iPhone 5 Rumors Push Apple Stock to Record Breaking Levels

Apple Stock most valuable company

iPhone 5 rumors and expectations of heightened consumer demand pushed Apple (AAPL) stock to record-breaking levels in late afternoon trading on NASDAQ. After a dip from lower than expected iPhone sales in Q3 2012 investors pushed Apple stock to $664.75 — or about what a couple will pay for two 32GB iPhone 5 devices in September. The […]

Apple Announces Stock Dividends, AAPL Stock Buyback Program


This morning Apple announced how it plans to use its giant stockpile of cash. Apple will use some of the money as part of the company’s “war chest,” while the rest will go to stock dividends and a stock buyback program. Starting July 1, 2012, Apple will start offering a quarterly dividend to all stock holders […]

Apple Stock Tops $500 Ahead of iPad 3 Release Date (AAPL)

Apple Stock over $500 AAPL

Apple stock is on a tear, going above $500 for the first time in company history weeks before the company is expected to announce the iPad 3, a third generation of the best selling consumer tablet. Apple Stock [AAPL] has dropped back below $500 as I write this post, but that doesn’t detract for the […]

Apple Stock Hits Record High Weeks After Record Quarter [AAPL]

AAPL Stock High

Apple stock price hit a record high of $464.98 today, a week after releasing Q1 earnings that beat Wall Street estimates. After hitting $464.98 earlier today the stock price slid down to $$463, still up nearly $4 since the market opened this morning. While Apple did not announce anything special today, the earnings call from last week is still fresh in the minds […]

Forget the iPhone 5, Buy Apple Stock (AAPL)


The past few months have been a frenzy of iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S rumors, which are no doubt exciting. But even more exciting in the bigger picture is that Apple’s stock (AAPL) was able to recover from Steve Job’s resignation and reach an all time high ahead of the iPhone 5 release. Read: iPhone 5 Rumor […]

Apple Stock Tumbles After Steve Jobs Resigns (AAPL)

Apple Stock Steve Jobs Resigns

On news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has resigned, Apple stock has taken a hit in after hours trading, dropping 5% in just the short time since Apple made Job’s decision public. Investors, afraid of uncertainty and change, are pulling back to see if Apple can survive without Steve Jobs. Up until this announcement, Apple had […]