Why The iPhone 5 Is The Same Width as The iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 one hand

Apple’s new iPhone has a taller display, but it’s the same width as every other iPhone before it. So what gives? Why would Apple stretch one dimension, but not the other like the competition? Apple kept the iPhone 5 display the same width because it’s easier to handle and type on it with a single hand. A […]

Conan Tries To Get An iPhone 5 Early (Video)

Conan early iPhone 5 skit

While most of us are trying to get our iPhone 5 pre-orders to go through, late night comedians are busy writing up their skits to comment on the new launch. A few days ago Jimmy Kimmel used the iPhone 5 announcement to trick random people on the street into thinking an iPhone 4S was the […]

Where The iPhone 5 Pre-Order is Still Available For Release Date Delivery

Verizon iPhone 5 pre-orders

Early this morning Apple and its carrier partners started taking pre-orders for the new iPhone 5 which ships on September 21. Shortly after pre-orders started Apple’s website slipped from release date delivery to “ships in two weeks.” Other stores still have stock available for release date delivery. As of this writing all of Apple’s carrier partners […]

What Old Apps Look Like on the iPhone 5’s 4-inch Display

apps letterboxing on iPhone 5

Now that we know the iPhone 5 will officially ship with a taller 4-inch display, some might wonder what this does for older apps that weren’t designed with the longer display in mind. I was concerned that apps would just stretch to fill the screen looking warped. For example, if an app included a circle […]

Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People With Fake iPhone 5

fake iPhone 5 Jimmy Kimmel

Now that the iPhone 5 is finally official we can prepare for an onslaught of (mostly lame) jokes about the new device. Just a few hours after the announcement Jimmy Kimmel used the announcement to play a trick on a few people walking the streets of Los Angeles. Jimmy Kimmel’s film crew took to the […]

Cricket iPhone 5 Incoming On September 28

iphone 5 front and back

On September 21 the iPhone 5 will launch on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, but one week later it will launch on another U.S. carrier. Today Cricket announced it will carry the iPhone 5 starting September 28. The carrier does not offer any details for the launch of the phone aside from the release date, but […]

Waiting for 4G LTE in Rural Towns is Worse with iPhone 5

iPhone 5 4G LTE

Apple announced that the iPhone 5 would ship later this month with 4G LTE ability as expected. For that reason I will pre-order one Friday to use as secondary phone on the line we used for our family line. In fact, that one feature alone makes me want the phone since the rest of the features are […]

What iPhone 5 Size Should I Buy?

iphone 5 front and back

When buying the iPhone 5 there are a lot of options to consider. After you figure out which carrier to use you have to decide how much storage space the new iPhone will need, and the answer will vary by person. Like the iPhone 4S before it, the iPhone 5 comes in three different storage […]

What Android Fans Are Saying About the iPhone 5


Apple’s new iPhone 5 is stirring the mobile pot beyond the Apple community. Here’s how many Android-centric sites are reacting to the iPhone 5 news. While many GottaBeMobile contributors carry both Android and iOS devices, contributors to the the following Android sites wouldn’t be caught dead carrying an iPhone. Did Apple do enough to win […]

Otterbox Announces iPhone 5 Cases

Otterbox iPhone 5 Defender Series

The leaks of the iPhone 5 paid off for some accessory makers, just moment after the announcement Otterbox already has cases for the new device. Otterbox has iPhone 5 cases in all four of its major product series: Defender, Commuter, Reflex, and Prefix. All four lines offer some sort of protection for the iPhone 5, […]

How to Check for iPhone 5 Upgrade Eligibility

iphone-eligibilty upgrade date

With Apple announcing their new iPhone 5 today, many will want to check their upgrade eligibility for the discounted price. Most carriers require customers to use at least 18 months of their two-year contract before they will let them purchase a new phone at a discounted subsidized price. It seems some people can get the iPhone […]

iTunes Update Brings Little to Get Excited About


Apple announced the new iPhone 5 at an event today in San Francisco and along with it we learned that they will update iTunes, but there’s not too much to get excited about. The new user interface gets an overhaul, but the basic layout remains intact. Better control of music as the user plays and […]

Apple Shows Off iOS 6 Maps with Turn by Turn and 3D


At their Apple iPhone 5 event today, Scott Forstall showed off the new iOS 6 Maps app built into the new operating system that ships on the iPhone 5. It comes with some nice new features that bring iPhone maps up to speed with Android’s map and navigation apps. Apple announced most of the Maps […]

Apple By the Numbers Fall 2012 Edition


Apple announced the new iPhone 5 at their press event in San Francisco today kicking things off with the customary Apple by the Numbers bragging session highlighting their facts and figures. And once again the stats don’t lie. Apple’s gaudy numbers show a company that shows no signs of lagging during the post Steve Jobs era. […]

Apple Website Confirms iPhone 5 Name, 4G LTE & New iPods

iPhone 5 Apple search results

Hours before Tim Cook will take the stage in San Francisco Apple’s website has already confirmed the name of the iPhone 5. According to 9To5Mac the search engine on Apple’s website links to the iPhone 5 when users search for “iPhone-5.” The links include a tips page, the press release, and RF exposure information. None […]

iPhone 5 Could Break iPhone Sales Record


Tomorrow Apple will announce its new iPhone 5, and if analysts are correct, it could be the biggest launch of any iPhone, ever. According to SlashGear, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes Apple will sell 10 million iPhone 5 units in September alone. While Apple will announce the phone tomorrow, it isn’t expected to release the […]

Everything Everywhere Launching 4G LTE a Day Before iPhone 5 Launch

Everything Everywhere logo

Everything Everywhere, the carrier partnership between Orange and T-Mobile in the U.K., will hold a launch event for its new 4G LTE network the day before Apple will launch its new iPhone 5. According to SlashGear Everything Everywhere will hold the event on September 11. At the event the joint carrier will detail its plans […]