Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Ships With Magic Barcode Tech

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 include technology that works with almost every barcode scanner.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ships with barcode technology that arrived on the Galaxy S4 last March that lets it scanners at almost every store scan loyalty cards and gift cards from the screen. This new technology arrives on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as a standalone Beep’nGo app users can download and is also […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallet Is Ready With Barcode Magic

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features Mobeam technology that lets it work with barcode readers at almost any retailer or venue.

Samsung made a big deal about using the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a wallet and as a digital companion for tickets and coupons at the launch event. Samsung’s ace in the pocket is the ability for Galaxy S4 users to use their coupons, tickets, loyalty cards and more in places where retailers have not upgraded […]

Consmr for iPhone Delivers Yelp-like Reviews For the Products You Buy

consmr barcode scanning for ipHone

Trying a new brand or a new item at the grocery store is a gamble, and while Consmr for iPhone can’t guarantee a perfect match it can help shoppers avoid duds and find new products that rock. Much like Yelp delivers restaurant and attraction reviews from a range of users, Consmr puts product reviews at our fingertips while shopping […]