Apple Replaced My Broken iPad Out of the Kindness of Their Heart

Apple Store in Greensboro NC

While on a trip this weekend my iPad 2 Dock Connector stopped functioning. iTunes showed nothing when I connected it to my Mac and it would not charge, either. So I went to my closest Apple store in Greensboro, NC assuming I would get taken advantage of by the Geniuses, as my only other trip […]

Apple Now Going After the Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom

Just yesterday, we learned that Apple had won a ruling in Germany that halted the sale of Samsung’s latest and greatest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, in the European Union. How were they able to do this? By accusing Samsung of infringing on their intellectual property. In Apple’s eyes, Samsung has ripped off the […]

iPad and iPhone Smuggling Ring Takes A Page from Ocean’s Eleven

iPad and iPhone Pulley

It’s not shocking to hear about an iPhone and iPad smuggling ring being busted in Shenzen, China, a place that just so happens to be the center of the universe when it comes to phony electronics. No, not shocking at all. However, this isn’t your every day iPhone and iPad smuggling ring. In fact, it […]

iPad 2 Now Shipping Within 24 Hours, First Time Since Launch

iPad 2

Since March the 11th, Apple has had trouble getting the iPad 2 off to customers. Demand in the United States for the highly rated tablet has been extremely high and at one point, it took Cupertino 4-5 weeks to ship out iPad 2’s to new customers. Well, that’s all in the past because as 9to5Mac […]

Facebook App for iPad Gets Detailed

Facebook for iPad

We had heard awhile back that a launch of the official Facebook app for the iPad, something that Apple tablet owners have been craving for quite sometime, was finally on the horizon. And then, when Facebook announced that it was announcing something awesome at the end of June, we got excited. Well, it’s not late […]

CNN App for iPad Updated with Real-Time Streaming

CNN App for iPad

If you own an iPad, have access to cable TV and constantly find yourself using the CNN application, you’ll be happy to know that the software has been update and now features live streaming from both the CNN and HLN networks. This is certainly an exciting move but before you get too excited, there is […]

Town Uses iPads to Go Paperless. What Schools & Congress Can Learn

Paper is expensive and messy compared to the iPad

The town of Cornelius in North Carolina pushed paper to the side of the table this year and chose to use iPads to reduce printing expenses. Replacing paper with the iPad already saved me thousands of dollars, and it could help schools and the federal government save big as well. How It Saves The town […]

iPad 2 Jailbreak Arrives for Some Users

JailbreakMe 3.0

An iPad 2 jailbreak has been a long time coming but it appears that the day has finally arrived, at least for some iPad 2 owners. JailbreakMe 3.0, has apparently been leaked by a private beta tester and is now readily available for installation. The only problem is, you’ll need to be on iOS 4.3.0. […]

Facebook App for iPad Launching Next Week?

iPad 2

A short time ago we had heard that Facebook was primed and ready to release its long awaited application for Apple’s tablet, the iPad. Well, it appears that the wait for anxious iPad owners might be over as Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told Reuters that the company is going to be “launching something awesome” […]

The Best iPad and iPad 2 Apps – Summer Apps [June 2011]

hulu Plus for iPad

Now that summer is officially in full swing, we thought we’d bring you the best apps for using while travelling this summer. We chose the categories below because they would be useful while on a road trip, waiting for a plane or in a hotel room. You can read, watch video, or play a couple […]

Fring for iPad Hits App Store with Group Video Calling


Back at the end of April, Fring released its new and improved application that brought group video chatting to the iPhone and to Android. Now, the company has brought the same feature along with their iPad application that was launched to the App Store today. The application is currently free and offers cross-platform compatibility which […]

Summer Road Trip: Tech In Our Bag & On The Road

MacBook Air On the Road

This week my family and I will be leaving on a long two-week trip around the Southeastern United States taking some of our favorite mobile tech toys with us. I thought I’d share with you what we are taking to make the journey fun and efficient. Last summer our editor Josh Smith took what he […]

T-Mobile: G-Slate 2x Faster Than iPad 2, 3x Faster Than Motorola Xoom


T-Mobile’s LG-made G-Slate tablet just saw a drop in price, possibly due to poor sales, and it appears that the carrier is preparing to try and make a big sales push as a leaked document has revealed that the company is now “legally” able to “definitively” say that the G-Slate is two times faster than […]

Facebook Finally Ready to Deliver Official iPad App

iPad 2

It appears that Facebook is finally ready to introduce its official iPad application more than a year after the release of Apple’s tablet and according to the New York Times, it should be arriving sometime in the coming weeks. The application, like the iPhone version, will be free and it  will be optimized for use […]

Google Sync for iOS Gets Three Important Updates

photo (1)

Google announced an update to their sync service for iOS devices like the Apple iPhone and iPad bringing three welcome feature updates. The ability to search all email – not just locally stored Calendar events invitation handling Send Mail As which lets you send messages with a different return address than the one being used […]

How The Iconia Tab A500 Almost Replaced My Point and Shoot

A500 Camer App

As I test the Acer Iconia Tab A500, I was surprised at how much I liked using the tablet as a camera because of the built-in app and the large screen. While the quality of the images is less than stellar, the experience of taking pictures on a large screen is surprisingly good. If Acer […]

Joby Releases GorillaMobile Ori and Yogi for iPad 2


Joby has announced that it has released updated versions of its GorillaMobile Ori and GorillaMobile Yogi stands for use with Apple’s iPad 2. The GorillaMobile Ori is Joby’s case that can also transform into a stand. It’s inspired by origami and has been “engineered from superlight German  aluminum/polypropylene used in high-performance cars for sleek ergonomic […]

How to Use iOS 5’s Custom Keyboard Shortcuts


One of the cool new time saving features coming in iOS 5 is the ability to add your own customized keyboard shortcuts. This allows you to type nbcm and have iOS 5 expand it to, saving time and possibly some auto-correct issues if you add the right shortcuts. You can add almost anything you like as an iOS […]

iPad with 3D Display Surfaces in Taipei (Video)

iPad 3D

At the Display Taiwan conference in Taipei, display manufacturer CPT gave NetbookNews a glimpse at an iPad prototype that has a 3D display. The iPad 3 will likely make its debut at some point in the year 2012 and it will likely bring some sort of upgrade in the display department. It’s very possible that […]

Verizon iPad 2s Mysteriously Recalled Back to Apple (Updated)

Apple iPad 2

It’s unclear right now as to what exactly is going on here but it appears that iPad 2’s, specifically Verizon iPad 2’s, are getting sent back to Apple from stores and during shipment to customers. There was speculation last night that it may have had something to do with the engravings on the back of […]