Third Man 45 Case Protects iPhone 4S with a Vinyl Record

Griffin Technology Third Man Vinyl Record Case

How would you like to carry around your 21st century tunes (files on your iPhone) in a case made from something originally invented back in the 19th century? The Griffin Third Man 45 (as in 45 rpm records) iPhone 4S Case uses a real 7″ vinyl record, which has been custom-cut and fit into a protective […]

Optrix HD Sport Case Turns iPhone Into Extreme Sport Camera


I’m a sucker for cook photography gear and unique iPhone accessories, so the Optrix HD case for the iPhone 4/4S intrigued me. The case turns your iPhone 4/4S into an extreme sports camera which you can mount on your helmet as you go mountain biking, skiing or other death-defying activities. The case is water-proof, and […]

Apple Offering Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Through December 22nd

iPad 2

If you’re in the U.S. and you’re looking to get an Apple product for a loved one this holiday season, you’ll be happy to know that the company is offering free shipping on all U.S. online orders placed through its online store or through its iOS application through December 22nd. In addition, Apple has also […]

15 iPhone Apps to Make Black Friday Bearable

TGI Black Friday

If you take your chances on Black Friday to brave the wild malls and shopping centers, then you’re indeed either braver or crazier than me. However, if you do so without these useful iPhone apps, then you’re probably just plain foolish. Here are the best apps to help you get through Black Friday to help […]

Samsung Mocks Apple and iPhone in Latest Galaxy S II Ad


Samsung has been on an absolute roll lately in the mobile advertising world. First, it released a fantastic ad for the American version of the Galaxy S II and then Google put out an equally awesome ad for Sammy’s Galaxy Nexus. Today though, the company has taken it up a notch as its latest Galaxy […]

iPhone Owners Still Seeing Battery Issues with iOS 5.0.1 Update

iPhone 4S

Yesterday’s iOS 5.0.1 update from Apple was supposed to be the fix that iPhone owners were waiting for in regards to the battery life issues that had been plaguing the handsets ever since the company released iOS 5. And while some people have seen positive results after installing the update, it seems that there are […]

Gift Guide: Tech Toys and Gadgets for Kids


Kids love tech and gadgets just as much as adults, and are often quite partial to the same toys their parents bring home. While that’s not always an ideal situation, giving them their own gadgets to play with will satisfy their techie hearts. But don’t hide that iPad or iPhone away just yet, because several […]

Perfect Photo: Simple and Advanced iPhone Photo Editing

perfect photo

Perfect Photo may not make your iPhone photos perfect, but you can get a step closer with this simple yet somewhat powerful photo editing and sharing app. The attractive interface and useful editing tools, filters and sharing features gives iPhone photographers more control than iOS 5’s built-in photo editing features.  Perfect Photo replaces my previous favorite […]

PlayUp App Brings Social Interaction to Sports


PlayUp brings social networking to sports via an iPhone app that lets fans interact live during a game. The app includes most of the major sporting events in the world. Connect with your friends by inviting them from Facebook, email or SMS, and then chat in your team’s hangout inside the app. I enjoy interacting […]

Want The Most Money For Your Old iPhone? Go To Target

nextworth iphone trade-in target

NextWorth still wants your old iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G, and they’re willing to give you up to $200 for it (enough to offset the cost of upgrading for many) as long as you trade it in at your local Target. Try going through the NextWorth website and you’ll get slightly less. This price lock […]

Apple Reportedly Puzzled by iPhone 4S Battery Life Issues

iPhone 4S

The Guardian is reporting that Apple engineers have been reaching out to owners of the new iPhone 4S in an attempt to remedy the battery life issues that some with the device have been experiencing. When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, it touted the device’s impressive battery life. However, it failed to mention that the […]

iPhone 4S Now Available in 22 More Countries

iPhone 4S

Today is a big day for the citizens of 22 countries around the world as Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, is now up for sale. Pre-orders began a week ago and now the real deal has finally arrived. Unfortunately, the countries where it launched today are not safe from the iPhone 4S’ […]

CableJive dockBoss+ Review: Use iPhone Dock Accessories with Android

CableJive dockBoss+

I’ve recommended a couple of CableJive adapters before. These adapters allow Android phone and tablet users to plug into Apple Dock Connector speaker peripherals, but the CableJive dockBoss+ is the first to bring both charging and audio to the table via a micro-USB-to-Apple Dock Connector adapter with a stereo 3.5mm jack that also sends audio through […]

iAudition 2.0 Records and Uploads MP3s from iPhone


iAudition 2.o records audio on your iPhone. It then allows you to quickly edit the resulting file and either send it via email or post it to an FTP server as an MP3 file, which makes it a great tool for mobile recording. The makers claim it’s the first app that will send MP3 files […]

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Begin in 22 New Countries

iPhone 4S

If you’re living in a country outside of the initial batch where Apple made the iPhone 4S available and you’ve been waiting for your chance to pre-order it, today is your lucky day as Apple has launched pre-sales for the latest-generation iPhone in 22 more countries around the world. The countries that are now officially […]

iPhone 4S Teardown Takes You Inside Apple’s Latest iPhone

iPhone 4S

Tomorrow is a big day for millions of people out there as it’s launch day for Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone, the iPhone 4S. And we’re just going to assume that when it arrives, you’re not going to take it apart and peer into the device’s inner workings in order to get a better grasp […]

iPhone 4S: How to Check If Your Order Has Already Shipped

iPhone 4S

If you are one of the millions that has pre-ordered and iPhone 4S, you’ve probably been going crazy with the anticipation. If you ordered through Apple, you’ve probably found yourself trolling the Apple Online Store’s “Your Orders” page. Well, if you’ve resorted to that, you may have come across a certain “Preparing Shipment” statement when […]

iPhone 4S Hands On Shows Off Benchmarks and Siri’s Raise to Speak

iPhone 4S

Somehow, someway, someone has been able to get their hands on an iPhone 4S ahead of its official launch day on October 14th (and ahead of those millions of pre-orders as well) and has decided to treat the world to a look at the upcoming device on video. This isn’t just an ordinary video either. […]

iPhone 4S Pre-Ordering: You Still Have Time


If you haven’t ordered your iPhone 4S to be delivered next Friday, you still have time. I chose to stay up till the doors at the online Apple Store proverbially opened at 3AM on the East Coast. Sadly, the ordering experience was less than great. My previous three iPhone/iPad preorders went much better. This felt […]

iPhone 4S: Should I Buy the New iPhone?

Should I buy a new iPhone 4S? That seems to be the question of the day from both current iPhone users and those who are thinking about buying their first iPhone. We’re going to try and answer it for as many of you as possible in this article.  With three separate carriers and three iPhone […]