Office for iPad Leak Ignites War of Words

Office for iPad Leak Ignites War of Words

It appears that we have a war of words brewing between The Daily, the publication that earlier today leaked an image of what is purportedly Microsoft’s Office for iPad, and Microsoft itself which has gone on record saying the image is fake telling ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley that the image “is not a real picture of […]

What to Do Before Upgrading to the iPad 3

What To Do Before Upgrading to the iPad 3

Apple is presumed to be launching its next iPad sometime in March. While the company has yet to send out invitations to a press event, March 7th is the day that many have circled on their calendar as launch day. If you’re currently an iPad or iPad 2 owner or if you’re just thinking about […]

MiLi Power iBox Review: Doubles iPad 2 Battery Life


The MiLi Power iBox iPad 2 battery case puts a big 8000 mAh battery on the back of your iPad in the form of a protective case compatible with your iPad  Smart Cover. The plastic, silver case bills itself as the 1st Apple approved battery case for the iPad 2, however Kensington also has one […]

How To Remove Your Sim Card and Cancel 3G Service on iPad


If you plan to sell your iPad or iPad 2 before the new iPad’s release, likely coming next month, then removing your Sim Card and canceling 3G service might be a good idea. You will also want to erase the data and reset it to factory default settings. I will tell you how to remove […]

How To Erase All Data And Factory Reset The iPad

iPad Erase

Whenever you sell your electronics to a reseller (or even return an item to the store after having used it), you should always be sure to erase the data from it completely. You can’t count on the reseller or the store employees to do it for you.

What to Expect from the iPad 3

iPad 2

We are inching our way closer and closer to the iPad 3 release date and as we get the days go by, we start to get a clearer picture as to the makeup of Apple’s latest tablet. Of course, this is an Apple product that we’re talking about here so no rumor, no matter how […]

Amazon Takes on the iPad in New Kindle Ad

Amazon Kindle Fire

Over the last couple of months, Samsung has produced a number of advertisements that have taken shots at Apple, its fans and its products. And now, it appears that Amazon has joined the fray with a new Kindle ad that takes shots at Apple’s iPad while touting the benefits of the company’s Kindle e-reader and […]

iPad 3 Rear Shell Points to Larger Battery, New Camera

iPad 3

While we still don’t have the entire iPad 3 puzzle put together yet, we have had some pieces fall into place over the last couple of weeks that suggest Apple is gearing up to release something special in the weeks ahead. Today, we have another leak courtesy of RepairLabs who have received a picture of […]

How to Turn Off iPad Notifications

How to Turn Off iPad Notifications

Ever been watching a movie on your iPad or iPad 2 only to get interrupted by a push notification with some useless information from some app you rarely use? I have. Ever been sitting on the couch trying to get some work done on your tablet only to get interrupted by a notification containing the […]

How to Completely Silence Your iPad

How to Completely Silence Your iPad

Some of you might use your iPad for things other than streaming movies or watching sports highlights in bed. (I assure you, that is not how I use my iPad.) Maybe you bring it to your office meetings to jot down notes. Or if you’re a student, maybe you bring it to class in order […]

How to Secure Your iPad With a Complex Passcode

How to Secure Your iPad With a Complex Passcode

If you own an iPad or an iPad 2, especially one that utilizes 3G data, you probably take it out of the house. Maybe it’s your companion on your daily basis or maybe you bring it to the beach once a week to take in the sun and a good book. Whatever the case my […]

iPhone 4S Jailbreak: Nearly Half a Million Devices Served


The iPhone 4S (and iPad 2) jailbreak finally launched last Friday and the team behind the jailbreak – called Absinthe,  has released the official numbers in terms of how many downloads it received. According to a post from the Chronic Dev Team, over the last three days, Absinthe has been used to jailbreak around 953,232 devices […]

Disney AppClix Cameras Make Taking, Sharing Photos Easy for Kids

Disney AppClix Camera Mickey

The hassle of transferring pictures from digital cameras to the web or devices where they can best be displayed is a problem camera makers are constantly trying to solve. Samsung thinks the best way to do so is by giving cameras Wi-Fi and allowing users to connect them directly to phones, tablets, TVs and refrigerators. […]

Video: iPad 2 Dropped Into Hot Lava

iPad 2

We have seen an iPad tossed out of a plane at 500 feet. We’ve seen an iPad dropped out of a plane flying 1,300 feet above ground. We’ve seen bowling balls dropped on top of Apple’s tablet. Today is a first though as it’s the first time that we have seen an iPad dropped into […]

Spec Showdown: Droid Xyboard vs. iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire

Droid Xyboard

If you’ve been keeping up with your tech news the past few days, and we hope that you have, you would know that Verizon announced two new 4G LTE tablets – the Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 and the Xyboard 10.1. Verizon, courtesy of Droid-Life, has been nice enough to compare some of the top competition […]

Retro Alert: iStation Turns Your iPad Into An Apple I

istation for the iPad

Apple fans apparently never get tired of the retro Apple kitsch, even as they cling to their modern Apple devices. Thus I’m sure the folks over at MICGadget will sell many of their new iStation desktop stands for the iPad. Designed to look like the Apple I, this stand cleverly blends the old and the […]

Best Holiday Gadget Gifts For Students

echo smartpen

Shopping for a high school or college student this holiday? Maybe they didn’t get everything they needed during the Back to School rush, or perhaps they’ve discovered new needs now that the semester is about to end. Or maybe you just want to up their game with a sweet gift that will make their lives […]

Kindle Fire Overtakes iPad 2 as Top Selling Tablet at Best Buy

Kindle Fire

We knew that Amazon’s $199 Android-powered tablet, the Kindle Fire, was selling well. After all, it has occupied the top spot at Amazon since before it was released and Amazon itself claimed that it sold more Kindle’s during this Black Friday than any Black Friday before it. And while we still don’t have official numbers, […]

Thanksgiving: 8 Tech Items I’m Truly Thankful For

Apple iPad 2

As we gear up for Thanksgiving Day, I promise you that the things below fall way down my list of things in general for which I’m truly thankful. My faith, family, careers and health top my list. After things like these plus freedom and friends I would say that technology cracks the top ten — […]