New iPad Jailbreak Successful, But You Still Have to Wait

New iPad Jailbreaking Continues

Today is March 16th and that means that it’s launch day for Apple’s new iPad. It also means that the device is in the hands on some people that are going to want to jailbreak it. Well, guess what? iOS hacker MuscleNerd has tweeted out a photo that shows a jailbreak on the new iPad […]

Apple TV 1080P Review (2012)

Apple TV 2012

If you look at the new 3rd generation Apple TV as an iPad accessory that also lets you watch streaming content, then it’s nearly a five-star product and the one of the best iPad accessories you can buy. If you see it as a set-top box for viewing streaming content that also works with the iPad […]

10 iPad Apps We (Really) Hope Get Retina Display Updates Soon


Now that we know which apps (besides the stock apps from Apple) will support the Retina Display resolution at launch, it’s time to start bugging our favorite developers for their update schedule. (Read: 33 Apps Will Support the iPad’s New Retina Display at Launch) The new full HD resolution display is gorgeous by all accounts, […]

32 Apps Will Support the iPad’s New Retina Display at Launch

32 Apps Will Support the iPad's New Retina Display at Launch

Earlier Friday morning, midnight in some cases, Apple’s new iPad will go on sale to those that weren’t able to snag a launch day pre-order. On board the new iPad will be a new, high-resolution Retina Display, a feature that early reviewers have raved about as it offers quadruple the resolution of the iPad 2. […]

Kindle Fire vs. iPad 3rd Gen


The first reviews are in and it looks like the new iPad 3rd gen is a hit. Though it doesn’t represent a huge upgrade over the iPad 2, the upgrades it did get make it an even better tablet. (Read: New iPad Review Roundup) But do they make it the best tablet for you? Different […]

New iPad Teardown Reveals Massive Battery

New iPad Teardown Reveals Massive Battery

One of the reasons that Apple held off on releasing a 4G LTE enabled device was because of the battery drain that the network inflicts on the devices that run on its network. Apple wanted to make sure that its 4G LTE devices had great battery life and it seems that it was able to […]

Evernote for iOS Updated to Support iPad’s Retina Display

Evernote for iOS Updated to Support iPad's Retina Display

Evernote has announced that it has updated its iOS application to support the new iPad’s Retina Display, just a day before the device lands on the doorsteps of  those who pre-ordered on announcement day. The developer has been hard at work getting the application ready for the arrival of the new gadget and from the […]

iFixit Tears Down the New iPad

iFixit Tears Down the New iPad

We’ve already seen the new iPad hardware in action in a couple of hands-on videos, but until today, we hadn’t actually seen the new iPad’s hardware. What I mean of course is that we hadn’t seen the pieces that power Apple’s third-generation iPad. iFixit is now in the process of exposing all of that information […]

Verizon Confirms New iPad Goes on Sale at 3AM on Friday

Verizon Confirms New iPad Goes on Sale at 3AM on Friday

Verizon has confirmed to us that it will be taking orders online for Apple’s third-generation iPad, which launches this Friday on March 16th, starting at 3AM on Friday. Specifically, 3AM Eastern. Those that aren’t able or aren’t willing to stay up that late to put in an order through Big Red’s website will then have […]

New iPad Appears in New Hands-on Video

New iPad Appears in New Hands-on Video

We have already seen the new iPad leak out in an unboxing video ahead of its launch this Friday, but now, we have a closer look at the device that is already sold out online and will surely attract long lines at Apple Stores and participating retailers in its first launch markets. The new video […]

New iPad Camera: Sample Video Clip

New iPad Camera: Sample Video Clip

Just a short time ago, we saw to the first image samples taken in the wild with the upgraded camera on Apple’s newest iPad, the iPad, and now, we finally have an in-the-wild sample video clip to feat upon before the device finally touches down in markets around the world on Friday, March 16th. As […]

Why I Might Regret Getting the 16GB New iPad

Why I Might Regret Getting the 16GB New iPad

They’ve already graced us with the first hands-on video with Apple’s latest iPad as well as the first sample photos taken in the wild with the upcoming third-generation iPad and now has treated us to an initial look at the apps that will support Apple’s high-definition Retina Display. The news is both good and […]

New iPad Arrives at Best Buy, Taunts Buyers


We are just a couple of days away from March 16 which of course is launch day for the upcoming third-generation iPad from Apple. The device will be going on sale at Apple Stores around the world but also at third party retailers like Best Buy, a retailer that has apparently started to receive inventory […]

New iPad Camera: Samples from the Wild

New iPad Camera Samples Show Vast Improvement from iPad 2

Apple has a new iPad coming out on Friday. It’s called the iPad and it’s going to be coming with some significant upgrades over its predecessor. One of those improvements is the device’s camera which figures to be a massive improvement over the iPad 2’s. And while Apple provided us with some sample shots taken […]

How To Get Your New iPad Early From Fedex

iPad Retina Display

I finally got my shipping notification from Apple today saying they shipped my new iPad 3rd gen and found that thankfully they shipped it using FedEx. I’m glad to learn they used FedEx because the company will let you hold your shipment at the nearest distribution center so you can pick it up when it’s […]

35 New iPad Cases, Covers, Sleeves and Skins

Keyfolio for new iPad Kensington

If you’re lucky enough to have a new iPad coming March 16, then you may want to check to see if your old iPad case will fit the new iPad. A lot of iPad 2 cases will fit the new iPad but older iPad 1 cases probably won’t. Most sleeve cases or those resembling traditional […]

New iPad Available at 8:00 AM Friday at Apple Stores and Verizon

apple Store

Apple confirmed that the new Apple iPad 3rd generation will go on sale at Apple Stores at 8:00 AM this Friday, March 16th. Also, Verizon confirmed to GottaBeMobile that they will open early on Friday to begin selling the new iPad as well. Apple announced their new iPad and gave us the official launch date of March […]

Samsung: Apple Will Release 8-Inch iPad in 2012

It has only been a few days since Apple announced the next version of its iPad tablet, a device dubbed iPad, and the rumor mill concerning another iPad tablet is already moving. Cue, the Korea Times, who reports that an unnamed official from Samsung has stated that Apple plans to release a 7.85-inch iPad at […]

New iPad 3rd Gen Goes on Sale Friday At 8 AM

The new iPad will be available on Friday, March 16 at 8:00 AM according to store sign images posted online today. Apple does not time the release to happen at the same moment across the globe, so the iPad 3rd Generation launch time will happen at 8 AM your local time. (Read: iPad Buyer’s Guide) […]

SlingBox Pro-HD Review: Bring Your TV With You

Sling Box Pro HD

The SlingBox Pro-HD along with the collection of SlingPlayer apps does a decent job of streaming your home TV content to your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device or laptop. Unlike cable TV apps, which restrict use to your house and to specific cable companies, the SlingBox Pro-HD works anywhere you have an Internet […]