Fieldrunners 2 HD for iPad Now Available: Loads of Fun

fieldrunners 2 hd opening splash screen

*+-I loved Fieldrunners, the original tower defense game for the iPad, so when they released version 2 for the iPhone I couldn’t wait for it to show on my iPad. This week it did and the game really adds some visually beautiful screens. Gamers also get more levels to try with interesting new screens to […]

NFL Game Rewind for Tablets Fumbles Thanks to Restrictions


*+-The NFL comes a little closer to offering a great mobile viewing experience with the NFL Game Rewind app, but sadly fumbles the ball with silly restrictions and an overpriced subscription model that only appeals to super fans. The app lets users watch football on their iPad or Android tablet. So far that’s awesome. Unfortunately, […]

Why the iPad Beats the Nexus 7 as My Primary Tablet


*+-I’m back to using my iPad as my primary tablet after a few weeks of doing most of my mobile tablet computing on the Google Nexus 7 Tablet. Google and Asus produced a great 7-inch tablet and I love it. It’s close to being the tablet I’ve wanted since I began using tablets with the […]

Best iPad Apps for College


*+-College students today don’t know how good they have it thanks to the iPad and more iPad apps for college than they can count, at least before completing Understanding Numerical Data. I ended my college career in 2005. On that May afternoon when I turned my tassel for the last time I’d never even, heard of apps. […]

Apple Asking Resellers For More Shelf Space For iPad Mini?


*+-Apple could be preparing for the launch of the iPad Mini by asking resellers to clear extra shelf space for iPads by September 12. According to MacRumors, several Apple Premium Resellers in Europe recently received requests from Apple to clear off extra shelf space for iPad displays. The requests say retailers should clear the space by […]

Haiku Deck A Simple and Beautiful Presentation App for iPad

haiku deck

*+-The iPad serves as a great presentation tool, thanks to Keynote or the many apps that play PowerPoint presentations. Neither of those options make creating presentations on the iPad convenient. Enter Haiku Deck, a simple and beautiful presentation tool for the Apple iPad. Simplicity, easy importing of creative commons images, and elegant templates that focus […]

Back to School Gear 2012: Gadgets for My College Student


*+-Students all over the country return to college this month, bringing more gadgets than a local Best Buy. My son Michael heads off to school for the first time and will bring all of these back to school gadgets and gear along. Since my son won’t live under my roof, he needs his own back […]

Smarter Stand Review: Add New Angles to iPad Smart Cover


*+-The Apple iPad Smart Cover and the new iPad Smart Case let users fold the case into a two position stand for the iPad. The Smarter Stand, a Kickstarter project, turns the Smart Case or Smart Cover into a multi-position stand with three more positions. The Smarter Stand uses a pair of clips that slide […]

New iPad Ad Shows Everything From Games To Cash Register Apps

new ipad back

*+-While we’re waiting for Apple to launch the iPhone 5 the company is still making commercials to advertise its exiting products. The latest Apple commercial is for the iPad. The new iPad commercial shows everything users can do with the 9.7-inch tablet with built-in and third-party apps. The add shows users both creating and consuming […]

Apple v. Samsung Court Case Hints at iPad Mini


*+-Apple VP Eddy Cue foresaw the 7-inch tablet market a few months after Samsung released the first 7-inch Galaxy Tab. According to All Things D, an email revealed in the Apple vs. Samsung shows Eddy Cue telling then-Interim CEO Tim Cook and others that “I believe there will a 7-inch market and we should do […]

Don’t Buy 30-pin iPhone & iPad Dock Connector Accessories

Apple Micro USB Adapter

*+-It looks like Apple will make the change from the ubiquitous 30-pin Dock Connector that thousands of accessories use to connect to the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad. The wider connector served Apple well for many years now, but they will likely change to a smaller 19-pin Dock Connector, if we can believe reports that […]

Essential 2012 Summer Olympics Apps for the iPhone and iPad


*+-The 2012 Summer Olympic games are set to kick off in London and fans that want to watch the Olympics on their iPhone and iPad are in for one of the most connected Olympics to date. With free live olympic game streaming from the NBC 2012 Summer Olympics app to some of the best Olympic […]

Apple Using Lottery System For China iPad Launch

iPad in China

*+-This Friday, July 20, Apple will release the new iPad in China, but potential buyers can’t just wait in line to pick one up. According to MIC Gadget, Apple will use a lottery system for the Chinese iPad launch. Users have to sign up for the lottery on a special page on Apple China’s website […]

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Can Replace My iPad For Now

Apple iPad versus Google Nexus 7

*+-For two plus years people could accurately call me an iPad fanboy, but I’m going to try and go without using my iPad in favor of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet. While I am a fan of Apple products, I’m also an Android user. I replaced my iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy Note and now the […]

Thinner iPad Mini With Retina Display Possible?

Will the iPad Mini feature a 7.85-inch display?

*+-The iPad Mini rumor mill is hard at work again and the latest rumors peg Apple’s new iPad as having a 7.85-inch IGZO display made by Sharp. According to MyDrivers, courtesy of UnwiredView, supply chain sources have indicated that Sharp will be making IGZO display panels for the iPad Mini. IGZO stands for indium gallium […]

Why I Regret Buying the 16GB New iPad

Why I Regret Buying the 16GB New iPad

*+-In March, I decided to pick up the new iPad, Apple’s third-generation tablet. I bought the 16GB model, the same amount of storage space that I had on my iPad 2. Before I bought the new iPad, I had doubts that the 16GB would be enough space and unfortunately, those worries have now played out […]

The First iPad Mini is Made by RIM

The First iPad Mini is Made by RIM

*+-A crafty developer has found a way to load up iOS applications on RIM’s 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. iMore is reporting that a developer has managed to get full, iOS applications up and running on the BlackBerry PlayBook. And while the iOS player that the developer created to run these applications isn’t close to a […]

iOS 6 Not Coming to Original iPad

iOS 6 Not Coming to Original iPad

*+-Apple has announced iOS 6 for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch but the software won’t be coming to all versions of those devices. Specifically, those who own the original iPad won’t be getting the update. While Apple announced that the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch, iPad 2 and the third-generation […]

Apple iOS 6: New Features for iPhone and iPad

Apple Unveils iOS 6

*+-Today at WWDC 2012, Apple has unveiled iOS 6, its new mobile operating system that will be coming to the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. iOS 6 is going to be coming with over 200 features including a big update to the software’s virtual personal assistant, Siri. The virtual assistant, which as been out […]