iPad Smart Cover May Get Even Smarter with Notifications


Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad is pretty smart, although it really only locks and unlocks your iPad when you cover/uncover it, so it’s not that smart. However, a new patent filed by Apple suggests that the company is working on adding illuminated notification alerts to the Smart Cover. The official name of the patent […]

Yoobao Executive Genuine Leather Case V2 for iPad 2 is Nearly Perfect


The Yoobao Executive Genuine Leather Case V2 for iPad 2 is easily the best iPad 2 case I’ve seen yet. It is a nice low-profile leather folio style case that protects the iPad 2, feels good in your hands and incorporates the magnetic on/off sleep feature that Apple included in their Smart Cover. Unlike the […]

AViiQ Smart Case a Sharp Companion to iPad Smart Cover, Too Sharp

AViiQ Smart Case protects the back while using the iPad 2 Smart Cover

UPDATE: AViiQ informed us after reading this review that they will be smoothing the sharp edges of the Smart Case. As you read the following review keep that in mind that our chief complaint will be dealt with in a couple of weeks. The AViiQ Smart Case is designed as a companion for the Apple […]

AViiQ Smart Case Protects the Back of iPad 2, Works w/ Smart Cover


The AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 will protect the back of the iPad 2, while the Apple Smart Cover protects the front. The AVIIQ Smart Case case is available in a multitude of bright colors. The Smart Case comes in black, silver, blue, green, orange, pink and red. It is a low-form-factor case that […]