New iPad Smart Cover with Keyboard on the Way?

The Touch Cover 2 for Surface 2

Apple could be preparing an iPad Smart Cover that features a keyboard of its own, taking away one of the key advantages of Microsoft’s Surface 2 tablet. That’s if a new patent revealed this week by Patently Apple is an accurate indication of the company’s future plans. The illustration included in the patent application Apple […]

How to Get Mugged: Own an iPhone in New York City

Samsung Videographer celebrates with the first person to get the iPhone 5S in New York City, Brian ceballo

Social scientists and police departments have struggled to accurately identify the exact conditions that create a heaven for crooks and robbers since the dawn of the world’s largest cities. Apparently, they needn’t have bothered. Statistic compiled by the New York Police Department indicate that owning and using Apple’s iPad and iPhone are the only things […]

The Surface 2 Vs. The iPad Air

The iPad Air and the Surface 2

With Apple’s announcement of the iPad Air ended recently and Microsoft’s Surface 2 launching, many users will be comparing the two tablets and how they stack up against each other during the holiday shopping season. To be frank, they should. Although Google’s Nexus 7 tablet continues as a direct competitor to the Kindle Fire and […]

iPad 5 vs. iPad mini: Alleged Photo Shows Size Difference

This could be the front of the white & silver iPad 5.

A new iPad 5 leak allegedly shows a photo of the new iPad 5 back in white and silver with an iPad mini back in silver that could be for the iPad mini 2 or iPad mini 2 Retina, but it is impossible to know from the information provided. This isn’t the first time an […]

The iPad: Gaming Console of the Future

The iPad iOS 7 Beta is now available.

There may be two new official, video game console launches on the horizon, but if rumors pan out and Apple ships iOS 7 and the iPad 5 this fall, users could be in for a third option. To be clear, Apple hasn’t officially announced the iPad 5, it’s still focusing on delivering the best experience […]

Kindle iPad App Could Soon Let Users Buy Books Again


A settlement proposed by the United States Department of Justice could mean the return of the Store button to Amazon’s Kindle apps for iOS. In the Department of Justice’s proposal for repairing the eBook market that Apple was found guilty of manipulating in July, Apple would be required to allow other eBook stores to have […]

Brydge+ Review: iPad Ultrathin Aluminum Keyboard Cover

the brydge+ keyboard cover for ipad

Finding the perfect keyboard for iPad took an interesting turn when we discovered Brydge+, an anodized aluminum Bluetooth keyboard that competes with Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover while using far better quality material. The Brydge+ keyboard ($199 with speaker) gives iPad users a MacBook look, but with a slightly smaller size. The keyboard cover dimensions mirror that […]

Drafts for iPad Review: Write Text Drafts for Almost Anything on iPad

drafts for ipad actions

The Drafts for iPad app wants to serve as the place iPad users compose text for just about anything they write. The distraction free text editor handles HTML and exports to a number of services and apps. A community of users keeps adding what they call “Actions” to extend the usefulness of the Drafts for […]

Microsoft Attacks iPad With New Comparison Tool

MS iPad Siri Ad

Just a week after debuting a new advertisement directly comparing Windows 8 tablets to the iPad, Microsoft has added a new comparison site that breaks down the features of popular Windows 8 tablets vs. the iPad. The site, which is available right now at, puts the specifications of the iPad against the ASUS VivoTab […]

Microsoft Goes After iPad Using Siri in new Windows 8 Ad

MS iPad Siri Ad

This week, Microsoft debuted a new ad that’s designed to showcase the strengths of its Windows 8 operating system and ecosystem, while highlighting the weaknesses of the iPad. How did it choose to do so? By letting Siri, the audio assistant included on the iPhone and iPad, speak for itself. The advertisement features the 64GB […]

iPad 5 Rumors: Lighter Design, Production Ramping Up in July

A rendering of the iPad 5 and iPad 4 showing a slight reduction in size.

The next generation of Apple’s iPad tablet, the iPad 5, may have entered trial production. That’s according to DigiTimes which cites reports it’s received from Taiwanese device part suppliers. These part suppliers have indicated that monthly shipments of the device will reach 2-3 million by September, possibly hinting at an announcement of the tablet by Apple […]

GroovBoard Turns Integrates iPad Stylus and Apple Keyboard

groovboard with iPad side view

The Apple iPad, a stylus and the Apple Bluetooth keyboard work together to make a nice, small footprint office solution. The GroovBoard helps integrate them into something that feels like a high-end, useful solution. The GroovBoard ($99 direct) looks attractive and feels sturdy. The heft of the GroovBoard, which weighs 2 pounds, holds the iPad without […]

The iPad Mini and the Nexus 7 Bring Us Closer to the Mobile Dream


Mobility has always been the target. Go anywhere. Connect anywhere to anything. Do what needs doing. Slide the Tablet in a pocket. Move on. We’ve wanted to escape from our desktops with laptops followed by netbooks and succeeded in doing that as far as those devices allowed us to. But in those escapes we always […]

ORA: Ultimate Sound System for iPad

ora for ipad

The ORA: Ultimate Sound System for iPad is a Kickstarter project that fixes one of the most glaring deficiencies of every version of the iPad since day one – the miserable sound quality. This case adds a much louder speaker system along every edge of the iPad and promises to improve the iPad’s sound for gamers, movie and […]

iPad Mini Pre-Orders Start October 26th

Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 11.14.58 AM

Those looking to get their hands on the iPad Mini and iPad fourth-generation this holiday season will be happy to know that both devices will be up for pre-order this Friday, October 26th. Today, at the iPad Mini event, Apple announced both a new 7-inch iPad Mini and a revamped iPad fourth-generation that will replace […]

Cloud Outliner Review: Organizes Thoughts with Simplicity

cloud outliner

Cloud Outliner is an outlining app for the iPad that helps users organize their thoughts with simple outlining tools. The app lets users put together checklists, articles and speeches on the iPad, but is it too simple for the $4.99 price? Cloud Outliner works on the iPad and the iPhone and takes advantage of the full size […]

Parallels Mobile Review: Using Parallels to Run Windows 8 on iPad

parallels mobile keyboard

The Parallels Mobile App and Parallels Desktop 8 make it possible to run Windows 8 on the iPad. Parallels offers access to Windows 8, Windows 7 and other operating systems on the iPad by combining virtualization and remote log in functionality. I recently reviewed Parallels Desktop 8 at Notebooks, and really like the tool. Parallels 8 for Mac […]

Skitch Comes to iPhone, Updates iPad and Mac Apps


Skitch hit the iPhone today while also receiving an update to the iPad and Mac apps. The app works with Evernote, the new owner of the communication tool, and integrates further with Evernote. Evernote is an information collection and organization tool that syncs between just about every modern platform available today. The Skitch app update brought […]

GottaBeFunded: xWallDock Turns Outlets Into iPad and iPhone Docks


A new Kickstarter project called the xWallDock turns a standard wall outlet into a charging dock for Apple products like the iPad, iPhone and iPods. The product creators promises to support both the current 30-pin Apple devices and new Lightning devices like the Apple iPhone 5. We think this is an interesting Kickstarter project that’s […]

Will Windows RT Tablet Prices Kill Hopes of Beating iPad?


A leaked roadmap for ASUS branded Windows tablets shows that Microsoft’s attempt to compete with Apple as the leading player and Android as the scrappy upstart might be lost before it gets back into the game. This depends on whether the leaked roadmap of an ASUS branded Microsoft Windows RT Tablet proves valid. It shows introductory level […]