting “Pad” apps


Ok, here we go again. Once again, Apple is in full rejection mode over at the iPad App Store. They are rejecting any application with the work “Pad” in the title. This is similar to what they did with apps with “iPod” in the title. Over at 9to5mac.com, they have a screenshot from a developer […]