Like Taking an iPhone From a Baby (Video)

Man steals iPhone from baby

Security cameras at a clothing store in England caught a man reaching into a stroller to take an iPhone away form a 20 month old baby. The child’s mother handed her the iPhone to watch Barney while she shopped for clothing, something that’s not out of the ordinary with so many apps and videos for kids. […]

WiThings Smart Baby Scale Tracks Weight and Height on Your Phone

WiThings Smart Baby Scale with WiFi

WiThings is best known for their WiFi connected health accessories, and at CES 2012 we got a look at a new tool that will be of interest to parents, especially parents obsessed with tracking their child’s height and weight. The WiThings WiFi baby scale connects to your home network and seamlessly sends your child’s measurements to the app on your iPhone, Android or web […]