How to Get Better Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life

Here are 5 tips to get better Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life.

*+-The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a nice phone, but the huge screen and 4G LTE connectivity can quickly drain battery life. We’ll show you a few quick tips and tricks to get better Galaxy S4 battery life. Samsung designed the Galaxy S4 so that users can replace the battery, but so far there are no […]

Will a Chromebook with All-Day Battery Life Appeal to You?


*+-Intel’s power-boosting and battery efficient Haswell processor, to succeed the third generation Core i-series, may make Google’s Chromebook a lot more appealing as a laptop replacement. According to Kevin Tofel of Giga Om, the Internet search giant is looking to use Intel’s next generation Haswell processor in a future Chromebook, and references for Haswell has been […]

Future iPhone Could Charge in Seconds


*+-A technological breakthrough could charge a future iPhone in seconds, yes seconds. The new technology uses graphene, which is made from the same graphite found in a pencil, to deliver supercapacitors that can enable super fast charging. According to researchers, the new technology could replace batteries with super capacitors. These super capacitors could charge an […]

How to Fix Bad iOS 6.1 Battery Life in 10 Seconds

How to Fix Bad iOS 6.1 Battery Life - 1

*+-It’s no surprise that iOS 6.1 battery life isn’t as good as it used to be for iPhone users, but some users can fix their bad battery life in about 10 seconds. The iOS 6.1 update brought a bug along that can cause increased network activity and decreased battery life for users with an Exchange account. Exchange […]

Poor Battery Life Cited as Reason for Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Delays


*+-One of the most anticipated technologies in the near future is called voice over LTE, or VoLTE for short, that would allow a single 4G LTE modem on a smartphone to deliver voice and data. However, according to a recent study, difficulties of getting VoLTE implemented in the real world may have a lot to […]

Without Power? 10 Tips to Make Your iPhone & Android Battery Last


*+-Hurricane Sandy has touched down on the East Coast leaving power outages in its path. That means, for some people, battery life on a smartphone is even more of a precious commodity than it was before. Here, we outline some basic battery saving tips that will not only help during Hurricane Sandy, but also during […]

Onyx EINK Android Smartphone Boasts Week-Long Battery Life


*+-Move over Motorola with the Maxx series (Droid RAZR Maxx, Droid RAZR HD Maxx) smartphones as Onyx International’s new EINK Android smartphone with an e-ink display will last on a single charge for up to a week. The company’s phone uses screen technology that’s more typically found on e-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle […]

How to Improve iPad Battery Life in 5 Minutes


*+-Some iPad users complain that Apple’s new tablet’s battery doesn’t last as long as they’d like it to. Here are tips to drastically improve the iPad’s battery life. Many of these iPad battery saving tips will require some trade offs, but giving up some usability is a better option than carrying around a dead iPad. […]

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S III Battery Life Issues

This method should fix some battery life issues on the Galaxy S III.

*+-At the end of June, we heard that some Samsung Galaxy S III owners were having battery life issues with their new device. And while Samsung has promised to roll out an update to address that problem, some owners are still suffering. Fortunately, there might be an easy fix out there. We have received a […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Owners Reporting Battery Drain Issues

Galaxy S III owners are dealing with a battery drain issue.

*+-Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S III are reporting a battery drain issue that might be caused by the phone’s software. According to Galaxy S III owners on the XDA-forums, the device is seeing an abnormal battery drain issue that might be directly tied to the software’s cell standby feature. If that’s the case, the […]

How to Fix Bad iPhone Battery Life on iOS 5.1.1 in 5 Minutes

Inidcation of bad iPhone battery life iOS 5.1.1

*+-Is your iPhone battery life lower after the iOS 5.1.1 update? We’re hearing from readers that the iOS 5.1.1 update results in bad battery life on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. The battery life of my iPhone 4S remains steady, so this iOS 5.1.1 battery life issue is hit or miss. Read: How to […]

New iPad 2 Offers 15-30% Greater Battery Life

iPad 2

*+-Believe it or not, there is a new Apple iPad 2 floating around that has a smaller 32-nm die shrink of the device’s A5 processor. And after some testing, it appears that these newer iPad 2 models actually boast 15-30% greater battery life over the older models that are in circulation. These new iPad 2’s, […]

Motorola Shows Off RAZR MAXX Battery Life With GPS Navigation

Droid Razr Maxx and Smart Actions

*+-Motorola has found a new way to show off the battery of the Droid RAZR MAXX: GPS navigation. In a short promo video, Motorola compared the battery life on the RAZR MAXX to the battery life found on iPhone 4S and LG Spectrum, when using the phones as GPS navigation systems. Motorola charged each device […]

Dear HTC: I’d Take Good Battery Life Over a Thin Phone

Dear HTC: I'd Rather Have Good Battery Life Than a Thin Phone

*+-According to HTC’s vice president of product strategy Bjorn Kilburn, the company has been doing diligent research over the last year or so in an effort to figure out whether customers prefer a thin phone or good battery life. Apparently the results from that research led the company to conclude that customers prefer thinness over […]

Simple Software Tweak Enhances Battery Life on HTC One X Flagship


*+-HTC’s quad-core One X flagship Android smartphone–coming to the U.S. with dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipsets instead–is arguably one of the best Android smartphones available today. However, early adopters of the HTC One X notices that the device has a short-lived battery life, requiring users to plug in far more frequent than they’d like. As the […]

That iPad Battery Indicator Thing is Weird


*+-Most of the controversies about the new iPad (HeatGate, Battery Life, etc…) seem to have become stale news now that days have passed and users are experiencing the device for themselves. Please understand that I’m not trying to re-kindle things with this post about the battery indicator. I’m still really pleased with the battery life […]

Qualcomm Sends the Snapdragon S4 Around the World On a Single Charge


*+-We’ve already seen some pretty impressive benchmarking numbers for Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor when that chipset was pitted against competing quad-core Tegra 3 units where the S4 bests its counterpart. But with better performance, does battery life take a hit? Qualcomm is answering that in the negative and says that its dual-core S4 offers […]

New iPad Teardown Reveals Massive Battery

New iPad Teardown Reveals Massive Battery

*+-One of the reasons that Apple held off on releasing a 4G LTE enabled device was because of the battery drain that the network inflicts on the devices that run on its network. Apple wanted to make sure that its 4G LTE devices had great battery life and it seems that it was able to […]

How Apple Measures iPad Battery Life to Deliver on 10-Hour Promise

ipad battery

*+-The battery life ratings on most gadgets are artificially high, but year after year the iPad has lived up to the battery life claims made by Apple. Some would say that the 10 hour battery life of the iPad WiFi model is lower than in life. In order to keep that 10 hour battery life […]