Can the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Take On The iPad at Half The Price?

Recently the Associated Press published an article claiming that for most people the word iPad is synonymous with “tablet”. The implication being that there aren’t any other tablets worth people’s brainspace around, thus the iPad is the default. However, I think both Amazon and Barnes & Noble can cite a few million reasons why that […]

iPad Keyboard Case Buying Guide

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

After reviewing six new iPad keyboard cases and solutions, we wanted to shares the best iPad accessories to increase productivity on the iPad. These iPad keyboard cases are perfect for users who bristle at using the onscreen keyboard for anything more than short Facebook posts. From cases that protect the iPad to minimalist keyboard only outfits, we have a […]

Max Payne for iPhone and iPad Now Available

Max Payne for iPhone and iPad Now Available

As expected, the original Max Payne has arrived on Apple’s iOS App Store and is now available to owners of the iPhone and Apple’s tablet, the iPad. The game comes courtesy of Rockstar Games, the same company that makes Grand Theft Auto III, and it will cost iOS owners a mere $2.99 to download. An […]

9 Essential Apps for Blogging from the iPad


The iPad is not the ideal tool for blogging, but with the right selection of apps it’s easy to post from the iPad. I would hate to blog from the iPad everyday, but these apps allow me to compose and post full articles to GottaBeMobile and my personal blog when it’s not easy to grab […]

Watch How the iPad is Made Inside a Foxconn Factory

Watch How the iPad is Made Inside a Foxconn Factory

The Foxconn factories where Apple’s iPhone and iPad are made are notoriously secret, rarely letting reports venture into their depths. However, today, a new video was released giving the public a rare glimpse at how Foxconn makes the iPad. Marketplace reporter Rob Schmitz posted the video of the process today and it offers a rare […]

Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard Is An Awesome iPad Keyboard


The Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad is an awesome bluetooth keyboard for the new iPad. Last summer K.T. Bradford reviewed the Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad, but it’s so good I had to revisit the bluetooth keyboard solution with the new iPad. This solution gives you a portable Bluetooth keyboard with excellent island style keys and […]

Dear Apple: Next Time Upgrade the iPad’s Front-Facing Camera

Next Time Apple, Upgrade the iPad's Front-Facing Camera

When Apple launched the iPad 2, consumers were giddy about the addition of a front-facing and rear camera on the device, something that had been missing on the original iPad. Only, the quality that either camera produced wasn’t very good, leaving many hoping for more from the third rendition of the iPad. Apple, not one […]

Paper for iPad Attempts to Emulate Pen and Paper


Paper is a new iPad app that tries to bring the feeling of taking notes and sketching on paper to the iPad. Like the team that released the much-anticipated Tapose’ app for the Apple iPad this week to mixed reviews, Paper is from former Microsoft Courier team members. Like Tapose’, Paper disappoints The app looks beautiful and the onscreen inking flows elegantly. […]

Two Weeks with the New iPad

Two Weeks with the New iPad

We’ve already put up our full length review of the new iPad and our own Warner Crocker hasalready given you his thoughts on the device. But, because a lot of you have been asking, I wanted to chime in with my own thoughts about Apple’s new slate. Like many of my colleagues here at GBM, […]

How to Set Up iPad Parental Controls and Content Filtering

About two-thirds of parents with a mobile device engage in “pass-back” behavior — handing a phone or tablet to your child so they can play games, read books, and engage in other activities. The iPad is a particularly popular pass-back device because the screen is large enough for comfortable video viewing and games are even […]

New iPad Approved For Sale In China

The new iPad will soon be making its way across the Pacific to China. Or rather, the Chinese government will allow Apple to keep some iPads inside China to sell in stores. The Chinese government has approved one model of the new iPad, model number A1416, for sale within China. It is likely that the […]

New iPad Lasts Over a Day as Personal Hotspot

One of the biggest draws that Verizon’s version of the 4G LTE iPad has over AT&T’s is that Verizon’s model has support for the mobile hotspot feature. AT&T says that might come in the future but it hasn’t said exactly when it will arrive. Mobile hotspot support allows users to connect up to five devices […]

New iPad Heat Tests Prove ‘HeatGate’ is a Non-Issue

There has been a bit of talk about the new iPad and how hot it supposedly runs. Some have dubbed it “Heatgate.” Others have poked fun at it. And now, we have some proof that the heat given off by the iPad isn’t unusual at all and is, in fact, on par with other tablets […]