Apple Patents Hidden Fingerprint Reader Ahead of iPhone 5S


We had previously reported that the ‘S’ in the name of the Apple iPhone 5S could stand for security as it had been used to represent ‘S’peed in the 3GS and ‘S’iri in the iPhone 4S. Now, a recently filed patent shows that Apple is working on integrating more biometrics security components into mobile devices–including […]

S in iPhone 5S Model May Stand for ‘Security’

While we still have to wait for Apple to announce the iPhone 5 come Wednesday, September 12, ahead of the device’s official announcement we are already hearing rumored specs for the iPhone model that succeeds the iPhone 5 in Apple’s lineup. If Apple keeps its historic sequential naming convention for the iPhone since the iPhone […]

Apple Buys Security Firm AuthenTec to Beef Up iPhone Security


Apple might be working towards mobile payments with its acquisition of AuthenTec, a security firm that makes fingerprint sensors for smartphones and laptops. According to Reuters Apple will pay $356 million for the security firm, which amounts to $8 per share. The company currently provides technology to large tech companies like Dell, HP, and even […]