Archos Smartphones Revealed for $249, But Are They Worth It?

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.01.32 PM

To kick off 2014 and the upcoming CES trade show next week Archos just announced a duo of new Android-powered smartphones for the budget market, and here’s why you should avoid them. Archos has a slew of new devices coming this year. From a smartwatch, to weather stations and other connected gadgets for your home, […]

ARCHOS Challenging Premium Android Tablet Makers with 3 New Devices

archos 101 platinum android tablet

ARCHOS wants to get away from their reputation as a “budget” Android tablet maker. They took their shot at the pivot when they released 3 new white devices this week intended to try to go “head to head” with premium Android tablet makers like the Google Nexus line and Samsung’s Galaxy line of Android devices. […]

Archos Tries Its Hand at Cooking With Chef-Centric Android Tablet


Archos is trying its hand at cooking by creating an Android tablet aimed directly at chefs. Dubbed the ChefPad, the tablet is entirely centered around your cooking experience. Archos will offer a Chef Apps feature to filter Google Play apps for cooking-related or cooking-inspired programs for your tablet so you won’t be bombarded with non-cooking […]

Archos’ Econo-Priced Smartphones May Help drive Prices Down


After having released a number of more economically priced tablets, Archos is back in the game and is rumored to be announcing as many as three new budget-conscious smartphones at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. The phones will run the Android operating system and will come with more modest specs than […]

Archos GamePad Coming To February for $169

Archos GamePad

The Archos GamePad, yet another attempt at an Android gaming device, will come to the U.S. sometime in February for $169 according to Unwired View. The Archos GamePad is a 7-inch Android tablet that also has controller inputs on the left and right side of the screen. The device lets any game use the game […]

ARCHOS GamePad Delivers Hardware Controls on Android Tablet


Android users looking for a tablet designed for gaming should take note of ARCHOS GamePad, a new 7-inch tablet with built in phsyical game controls which should work with most high-end Android games. The ARCHOS GamePad delivers hardware game controls on both sides of the screen, including what appears to be two joysticks, a D-Pad and a […]

Archos Teases G10XS Launch on Facebook


Archos is hoping to challenge the success of Asus with its Transformer line of Android tablets that caught consumer attention thanks to an innovative keyboard dock. The company posted a teaser image of its slim G10XS tablet stating that the launch will be happening in just 3 short weeks. The social media teaser did not […]

Ultra-Thin Archos G10 X5 Android Tablet to Challenge Transformer Pad


Archos may have a winner on its hand with the G10 X5 Android slate, which the company is now teasing in some blurry videos depicting a tablet with a thin steel frame and convertible design with a keyboard dock. The Archos G10 is aiming squarely at rival Asus’s Transformer Pad series tablets. If priced–and aggressively […]

5 Kindle Fire Alternatives


When the Kindle Fire debuted last year analysts predicted that the tablet’s $199 price tag would initiate a race to the bottom on tablet prices. That prediction proved prescient at this year’s CES where we saw several high-profile Android tablets priced between $179 and $249. Unlike the Kindle Fire and it’s arch nemesis the Nook […]

Archos Readying Android Smart Home Phone


By now, many people are familiar with smartphones, but despite the advancements made on our mobile cellular handsets, few of those innovations have made it back to the landline. Archos is hoping to change some of that as it readies the Archos 35 home smartphone, a cordless home handset that comes with a large touchscreen […]

Archos Announces First Sub-$200 Android Honeycomb Tablet

Archos 70b

Amazon’s Kindle Fire may have been the first Android tablet to hit the sub-$200 price range, however, the Kindle Fire runs on a heavily modified version of Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread software. Today though, Archos has announced that it is bringing the first sub-$200 tablet running Android Honeycomb 3.2, the version of Android that came […]

Archos G9 Honeycomb Tablets Coming September 20th, For Cheap

Archos G9

All the way back on June 23rd, Archos announced the G9 Series Honeycomb tablets, the Archos 80 G9 and the Archos 101 G9, and said that they would be out on shelves by the end of September. Well, we’re now in the middle of said month and Archos has made good on its promise as […]

Archos G9 Series Tablets Pack a Lot of Punch in Affordable Price Package


Archos has announced that its G9 series of slate–available in either an 8- or 10-inch size with various storage capacities–will be shipping this September starting at just $300, which is lower than the $400 base price of the popular Android Honeycomb-powered Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet. The two models, the 8-inch Archos G9 80 and […]

Archos Smart Home Phone Puts Android In Your House

Archos Smart Home Phone

Home phones have largely been ignored in our race to touch screen smartphones, but the new Android powered Archos Smart Home Phone changes that trend. The Archos Android home phone has everything you would expect in a smartphone and connects to your DECT home phone system to deliver an Android smartphone that works at home. The […]

Archos Unveils G9 Series Honeycomb Tablets; 250GB HDD, 3G Support

Archos 80 G9

Archos has announced a pair of Android Honeycomb 3.1 tablets, the Archos 80 G9 and the Archos 101 G9, and they look like they are both going to be pretty solid offerings, especially for those of you who covert hard drive space on your devices. The biggest difference between the two is the size of […]

New Archos Tablets to Come with ‘Disruptive 3G’ Tech to Get Carrier Adoption


While Archos has been making a number of portable media players–tablets and music listening devices–that run on the Android operating system, none of those systems released to date come with mobile broadband 3G access, placing Archos at a disadvantage against players like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Motorola’s Xoom Honeycomb tablets. That’s about to change as […]

Possible Winners and Losers in the Wake of the iPad Announcement

In my view there are quite a few folks who are really happy that yesterday’s iPad announcement is over. Many of these folks are competitors or “me-too” manufacturers on some level. Apple made a big splash and everyone is still drying out from the overwash and sorting through things. Apple may have indeed hit a […]

ARCHOS rolls out a Windows 7 tablet


Want a Tablet PC running Windows 7? ARCHOS has you covered. They unveiled a series of portable PCs in Paris today. Topping the list is the ARCHOS 9PCTablet, a resistive touchscreen tablet with Intel Atom processor. Yeah, I don’t know if I like this trend of resistive touchscreens on tablets, but if it brings the […]