Apple Moves Forward with Announcements But No Real Surprises

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Call me tired, call me bored, or just call me. But I think Apple did its usual fall announcement focused on music and Christmas sales today and did it well. That said, there were no real surprises, but this is all about pushing dollars through the cash registers this fall into December, and I think […]

Next Apple TV might run iPhone OS (and be useful)


According to Engadget, the next iteration of Apple TV will shift further away from being a crippled Mac and much closer to being, well, a crippled iPhone. Might sound like a downgrade, but here’s the kicker – they’re aiming for a price-point of $99. Better, right? Maybe but there are still key questions to be […]

Apple eyeing new platforms for iPhone OS


The guys at Computerworld were apparently thumbing through the classified ads recently (on their touchscreen devices, not newspapers, of course) and stumbled upon an interesting posting by Apple for an engineering manager to “lead a team focused on bring-up of iPhone OS on new platforms.” New platforms? Color me intrigued.