Verizon offers $100 Off Galaxy Nexus or Other 4G Phones

Motorola Droid RAZR

A mailer sent out this week from Verizon advertises a $100 off deal from now till Christmas. The only catch seems to be that you need the mailer in hand to get the deal, and the phone has to be 4G LTE capable device. That means you could score a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus for a […]

New Galaxy S II Ad Jeers iPhone for Lack of 4G

Galaxy S II

The iPhone 4S is a fantastic smartphone. However, the one thing that it lacks, a thing that Apple seems intent on bringing to it next year, are 4G speeds. Well, like many of you, Samsung has taken notice and it has decided to unleash an entire advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S II that is […]

Samsung Mocks Apple and iPhone in Latest Galaxy S II Ad


Samsung has been on an absolute roll lately in the mobile advertising world. First, it released a fantastic ad for the American version of the Galaxy S II and then Google put out an equally awesome ad for Sammy’s Galaxy Nexus. Today though, the company has taken it up a notch as its latest Galaxy […]

Is Software To Blame For iPhone 4S Battery Problems?


Over on ZDNet’s Hardware 2.0 blog Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is making a good case that the recent battery problems plaguing iPhone 4S owners is a problem with the software, not the hardware. Apparently an anonymous iPhone developer came to him with some illuminating evidence that points to this explanation. The dev has two iPhones, one for daily […]

Sprint Locking iPhone 4S SIM Card Slots

iPhone 4S

Starting today, Sprint is now locking the SIM card slots of each iPhone 4S they sell upon activation. This means that customers won’t be able to use SIM cards from other networks in the smartphone, a move that will mostly affect those who travel abroad. Prior to today Spring wasn’t locking the SIM slot, and […]

iPhone 4S Commercial Shows Off the Benefits of iCloud

iPhone 4S

With the launch of  iTunes Match service imminent we thought it was appropriate to share one of Apple’s latest iPhone 4S ads in which the company touts the benefits of iCloud, the service that the Cupertino-based company announced all the way back at WWDC and launched alongside iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S in early […]

Apple Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 4S in the U.S.

iPhone 4S

Apple has begun selling an unlocked, contract-free version of the iPhone 4S here in the U.S. but those of you who have been waiting for this day to arrive are going to have to wait just a little bit longer as the device still is facing shipping delays and currently sits at 1-2 weeks. Still, […]

Gift Guide: 10 Excellent iPhone 4S Accessories

Apple TV

If your family knows that you love your iPhone 4S, then you better hope that your Christmas stocking will be stuffed with a one or more of these cool iPhone 4S accessories we’re featuring. Or just give them the link and say, “Here’s my wish list!” You can also make the iPhone fan in your […]

Gift Guide: 5 Smartphones You Should Have on Your Holiday Wishlist

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Gifting someone a smartphone is a little weird given that the best prices come with a contact attached. What happens? Do you say: “Here’s your new phone… and a 2-year contract plus a $30/month data plan. Merry Christmas!” That wouldn’t go over well. It’s more likely that a new phone won’t be a surprise and […]

With ‘Death Grip’ Fixed, Consumer Reports Recommends iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

There was a time when Consumer Reports would not recommend Apple’s iPhone. The reason of course was because of the ‘death grip’ issues that the iPhone 4 suffered from, issues that spawned the whole ‘Antennagate’ mess that occurred in the summer of last year. This year’s iPhone, the iPhone 4S, suffers from no such issues […]

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders in Hong Kong Sold Out in 10 Minutes

iPhone 4S

If you thought demand for the latest iPhone was strong in the United States, it would appear that it’s even stronger elsewhere. Apple began taking pre-orders for the iPhone 4S in 15 countries last Friday and according to analyst Brian White from Ticonderoga, it took a grand total of 10 minutes before pre-orders sold out […]

Why I Am Passing on the iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

In the weeks building up the the launch of the new iPhone, I, like many of you, was excited to see Apple had cooked up for a market that has been flooded with a multitude of intriguing devices. You see, I have an iPhone 3GS. I’ve had it for two years and my contract with […]

Sprint, Apple Working to Solve iPhone 4S Speed Issues

iPhone 4S

In an interview with CNET today, Sprint revealed that it is working with Apple in an effort to get to the bottom of connection issues that have been plaguing some iPhone 4S devices on Sprint’s 3G network. The carrier is assuring iPhone 4S owners that it is taking the problem seriously but that there is […]

iPhone 4S Headed to C Spire on November 11th

iPhone 4S

It looks like the iPhone 4S won’t be just launching in 15 new countries on November 11th as regional carrier C Spire has announced that it will start offering the iPhone 4S on the same day as well. The price of the device won’t change when it lands either. C Spire will be offering up […]

iPhone 4S Hitting 15 More Countries on November 11th

iPhone 4S

Just a short time after Apple unleashed the iPhone 4S in 22 more countries around the globe, the company has announced it will be bringing its new smartphone to 15 more starting on November 11th. Pre-orders for the device will begin in select countries in just a few short days starting November 4th. The new […]

Extend Your iPhone 4S Battery Life Via Zen State of Mind

iPhone 4S

Do you control your gadgets or do they control you? As a somewhat tech-savvy gadgets guy (working for a gadgets blog), I started getting emails from friends who had a new iPhone 4S asking if I was getting horrible battery life with the new phone, and people telling me they were reading about battery life […]

Apple Reportedly Puzzled by iPhone 4S Battery Life Issues

iPhone 4S

The Guardian is reporting that Apple engineers have been reaching out to owners of the new iPhone 4S in an attempt to remedy the battery life issues that some with the device have been experiencing. When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, it touted the device’s impressive battery life. However, it failed to mention that the […]

iPhone 4S Now Available in 22 More Countries

iPhone 4S

Today is a big day for the citizens of 22 countries around the world as Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, is now up for sale. Pre-orders began a week ago and now the real deal has finally arrived. Unfortunately, the countries where it launched today are not safe from the iPhone 4S’ […]

iPhone 4S Camera In the Wrong Place!

Holding camera with volume buttons on bottom helps keep fingers out of the shot

As I’ve been using my iPhone 4S instead of the Canon SD1400IS for my all-purpose point and shoot camera and I’ve noticed something: the camera lens is in the wrong place. Apple introduced a handy new feature with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 – using the volume buttons as a shutter release. Now you […]