iPhone 6 PowerSkin Spare Review

The iPhone 6 PowerSkin Spare is a budget iPhone 6 battery case.

*+-The PowerSkin Spare iPhone 6 battery case is an affordable option that can add more battery power to the iPhone 6 without a lot of bulk. Read our PowerSkin Spare review for the full scoop on the Spare, and to see if this budget iPhone 6 battery case is right for you. The downside is that you […]

6 Great iPhone 6 Battery Cases

iPhone-6 copy

*+-Those with a brand new iPhone 6 already have an array of choices when it comes to buying a case to protect that shiny new 4.7-inch iPhone, but if you’re looking for something other than a regular old case, the options are still hard to come by. Popular manufacturers like Mophie, TYLT, Anker and many […]

5 Best Galaxy S5 Battery Cases


*+-When it comes to buying a case for your Samsung Galaxy S5 the options are almost unlimited. Every case manufacturer around seems to be offering an option for the popular flagship phone, but there are a few unique cases that can help you get better battery life while also protecting your new phone. The Galaxy […]

$200 iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s Case is The Only One You’ll Need

The Logitech Case [+] for iPhone 5s offers five cases in one.

*+-After you buy an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s one of the next major purchases is a good case, or if you’re like many users several cases to fit a variety of needs. A new all in one iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s case from Logitech is expensive at $200, but the company claims it’s […]

Belkin Grip Power iPhone 5 Battery Case Offers Mophie Alternative

Belkin Grip Power Battery Case for iPhone 5

*+-Accessory maker Belkin recently introduced its new Grip Power Battery Case for iPhone 5, a Mophie Juice Pack competitor that Belkin claims will double the battery life of the iPhone 5. The new Belkin Grip Power Battery Case for iPhone 5 adds a 2000 mAh battery to the iPhone 5, which is in fact larger […]

Mophie iPhone 5 Battery Case Spotted on Plane Post-CES


*+-On my plane home from the Consumer Electronics Show, I was fortunate enough to sit next to a distributer who is a partner of Mophie, maker of the popular iPhone battery case. Since the iPhone 5 was released, Mophie had been relatively quiet and coy about when its iPhone 5 battery case would be released […]

PowerSkin Pro Case Packs Large Battery Boost for iPhone 5

PowerSkin Pro

*+-Ask any smartphone user about how their battery life is and more than likely you will hear something like it dies too quickly or that it never makes it through a full day of use. While an unfortunate factor of mobile phones, it is one that we are not going to be getting rid of […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mophie Battery Case In the Works

Mophie Juice Pack Pro

*+-Taking notice of incredible sales numbers for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android smart phone, Mophie, the folks who produce the Juice Pack cases for iPhone, decided to create Mophie Android battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It becomes the first Android phone to get a custom case from the popular battery case maker. The sales of the […]

ibattz Mojo Armor Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4S Review

ibattz Mojo Armor Removable Battery Case for iPhone

*+-I’ve tested rugged cases and battery backup cases, but seldom do manufacturers offer both in one package. The ibattz Mojo Armor Removable Battery Case offers that combination in an impressive case that gives the user a very long battery backup, thanks to not just one, but two removable batteries. Buy one case and get two options. […]