Elevation Dock for iPhone Could Be the Best iPhone Dock Made


The Elevation Dock for iPhone, the first Kickstarter project to break the $1M mark, promises to solve a number of the annoying problems that you face with ordinary iPhone docks. The project has hit on a need of many as nearly 10,000 iPhone users really want to see this Kickstarter project produced. They’ve invested near […]

Watch Super Bowl 46 on Your Android, iPhone or iPad With SlingBox

SlingPlay over 3G on my IPad

If you’re away from your TV on Super Bowl Sunday, then consider watching the game on your iPad, Android device or iPhone. It’s not the same as watching on a big HD display, but not everyone will have that luxury due to work schedules or cable cutting. You can watch on your iPhone, iPad or […]

iPhone vs. Android: A 13-Year-Old Compares Platforms


When I bought an iPhone 4S I gave my Samsung Infuse 4G to my 13-year-old son because his old feature phone was on its last legs. He flipped out and bragged about how much better Android was than iPhone for the first few weeks. At 13 he’s already invested in the iPhone vs. Android debate. […]

How to Turn Off iPhone Notifications

How to Turn Off iPhone Notifications

If you own an iPhone, you’ve probably gotten a few notifications in your time. You know, those messages that pop up alerting you to things like email, Facebook friend requests, text messages, or a Twitter response. Lots of applications use these push notifications and with the release of iOS 5, Apple has included something called […]

T-Mobile to Offer More Support to iPhone Owners Starting January 30th

T-Mobile iPhone

T-Mobile is currently the only carrier of the big four here in the United States that doesn’t officially carry the iPhone. Unofficially, T-Mobile is home to more than a million iPhone owners who use the carrier’s EDGE network as their home. And starting on January 30th, T-Mobile is going to offer additional support to its […]

How to Completely Silence Your iPhone

How to Completely Silence Your iPhone

Yesterday, we showed you an easy way to put a more complex passcode on your iPhone and today, we’re going to share another very simple tip that could save you some embarrassment. Imagine you’re at the ballet, or in an important business meeting, or in a huge college classroom, places where the last thing you, […]

How to Help Keep iPhone Jailbreaking Legal

iPhone 4S

There was a time when jailbreaking your iPhone meant that you were breaking the law. Prior to a ruling in July of 2010, it was, in fact, illegal to do such a thing. That ruling though, which was made by the United States government, dictated that jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an Android device was […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Pegged for Summer

iPhone 4S

The iPhone 5 rumor mill is in full swing once again as a new report from 9to5Mac, referencing a source within Foxconn China, indicates that the iPhone 5 is currently being prepared for production. According to that source, there are various models of the device being tossed around so at this point, it’s impossible to […]

How to Secure Your iPhone With a Complex Passcode

How to Secure Your iPhone With a Complex Passcode

Many of you who own an iPhone probably have, at the very least, a simple numerical password set up on your device. And for most of you, this works at preventing prying eyes from getting into your personal effects. However, maybe you’re in need of something more secure, something a little more heavy duty to […]

Revive an Old iPhone 2G or iPod Touch 1G With Whited00r’s iOS 5

iOS 5.1 Release Date

I don’t imagine there are too many people out there still rocking an iPhone 2G as their primary phone at this point, but I do suspect there are a few out there sitting in drawers still in perfectly fine condition, just not terribly useful since they’re running an old version of iOS and no longer […]

iPhone 4S Sales Narrow Marketshare Gap Between iOS and Android

Nielsen smartphone operating system marketshare

Nielsen’s Mobile Media Report for the last quarter of 2011 reveals that sales of the iPhone not only enriched Apple’s coffers but also brought more new smartphone owners into the fold and increased the company’s mobile marketshare. Several factors go into this. For the first time the iPhone was available on three of the four […]

Apple iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Sent to Devs With 3G Toggle Again


Apple released the third beta of their iOS software for the Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone with little new to report. That alone could be news, since it makes it very likely a new the new version of iOS will find its way to the masses soon. Could it possibly come in time for […]

BiKN is an iPhone Case with a Twist


Today at CES 2012, we had a chance to check out a new gadget and app, both called BiKN, developed by Treehouse Labs, which aims to help you keep track of the things that you love, like say, your keys, while also keeping track of your iPhone. So, how does it work exactly? Let’s take […]

Apple Working on Quad-Core iPhone, iPad?

iPhone 4S

With a quad-core tablet in the Asus Eee Pad Transformer already out on the market and with quad-core smartphones likely on the way in February, it should come as no surprise to hear that hidden inside iOS 5.1 beta are references to quad-core iPhone and iPad chips which could mean that the Cupertino based company […]

60beat GamePad: PlayStation Controller for iPad, iPhone

60beat GamePad for iOS

The 60beat GamePad connects to your iPad or other iOS device so you can control your games with a physical game pad instead of the mostly horrible onscreen controls of iOS games. It only works with a limited selection of compatible games, but hopefully the list will grow if this thing takes off. I played […]

iPhone 5 Coming with Redesign in Fall 2012?

iPhone 4S

Apple released the iPhone 4S back in October of this year and already there is talk about the next device. And while there have been reports already alluding to some possible features on the next iPhone, BGR has chimed in with a couple of new items today saying that the next iPhone will, in fact, […]

DomeSkin 3D Protection & Customization for iPad, iPod, iPhone


DomeSkin protects your iPad, iPod, iPhone or Blackberry with style giving you more grip than a normal thin mobile device skin. Skins usually have more to do with showing off your personality than really offering much protection, but with DomeSkin you do get a little more for two reasons. First, the skin pads the device […]

Air Dictate Brings Siri Speech Recognition to Mac


Air Dictate from Avatron brings the great speech recognition of Siri to your Mac. You’ve heard the Avatron name before. Avatron also offers Air Display – an app that turns your iOS device into a secondary monitor. Thanks to the new app you can use Siri dictation on the Mac using your iPhone as a […]

How to Set Up Your New iPhone

iPhone 4S

The holidays are here and you know what that means? A lot of you will be the proud new owners of a new iPhone from Apple. For some of you, this will be your first experience with iOS and the iPhone. Others may be coming back from another operating system or just be plain old […]

5 Things I Want from Mobile Tech in 2012

iPhone 4S

2011 is nearly over and it has been an extremely exciting year for the mobile industry. We’ve seen Verizon expand its next-generation 4G LTE network at a neck-breaking pace. We’ve seen AT&T sprout up its LTE network. We’ve seen the first LTE smartphones. We’ve seen the first dual-core LTE smartphones. We’ve seen a new iPhone. […]