Back to School Gear 2012: Gadgets for My College Student


Students all over the country return to college this month, bringing more gadgets than a local Best Buy. My son Michael heads off to school for the first time and will bring all of these back to school gadgets and gear along. Since my son won’t live under my roof, he needs his own back […]

iPhone 4S and HTC One V Now On Sale at Virgin Mobile

The iPhone 5 might possess a better camera.

The second prepaid option for the iPhone is finally here. Starting today Virgin Mobile customers can purchase and use the iPhone 4 or 4S on their carrier of choice with no contracts. The 16GB iPhone 4S is now available on the Virgin Mobile website for $649.99, the same price as the unlocked version for AT&T […]

Musubo Retro iPhone 4S Case Review: Exoskeleton Protection


The Musubo Retro iPhone 4S case protects the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with a layer of silicon and a sci-fi looking exoskeleton that looks great. Musubo makes a collection of interesting iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S cases, including the Musubo Sneaker Case. In addition to looking good, the Retro case offers more protection than the average iPhone […]

tiltpod Review: Key Chain Tripod & Stand for the iPhone


The tiltpod offers a nearly perfect key chain tripod and stand for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, a small point-and-shoot camera or and many other small gadgets. I love the mobility, the price and the functionality of this great little accessory from gomite. Born out of a frustration with bulky pocket tripods, the tiltpod is […]

Radio Shack Knocks $50 Off iPhone 4S Price

Radio Shack Knocks $50 Off iPhone 4S Price

Radio Shack has announced that it will be offering the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 for $50 off through the month of June. The promotion, which will last until June 30th, will see the iPhone 4 8GB retail for $49 which is down from its usual $99 and it means that the iPhone 4S […]

iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 Headed to Two New U.S. Carriers

iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 Headed to Two New U.S. Carriers

After launching on five new regional carriers back in April, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 are headed to two more U.S. carriers starting May 18th. Bluegrass Cellular and Golden State Cellular have both announced that they will be carrying both the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 later on this month. Pricing will […]

Target Cuts Prices of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

Target Cuts Prices of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

While last week’s iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 price cut at Walmart turned out to be little more than a mistake, it appears that a price cut on the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 at Target is the real deal. 9to5Mac has acquired some evidence that shows that at least some Target stores are […]

Walmart Slashes iPhone 4S Price in Some Stores (Updated)

Walmart Slashes iPhone 4S Price in Some Stores

Select Walmart stores have apparently slashed the prices of Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 with the iPhone 4S price dropping by $74 and the iPhone 4 price dropping by $54. Cult of Mac has acquired some flyers that indicate that Walmart has dropped the prices on Apple’s iconic smartphones. These prices, detailed in the […]

iPhone Launches on Five New U.S. Carriers

iPhone Launches on Five Regional U.S. Carriers

Apple’s iPhone is now available on five new regional carriers in the United States. Earlier this month, several small U.S. carriers revealed that on April 20th, they would begin to offer several different versions of the iPhone. And today, as expected, nTelos, Alaska Communications, Appalachian Wireless, GCI, and Cellcom have begun offering the iconic smartphone. […]

iPhone Headed to Small U.S. Carriers on April 20th

iPhone Headed to Small U.S. Carriers on April 20th

Earlier today, nTelos, a small regional carrier, announced that it would be carrying the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 starting April 20th. Turns out, it will not be the only small U.S. carrier that will be getting an iPhone on that date. As reported by MacRumors, four other small U.S. service providers will be getting […]

iPhone 4S Battery Case Showdown: 6 Cases Battle For Power

iPhone 4S battery cases

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are incredibly popular phones, but one of the biggest complaints for both devices is the lack of a removable battery and poor battery life. While there are tricks you can use to fix bad iPhone 4S battery life, sometimes there’s nothing better than a bigger battery. If you find your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is running […]

iPhone Brings 720,000 New Subscribers to Sprint

iPhone Brings 720,000 New Subscribers to Sprint

Back in October, the long-rumored Sprint iPhone finally rolled out to customers in the United States and today, the carrier announced the fruits of its decision to carry the iconic smartphone. The company has revealed that it endured a a $1.3 billion net loss during the fourth quarter of 2011 but that it has seen […]

How to Set Up Your New iPhone

iPhone 4S

The holidays are here and you know what that means? A lot of you will be the proud new owners of a new iPhone from Apple. For some of you, this will be your first experience with iOS and the iPhone. Others may be coming back from another operating system or just be plain old […]

iPhone 4 Cases Won’t Fit iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4

More than a few of you out there with an iPhone 4 have probably already placed a pre-order for Apple’s new iPhone 4S. How do I know this? The phone topped 1 million pre-orders on the first day of availability so I’d say the odds are pretty good. I’m also willing to bet that those […]

iPhone 4S: Should I Buy the New iPhone?

Should I buy a new iPhone 4S? That seems to be the question of the day from both current iPhone users and those who are thinking about buying their first iPhone. We’re going to try and answer it for as many of you as possible in this article.  With three separate carriers and three iPhone […]

iPhone 4S: Should I Upgrade from an iPhone 4?

iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S looks a lot like the iPhone 4 in your pocket, but looks can be deceiving. Many iPhone 4 users will benefit by making the move to an iPhone 4S, but there’s a lot to consider before you wait in line or pre-order an iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S — Should I Upgrade? The […]

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4: Hardware, Pricing, Carriers

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4

As expected, Apple announced a new iPhone today, only it wasn’t the iPhone 5 that many had been expecting. Instead, the company announced the iPhone 4S: an upgraded version of the iPhone 4 to go along with its new iOS 5 software. And while a few of you may be disappointed with Apple just rehashing […]

Apple to Launch Both iPhone 5 and ‘iPhone 4 Plus’?

iPhone 4

According to a JP Morgan’s Mark Moskowitz, Apple will be releasing both the iPhone 5 and another model he has deemed, the iPhone 4 Plus. His conclusions are based on “research” and point to an iPhone 5 sans 4G LTE support and an iPhone 4 that has been retooled with some improvements that will take […]

Why the iPhone 5 is Even More Anticipated Than the iPhone 4

iPhone 4

A couple of days ago, we brought your attention to the results of a survey that exclaimed that the upcoming iPhone 5, or whatever Apple is going to call it, is even more anticipated than the iPhone 4 was last year. The survey was conducted by investment bank RBC Capital Markets and it asked 2,200 […]

Apple to Discontinue iPhone 4 Bumper Case?

iPhone 4 Bumper Case

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple is poised to discontinue the infamous iPhone 4 Bumper Case as the launch of a new iPhone looms upon the horizon. The report cites an anonymous source and theorizes that the reason behind the discontinuation might be because the next incarnation of the iPhone, possibly called the iPhone […]