Google Nexus 7 Tablet Outed in Picasa Pics

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Outed in Picassa Pics

Two photos taken with a device called the Nexus 7 all but confirm the Google Nexus tablet’s existence and its name as well. The Verge is reporting that two photos have shown up on on Picasa Web Albums and both were taken using a device called the Nexus 7, a name that is thought to […]

Is This The Google Nexus Tablet?

Asus tablet

Google is heavily rumored to be announcing an Asus-made Nexus tablet running Android Jelly Bean later on this month and it appears that the device may have leaked out on camera early. PhoneArena has posted some alleged press images of the device which seem to show a device that is rocking both a Google and […]

Did the Asus Nexus Tablet Just Get Closer to Launch?

Did the Asus Nexus Tablet Just Get Closer to Launch?Just

The ASUS MeMO 370T tablet, a tablet thought to possibly be the Asus Nexus tablet, just passed through the FCC which could means that it launch definitely got closer and a Nexus tablet launch might have inched closer to release. First discovered by Engadget, the filing doesn’t reveal much in terms of specifications or software. […]

Google Nexus Tablet from Asus Coming in July?

The Nexus tablet could resemble the ASUS Eee Pad Memo.

A new report pegs the upcoming Google Nexus tablet, which said to be made by Asus, as shipping in June with a release to consumers coming in July. According to DigiTimes who cites a supply chain source, the tablet, which was originally rumored to be coming out in May, is now slated to hit the […]

Asus Nexus Tablet Coming in July?

Nexus Tablet from Asus Coming in July?

Originally thought to be coming out within the next two months, Google’s first branded tablet apparently won’t be arriving until July. At the earliest. According to The Verge, the device was actually ready to go for a May release until Google decided to push the launch back in order to make some changes. It’s unclear […]

Google Nexus Tablet to Cost $149?

Google Nexus Tablet to Cost $149?

Just a short time ago, we heard that Google had chosen Asus to manufacturer the company’s upcoming “Nexus” tablet, a tablet that is said to sport a 7-inch screen and could be released as soon as May. And now, we may have some information on its pricing. Android and Me is reporting that the tablet […]