Google Maps Update Delivers New Features, Apple Waits for iOS 8


Google Maps for iOS and Android has been updated today with several new features and improvements that give a generous boost to the app’s turn-by-turn navigation capabilities. The biggest feature is perhaps the addition of lane guidance, which tells drivers what lane they need to be in when it comes to merging with traffic or […]

Apple Maps and the Loch Ness Monster: Fish Tales?


How big was the one that got away? Well, depending on the story teller it could have been a whopper. Fish tales have always been entertaining. But in today’s Internet age when our eyes don’t believe everything we see, even the most modest of fish tales needs a photo to be accepted. And any photo […]

iOS 8 Release Could Fix A Major Apple Misstep

The IOS 8 release could bring two major improvements to Apple Maps.

The iOS 8 release could bring with it major fixes to one of the biggest Apple app mistakes made in recent memory with two major fixes for Apple Maps and big plans beyond 2014. Apple just delivered the iOS 7.1 update to users, and while it did bring some new features the primary role of […]

The Mobile Nomad: A Needed GPS Feature


The next phase of living my life as a Mobile Nomad is about to begin as I head off to Rock Island, Illinois to direct a couple of plays for Circa 21 Dinner Playhouse. This comes after my wife and I have been on the road since December due to work, the holidays, family visits, […]

iOS 7.0.4 Springboard Crashes Increasing


I’m seeing reports and personally experiencing an increase in the number of iOS 7.0.4 Springboard crashes recently. A Springboard crash, or springboarding, isn’t a full crash of the system. The Springboard on your iOS device is always running and manages the device’s home screen. When a Springboard crash occurs your iOS device appears to be […]

How to Send Directions to Your iPhone from Your Mac

Screenshot 2013-10-24 15.10.08

OS X Mavericks comes with a new desktop version of Apple’s Maps app, which lets you explore roads and highways in full-screen mode, as well as get directions right from your computer. This is great and all, but those directions don’t do much for you if they’re stuck on your computer and you have to […]

Apple Maps Search Might Not Suck Soon


Business listings in Apple Maps search isn’t anywhere close to competing services like Google Maps, but that could change soon with Apple’s purchase of Canadian firm Locationary. The deal reportedly wrapped up this week as an Apple spokesperson confirmed the purchase to All Things D. Apple did not reveal what it paid for Locationary or […]

OS X Mavericks Allows You to Start Your Apple Maps Nav on Desktop

maps on osx mavericks

Apple is introducing a new app for its desktop operating system called Maps. Now, just like on the iPhone and iPad, desktop users can have access to maps on their Mac and MacBook. It’s a nice interface, and Apple is hoping that the native app will allow its home-built Maps application to compete against Google’s […]

iWatch Apple Maps Concept Video

iWatch concept shows how Apple Maps could look on an iWatch.

If you’ve wondered how the iWatch and Apple Maps could connect to help you get around, a new iWatch concept offers a glimpse at how the most important information from the iPhone could end up on your wrist. The iWatch is an Apple watch that is rumored as in testing and in the works at […]

Apple Explores ‘Street View’ for iOS Maps in Latest Patent, Next Stop iCar?


In the latest Apple-submitted patent filing to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it appears that the iPhone-maker may be exploring options to bring a Google ‘Street View‘-like feature to the Apple Maps application for iOS. With iOS 6, Apple had removed Google’s underlying code to power its Maps application on the iPhone, essentially shunning […]

Google Will Let Developers Replace Apple Maps in iOS

Video thumbnail for youtube video Google Will Let Developers Replace Apple Maps in iOS

Google recently announced it will open the Google Maps SDK to iOS developers so they can use Google Maps in apps instead of Apple Maps. The new Google Maps SDK will include “support for ground overlays, gesture control and geodesic polylines.” That means iOS developers will be able to use many Google Maps features inside […]

Apple Has No Plans To Buy Waze


Despite rumors this week, Apple does not plan to buy social mapping company Waze, accoridng to reports on CNet and TechCrunch. Yesterday rumors began to circulate that Apple wanted to buy Waze to help improve the Apple Maps app. Waze is a social mapping service that uses data collected from its estimated 30 million users to […]

Australian Police Advises Motorists Against Using Apple Maps


Apple’s iOS Maps app and mapping service has gained a new critic in the form of the Australian police force. In Victoria, police are urging motorists against using Apple Maps, citing that egregious misdirection from the fault may cause potentially life threatening situations. In particular, the app’s routing to the city of Mildura to the […]

Apple Rearranging Earth To Fix Apple Maps, Says The Onion

Apple Maps iOS 6 Issues

While Apple is working hard to make Apple Maps more accurately depict the Earth, in The Onion’s world Apple takes a wholly different approach. According to fake news site, The Onion, Apple is taking it upon itself to change to world to fit Apple Maps instead of the other way around. This includes moving building […]

Apple Maps Manager Told to Get Lost over iOS 6 Issues

Apple Maps iOS 6 Issues

Apple has fired Richard Williamson, the manager in charge of Apple Maps according to a Bloomberg report. According to the report Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, who recently took control of Maps after Scott Forstall left the company, forced Williamson out of Apple. This leaves the Apple Maps application under new control now that the […]

OS X 10.9 Could Include Siri and Apple Maps


Early builds of OS X 10.9 include versions of Siri and Apple Maps for the Mac according to a 9To5Mac report. According to the report Apple is currently testing Siri in the next iteration of its Mac OS. If the feature passes testing it will likely make the cut for OS X 10.9 and all […]

Google Maps for iPhone & iPad Faces Bumpy Road to Approval


The official Google Maps application for the iPhone and iPad that Google is rumored to be finishing by the end of the year may not get approval for the App Store from Apple according to a new report. The Guardian claims that sources within Google who know about the company’s plans for the Google Maps […]

Apple Shakes Up Executive Structure, iOS VP Leaving in 2013


Today Apple announced that Senior Vice President of iOS Scott Forstall will leave the company in 2013, and other Apple executives will assume parts of his responsibilities. Scott Forstall was not only in charge of iOS, but of Siri and Maps as well. Due to the myriad problems with Apple Maps Forstall’s departure isn’t a huge […]

Apple Thinks I’m Homeless

Apple Maps Error - Drive through yards

According to Apple Maps, my street, my entire neighborhood doesn’t exist. When directing iPhone users to my house, Apple suggests driving through a yard, two fences and a treeline, instead of using the street and driveway that leads to my front door. Apple Maps is no stranger to failures. As we found out, the new […]