Samsung Confirms Multiple Tizen Smartphone Releases in 2013


After Google had acquired Motorola Mobility, it had been rumored for some time that Samsung would try to diversify its portfolio and now the leading Android smartphone-maker has announced that it would release multiple smartphone models running the Tizen operating system in 2013. The Tizen OS was formed out of Nokia’s and Intel’s abandoned MeeGo […]

Samsung Working on Tizen Smartphone for NTT DoCoMo


NTT DoCoMo is reportedly working with Samsung to release a smartphone based on the Tizen platform, which is expected to debut in early 2013. This would be the first smartphone for Samsung to utilize the Tizen operating system, which is an open-source Linux variant based off of the now defunct MeeGo OS project between Intel […]

Samsung to Merge Bada with Tizen to Create FrankenOS


Samsung will be merging its Bada OS, which is predominantly found in South Korea, with Tizen to create a huge mash-up OS that will strive to compete against Android. According to Tae-Jin Kang, Samsung’s VP of Contents Planning Team, “We have an effort that will merge bada and Tizen.” Forbes reported that the company doesn’t know […]

CEO Talk From Samsung and Google Answer Some Mobile Questions


Perhaps the CEO of Samsung and the former CEO, now chairman, of Google clarified some things with recent comments. Or perhaps not. It’s often difficult to decipher CEO speak. But taken at face value, recent statements by Choi Gee Sung and Google’s Eric Schmidt add some public clarity to a couple of issues in the […]

Who Should Buy WebOS? [Vote]

HP webOS logo

HP dropped a bomb today, announcing that the company will discontinue WebOS Devices including the TouchPad and WebOS mobile devices. The news comes right ahead of the HP earnings call and after numerous HP TouchPad price cuts and reports of unsold stock taking up too much shelf space at Best Buy. It’s a bit surprising to see […]

Whoops! Samsung posts Galaxy Tab photos too soon


Liliputing grabbed a photo Samsung South Africa posted on their Twitter account showing off their upcoming Galaxy Tab. The photo has since been removed from their TwitPic account, but erasing stuff from the Internet is kind of like stuffing toothpaste back in the tube, isn’t it?

Samsung getting back in the UMPC game with S-Pad


Report out of Korean site etnews is that Samsung is prepping an iPad competitor codenamed S-Pad. While its reported 7-inch screen will evoke memories of the Q1 UMPC, the rest of the device sounds markedly different, particularly the AMOLED display and Bada OS instead of Windows.