Motorola Atrix 3 Release Date on AT&T Gets Closer

Motorola Atrix 3 Release Date on AT&T Gets Closer

The Motorola Atrix 3 release date has gotten closer on AT&T. The device, according to UnwiredView, has shown up in the Bluetooth SIG which means the Atrix 3 has gotten closer to launching on AT&T’s high speed 4G LTE network. This doesn’t guarantee a launch this month but it definitely makes it seem like the […]

Motorola Atrix 3 Release Date Appears Close

Motorola Atrix 3 Release Date Appears Close

A device thought to be the upcoming Motorola Atrix 3 for AT&T has surfaced today at the FCC, passing through with flying colors. The device’s FCC filing, first reported by Engadget, reveals little about the device that we don’t already know. Specifically, that it is going to sport 4G LTE radios for use with AT&T’s […]

Motorola Atrix 4G LTE ‘Aka RAZR HD’ for AT&T Leaks

Motorola Atrix 4G LTE for AT&T Leaks Out

A phone that resembles the Motorola Droid RAZR HD but will likely be AT&T’s Motorola Atrix 3 or Motorola Atrix 4G LTE has leaked to the surface today. The Verge has outed a picture of a device headed to AT&T dubbed the Motorola Dinara. That is a codename that has been tossed around for a […]

Motorola to Rely on Snapdragon S4 for 2012 ARM-Based Smartphone Lineup?


After having had a successful partnership with Texas Instruments with the company’s ARM-based OMAP chipset and dabbling with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 ARM CPU on the Atrix and original Xoom, it looks like Motorola may be branching out and turning to Qualcomm where it comes to ARM processing power. The 2012 lineup of Motorola smartphones may […]

Motorola Atrix 3 Has Insane Specs and Battery Life

Motorla atrix 3

Every day we hear about a new Android phone that raises our excitement level, but today I want to share a new phone with you that gave me as much pep as a shot of 5 hour energy — the Motorola Atrix 3. If you took¬†everything¬†we loved about the RAZR MAXX and added in a […]