T-Mobile Remains a Second Class Citizen in iPhone 5 Land


T-Mobile and Apple started selling the iPhone 5 yesterday, but the wireless carrier isn’t on level playing ground with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. T-Mobile’s facing a number of disadvantages that could steer iPhone 5 shoppers to its competitors, or just cause big headaches. The biggest issue of these is that Apple isn’t even selling the […]

iPhone 5 Touchscreen Bug Discovered by Game Developer


Game developers CMA Megacorp recently found a touchscreen issue with the iPhone 5 that could be a problem for some games according to Recombu. The touchscreen bug makes the screen of the iPhone 5 drop out when quickly scrolling diagonally. Quickly swiping back and forth from the top left of the screen to the bottom […]

Wrapsol iPhone 5 Ultra Screen Protector Review: Goes On Smooth and Easy


Wrapsol takes the pain out of installing iPhone 5 screen protectors with the bubble-free, frustration free, Wrapsol iPhone 5 Ultra Screen Protector. The latest version for the iPhone 5 comes with protection for the front glass screen and the easily scratched rear. Wrapsol also includes edge protectors to round out the protection. After using and reviewing […]

iPhone 5 More Active on the Web than Galaxy S III

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III web traffic

According a report from Chitika just a few weeks after the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple’s latest handset already beats the Samsung Galaxy S III in web traffic. To find the numbers Chitika studied web traffic on its ad network from October 3 to October 9 and found that between the two devices the iPhone […]

Domeskin Offers iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III Skins


Domeskin now sells padded phone skins for the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III. These padded skins not only protect the front and back of a phone, tablet or computer from scratching, and add grip so users can hold on to their phones better. Read: iPhone 5 Skins Domeskin also supports other very popular […]

ReadyCase is an iPhone 5 Case MacGyver Would Love


ReadyCase makers say that since I carry my iPhone everywhere, a case should do more than just protect and decorate my phone. It should offer some useful tools like a Swiss Army Knife. Their Indiegogo project promises a case that even MacGyver would love. For those who don’t remember, MacGyver was a TV action here in […]

iPhone 5 Lightning Accessories Should Arrive By Holidays

iphone-5-review- 9

At the moment Apple is the only company that can make and sell Lightning cables and accessories, but it should soon let other companies make accessories with the new connector. According to iLounge Apple tightened the restrictions on its Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) policies which prevent third parties from making Lightning-compatible accessories. Apple needs to […]

How to Set a Passcode on Lock Screen of iPhone 5


For security purposes it’s a good idea to set up a Passcode on Lock Screen for the Apple iPhone 5 or any iOS device like the iPad, previous iPhones and the iPod Touch. This requires the user to enter the Passcode before the user can reach the iPhone’s content. Without the Passcode, no one can reach private […]

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S III: Full Head to Head Comparison

samsung galaxy s iii and apple iphone 5

iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III goe head to head in this feature comparison. I own both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III and love each phone. In the following iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S III comparison I look at design, display, performance and other important factors to help readers pick the […]

iPhone 5 Scratches Are ‘Normal’ Says Apple

Phil Schiller iPhone 5 scratch email

With every new iPhone there’s some sot of controversy, and with the iPhone 5 that controversy is about how easily the back of the black iPhone scratches. As with any iPhone controversy someone decided to email an Apple executive to see how they respond. According to 9To5Mac an iPhone 5 user emailed Apple Senior Vice […]

5 Navigation Apps to Replace Apple Maps in iOS 6

no iphone maps

When Apple replaced Google maps on the iPhone 5 and in iOS 6, users howled due to the incomplete search results and inaccurate turn-by-turn directions the new app shows. We recommended that users wait before relying on Apple’s new Maps app during emergencies and even showed you how to replace it with the Google Web […]

iPhone 5 Boasts ‘Best Smartphone Display’ Says Display Mate

iphone-5-review- 1

During the iPhone 5 announcement Apple spent a small amount of time talking about the quality of the screen beyond just the increased size, with good reason. According to a report from Display Mate the iPhone 5 uses the best display of any smartphone on the market. Based on the report, the iPhone 5 screen […]

I Love the New Lightning Connector

iphone 5 lightning2

Count me as someone who’s seen the light or Lightning in this case. As Apple launches the iPhone 5, the new sync and charging connector goes from an often used but seldom considered aspect of Apple device design to a much maligned facet of the iPhone 5. As the owner of more than a few 30-pin […]

ZooGue Offers Free iPhone 5 Case

ZooGue Case Colors

With the beautiful new Apple iPhone 5 in hand many owners won’t cover the engineering beauty with a case, but it’s my experience that failing to do so for long is a bad idea. Until users can find a favorite iPhone 5 case, try a free iPhone 5 case from the folks at ZooGue. The […]

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III Head to Head Drop Test

galaxy s iii drop

The folks with Android Authority put the Apple iPhone 5 and the most popular Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III, to a head to head drop test. We already saw one iPhone drop test, but in this shows a comparison with the Galaxy S III and how it acquits itself at various heights. They dropped the […]

iPhone 5 Unboxing Video

iphone 5 unboxing1

I bought the white 32 GB Apple iPhone 5 and unboxed it on camera. In the video below I show off the iPhone 5 packaging, the new Lightning sync cable compared to the 30-pin dock connector and the new Apple EarPods. My first impressions are positive. Apple, as always, makes opening a new tech toy a real pleasure. Gadget lovers […]

iPhone 5 Teardown Reveals a More Repairable iPhone

parts iphone 5

We Geeks like to see iFixit tear down all the latest gadgets and they already did so with the new iPhone 5, showing off the guts of Apple’s new flagship handset calling it “the biggest thing to happen to teardowns since teardowns.” The best news to come out of the video is that the iPhone […]

5 Apps for the iPhone 5


Here are the five apps that every iPhone 5 user needs to get because they take advantage of the iPhone 5’s more powerful processor, 4G LTE and the taller display These apps for the iPhone 5 should make the phone fun and enjoyable to use. The new A6 processor will make power-hungry games work better and […]

Samsung Mocks iPhone 5 In New Galaxy S III Ad

Samsung anti-iPhone 5 ad

After Apple announced the iPhone 5 Samsung went on the offensive with a new print ad, and now Samsung released a video ad to attack the iPhone 5 and those who wait in line for it. Like the famous Samsung barista ad this new ad shows a variety of people waiting in line for the […]