Motorola Delivers XOOM Tablets to Autism Speaks


As we’ve reported before, tablets make a great tool for dealing with autism. They are ideal for non-verbal communication, such as working with symbols and drawing out ideas. Motorola has also recognized this and have provided XOOM tablets to 46 families for a test program. Good job, Moto!

MyVoice App: Technology Providing a Voice For Those Without


Like many I was sort of blown away when Roger Ebert started writing about the voice synthesis software that he was using with a computer to be able to speak. After a bout with cancer Ebert lost the ability to speak, but through technology that took advantage of the millions of words he had spoken […]

Autism and iPads: amazing things happen


James Kendrick passes along a story of an autistic boy, an iPad acquired by chance, and amazing interactivity between the two. Makes me think of Grace and something I saw on Friday.

iPhone app Grace gives the autistic a voice


I’ve long argued that pen and touch input is ideal for bridging language barriers, but an app called Grace takes it a step further by enabling autistic children to communicate with pictures on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.