iPhone 5 Screen Repair Reportedly Coming to Apple Stores

cracked screen iphone still works

Apple is indeed preparing to lower the cost of screen repair options for its latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. According to information shared with MacRumors by a tipster with inside knowledge of Apple’s plans, Apple has already began replacing the screens of its iPhone 5 device at its retail locations across the world. A screenshot […]

Apple Store App Now Tells You When You Can Upgrade Your iPhone


The latest version of the Apple Store app for iPhone will tell users when they’re phone is available for an upgrade with a push notification, and help them track order shipments. After upgrading to the new version of the Apple Store app users will find an option on the main page for upgrading their phone. […]

AT&T Learns from Apple, Introduces Appointments at its Stores


AT&T will be shifting to a new way of helping customers in its stores that is familiar to users who have spent any time at an Apple Store to get help with their iPhone: Appointments. The move, which was announced on the AT&T Consumer Blog by the company’s President of Retail Sales and Services Paul […]

Apple Store App Update Brings Support for Passbook and Siri


Apple today updated its Apple Store app for iOS with support for Passbook, one of the new features found in iOS 6 and support for Siri, the operating system’s on-board virtual assistant. The update, which brings the Apple Store app to Version 2.4, will bring support for both Siri and Passbook once its updated, making […]

New Mac Mini and 13-Inch MacBook Pro Now Available


Apple’s online store is back up and with it, a host of new products including the iPad Mini and new iMac lineup that the company announced today at the event. However, only some of them are for sale at the moment while others have vanished altogether. Earlier today, as is the norm, Apple’s online store […]

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of iPad Mini Announcement


As expected, the Apple Store has gone down ahead of Apple’s iPad Mini launch event set to take place at 10AM PST at the California Theater in San Jose. Typically, Apple takes the Apple Store down ahead of major product announcements in an effort to prep the site for the launch of new devices. In […]

Apple Customers Can Soon Pay for Purchases With Passbook at Apple Stores


Apple is reportedly making changes to its point-of-sales system to support Passbook payments at the company’s retail locations, allowing iOS 6 users a new way to pay for purchases at retail stores. Passbook integration will be made into Apple’s iPod Touch EasyPay system. When Apple launched the iPod Touch EasyPay terminals, they effectively replaced cash […]

Apple Stores Go Without iPhone 5 Cases

iPhone 5 Cases Apple Store

iPhone 5 cases are a hot item as consumers look to protect their new iPhone from scratches, but one place shoppers can’t find any iPhone 5 cases is the Apple Store. For the first time in two years Apple launched an iPhone without an official case. It could be that Apple feels the iPhone 5 […]

No iPhone 5 Cases Available at Apple Retail Stores on Launch Day

iPhone 5 Case with Kickstand verizon

The iPhone 5 release day is Friday and when users open up their iPhone 5 it may be tough to find an iPhone 5 case, even at an Apple Store. The Apple Online store doesn’t list any iPhone 5 cases for sale, and calls to our local Apple Store resulted in a shocker. The Apple […]

Apple Store is Down Ahead of iPhone 5 Pre-Order

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 9.17.57 PM

Ahead of the frenzy before the iPhone 5 pre-orders begin, Apple’s online store is down with a note saying ‘We’ll be back soon.’ The note cycles through various different languages. In the past, Apple and its carrier partners have experienced such heavy influx of traffic that Apple’s and its carrier partners’ sites have crashed under […]

Apple Store Down: Get Ready for the iPhone 5

Apple Store Down iPhone 5

The Apple Store is closed this morning as Apple prepares for the iPhone 5 event taking place at 10 AM Pacific. Apple routinely closes the Apple Store ahead of product announcements, even hours before the event. This prevents shoppers from buying a soon to be outdated gadget, and builds buzz for the impending launch. Closing […]

Samsung Opens Apple Store Clone in Australia

Samsung Experience store

Samsung isn’t content to just allegedly copy Apple’s smartphones and tablets, it also wants to copy the company’s retail stores. According to All Things D, Samsung just opened a new retail store in Sydney, Australia, and the store looks strikingly familiar. The store layout looks very similar to a typical Apple Store, albeit with a […]

Apple Store Website Starts Selling Nest Thermostat


Today there’s one more location to buy a Nest Thermostat: Apple’s online store. After a long period of downtime the Apple Store is back online, now carrying the Nest Learning Thermostat for $249.95. The device is $0.95 more expensive through Apple’s online store, which we assume is a convenience fee for being able to buy […]

Refurbished iPad 2 and iPad Prices Drop at Apple

Refurbished iPad 2 Price Drops to $399

Apple has dropped the prices on its refurbished iPad 2 and iPad. Customers who are interested in buying a refurbished iPad 2 or iPad are now able to at discounted prices with the company dropping the prices of the devices $20 to $50, depending on the model. This means that the first-generation 32GB Wi-Fi iPad […]

Apple Stores Begin Targeting iPad at Children


Apple is beginning to more aggressively target its consumer-centric tablets at children with the iPad at the children’s table at its retail stores. The space on the children’s area at Apple stores was previously occupied by the company’s iMac home desktop computer, which highlighted the versatility of the computer in handling educational software, games, and […]

New iPad Shipping Times Improve

New iPad Shipping Times Improve

Last week, shipping times for Apple’s new iPad slipped to 2-3 weeks through the online Apple Store. The shipping delays came after Apple entirely sold out of pre-orders for the newly released slate. Well, just a day after announcing that the device was their strongest iPad launch yet, shipping times have improved to 1-2 weeks […]

How to Find a New iPad (3rd Gen) in Stock at a Local Store

find an iPad in stock at local store

The iPad is in short supply online and in stores. If you want to get one without paying $100-$200 extra on Craigslist or eBay, you’ll want to track one down in a local store. If you don’t want to call your local store every 20 minutes, we have an easier way to find a new […]