10 Best iPhone 4S Accessories

Griffin AirCurve Play

Now that you have your iPhone 4S it’s time to accessorize. After all, what’s the good of having the newest Apple phone if you don’t take advantage of the vast sea of cases, docks, and other sweet toys made just for it? Just as there’s an app for almost everything, there’s an accessory for almost […]

iOS 5 iPad2 AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV Rocks


Kevin already showed you the ins and outs of setting up your iPad2 with iOS 5 to mirror the Tablet screen to your Apple TV. Check that all out here. This however, is just an unabashed gushing post. AirPlay Mirroring from an iPad2 to an Apple TV just flat our rocks. As Kevin shows you […]

AirPlay Mirroring Comes To iPhone 4S

airplay mirroring iPhone 4S and iPad

One of the sweet features of iOS 5 is the ability to mirror what’s on your iPad’s screen on an HDTV via Apple TV without having to connect an HDMI cable. At today’s iPhone 4S announcement, Apple said that this feature is now available for the newest iPhone as well. This is likely made possible […]

Will the iPhone 5 Drive Apple TV Sales?

Apple TV

Apple has been trying to drive adoption of the Apple TV for years now, but even the most recent model has only enjoyed limited success. With rumors saying that Apple is working on an actual HDTV with iOS loaded on it, Apple needs to up their game it wants to drive adoption. And that’s exactly […]

Cable TV Set-Top Boxes: The Real Motive Behind the Motorola Acquisition?


Various smartphone and general technology blogs and sites out there have explored the various implications of what Google’s announced $12.5 billion of Motorola Mobility may mean to the Android ecosystem from the smartphone and tablet perspective, but a key–and perhaps a growing arena–area that has not yet been talked much about is Motorola’s experience and […]

Apple TV Case from Waterfield Designs Makes Sense

Waterfield Designs Case for Apple TV

In the category of things I didn’t expect to see, but now realize makes perfect sense, comes the Apple TV Case from Waterfield Designs. According to Heidi, our contact at the company, they’ve been receiving a lot of requests for this kind of product. So they created it. I never would have shopped for a […]

RIM Working on BlackBerry TV?

blackberry media box RIM is Working on a BlackBerry Media Box Similar to Apple TV

In an effort to compete with Google TV and Apple TV, Research in Motion may be prepping its own media box to get Internet content onto your large screen either from the cloud or via your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet. Unlike Google’s and Apple’s solution, this BlackBerry Media Box is less targeted at consumers, and […]

Real Racing 2 HD Bringing Gaming and Apps to Apple TV

airplay Real Racing HD 2

With Apple TV an iPad 2 and iOS 5 Apple has finally delivered a gaming console. It may be a $600 gaming console, but when iOS 5 arrives this fall Real Racing 2 HD will support full screen wireless gaming, beating the touchscreen Nintendo Wii U to the punch. The new AirPlay feature allows for […]

Did an App Store Placeholder Hint at Apps for Apple TV?

One of these things is not like the others

An iOS App Store placeholder stating compatibility for the Prompt app says that the app will be compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and a mystery ‘ix.Mac.Marketing Name’ device that’s currently unknown, suggesting that the app may come to yet an unknown device that would run the iOS platform. It’s unclear what the ix.Mac device […]

EA: Apple Can Take on Sony, Microsoft on Video Game Consoles


Ever since Apple unveiled its $99 Apple TV refresh running on the iOS platform, many have speculated that the company may be exploring apps and games to make the TV “smarter” like the company’s iPhone smartphone. Thus far, Apple has not opened up Apple TV to the gaming experience and has kept the living room […]

Apple Moves Forward with Announcements But No Real Surprises

Welcome to the Apple Store - Apple Store (U.S.)

Call me tired, call me bored, or just call me. But I think Apple did its usual fall announcement focused on music and Christmas sales today and did it well. That said, there were no real surprises, but this is all about pushing dollars through the cash registers this fall into December, and I think […]

Next Apple TV might run iPhone OS (and be useful)


According to Engadget, the next iteration of Apple TV will shift further away from being a crippled Mac and much closer to being, well, a crippled iPhone. Might sound like a downgrade, but here’s the kicker – they’re aiming for a price-point of $99. Better, right? Maybe but there are still key questions to be […]

Apple eyeing new platforms for iPhone OS


The guys at Computerworld were apparently thumbing through the classified ads recently (on their touchscreen devices, not newspapers, of course) and stumbled upon an interesting posting by Apple for an engineering manager to “lead a team focused on bring-up of iPhone OS on new platforms.” New platforms? Color me intrigued.