Apple’s iPad Stylus Could be the Smartest Yet

iPad stylus

While there are many styli to choose from for your iPad, Apple is rumored to be making its own, and it could be the smartest stylus on the block. According to recent Apple patents published by the USPTO, Apple has patented a stylus that has some pretty smart guts. Specifically, the stylus would be able to […]

Apple Unlocks the Secret to Better iPhone Gaming


Gaming on the iPhone is becoming more and more popular these days, and there are so many games available on iOS that make this possible. Apple, however, wants to make iPhone gaming even better, and a new patent from the company looks to make that happen. According to a new patent filed and published by […]

New Apple TV Could Get Wii-Like Motion Remote Control

Apple TV

A new Apple TV has been rumored for a couple of years now, and while rumors have been rather quiet as of late, a new development kicks it all back into gear. According to a patent granted to Apple, the new Apple TV could come with a motion control remote similar to a Nintendo Wii […]

Apple Magic Mouse Could Get Haptic Feedback Technology

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 2.30.24 PM

Apple’s Magic Mouse is an interesting accessory for sure, but it could get even more interesting, with the possibility of haptic feedback and force sensors. The Magic Mouse is one of the more unique computer mice on the market currently, with its curved minimalist design and touchpad surface that does away with an excess number of […]

Siri Mac Support Teased in New Apple Patent


Siri has become a staple on iOS devices, but soon it could be coming Mac to give OS X users the same conveniences, according to a new patent application. OS X already has a nifty dictation feature where you can talk out and loud and your Mac will convert it to text. However, it could […]

Smart Earbud Patent from Apple Could be Perfect iWatch Companion

iphone 5 unboxing5 earpods

Today, Apple may dabble in what industry insiders call lifestyle experiences, technology that allows users to monitor their health or improve their life. However, if a newly surfaced patent is indicative of what Apple is moving into next then the company is preparing an all-out assault on the market that’s now dominated by the Nike […]

Apple Applies for Bluetooth LE Network-Sharing Patent for iWatch

Apple iwatch Render - 6

Apple has filed for a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (via AppleInsider) that consists of an idea dealing with a wireless network sharing technology that uses low-power Bluetooth instead of WiFi. This feature would be of great use in a smartwatch, which is perhaps what Apple is planning to do with its rumored […]

Apple Patents New Gestures for iPhone and iPad Keyboard

A patent for a gesture based keyboard filed by Apple in 2007, found by AppleInsider.

Apple’s iOS 7 operating system and its slightly updated keyboard may have just began going out to iPhones and iPads last week, but if recent patents are accurate Apple could have even more dramatic updates to the keyboard in store for future versions of iOS. According to illustrations and patent applications sent to the United […]

New Touch Gestures Revealed in Apple Patent


Patently Apple points to some new patent information from Apple that shows some possible (and potentially powerful) new touch gestures. The concepts behind these patents make good sense to me. First up is what is labeled as Swipe and Hold. The user swipes in a direction but leaves the finger on the screen. Data then […]