Nexus 7 2 Release Continues Passing Roadblocks

A new report claims the new Nexus 7 will arrive in July.

Google continues to remain mum on the details about the rumored Nexus 7 2 though its release appears to be getting closer as the Asus K009, a device believed to be the new Nexus 7, has passed through two more certifications on its way to shelves around the globe. For weeks now, Google has been […]

Nexus 7 2 Launch Pegged for Late July


Google remains mum about the Nexus 7 2 but according to new information, it appears that the device will land sometime toward the end of July with a specific date still yet to be revealed. While Asus and Google continue to be quiet about any plans for a new Nexus 7, rumors suggest that a […]

Nexus 7 2: Buyers Should Know the Release Date Soon

The K009 is thought to be the LTE version of the Nexus 7 2.

The Nexus 7 2, or at least a device thought to be the Nexus 7 2, has passed another roadblock on its way with the Asus K009 passing another certification, a sign that a Nexus 7 2 launch could be imminent. While it is still unconfirmed, the Asus K009 and Asus K008 are thought to […]

Asus Rep Claims K009 Is New Nexus 7 Tablet


It appears that more than one Asus customer service representative knows about Asus’ plans for a new Nexus 7 as we have discovered another Asus customer service representative claiming knowledge of a Nexus 7 2 and telling an inquiring consumer, matter-of-factly, that the Asus K009 is indeed a new Nexus tablet. For months now, Google […]