Max Payne for iPhone and iPad Review

Max Payne for iOS Review

Rockstar Games has released Max Payne for the iPhone and the iPad. The game costs $2.99 and while it has its faults, those who love a solid action game and a good story will want to consider picking it up. Max Payne for iOS is a port of a PC game that was released back […]

Instagram for Android Already Gets an Update

Instagram for Android Already Gets Updated

Earlier today, the long awaited Instagram for Android app arrived for users of Google’s mobile operating system. It was an app that had been rumored for quite so time so it was exciting to finally see it roll out. Over the course of the day though, we’ve heard from several Android users who were reporting […]

Google Launches Google Music Web App for iPhone, iPad

Google Music Web App

The announcement didn’t come with any big announcement but I have a feeling this might actually be a pretty big announcement for some of you out there who love Google Music and own an iPhone or an iPad. Google, rather slyly, announced that it has released a web application for devices running iOS 4. If […]

Facebook Announces Messenger App for iPhone and Android

Facebook Messenger App

Facebook has announced a new extension to Facebook chat for mobile devices called Facebook Messenger that is a stand-alone app that will be available today for both the iPhone and Android. The roots of Facebook’s new application come from its purchase of the messaging app, Beluga, earlier this year. Again, this is a separate app […]

LeafSnap iPhone App Can Identify Trees by Their Leaves


LeafSnap, a new iPhone application developed by facial recognition experts at Columbia University and the University of Maryland, is able to determine a species of tree by analyzing a photograph of a leaf. Once installed, simply use the iPhone’s camera and take a picture of a leaf on a piece of white paper, and let […]

New York Subway iPhone ‘Augmented Reality’ App


I finally got a chance to try out an augmented reality application today in New York. The app is called New York Subway and as you can imagine, it’s designed to help users find info about trains and train stations.  The cool part of this application is that it will overlay info onto whatever you’re […]