Lenovo Beacon Home Cloud Brings Media Sharing to Your Home


At the Consumer Electronics Show, Lenovo introduced a home cloud center called the Lenovo Beacon. The Beacon is essentially a wireless storage device that serves as a local cloud where users host and store their files, photos, and media on a local hard drive. Users can connect additional HDD or swap out HDD to augment […]

PayPal Beacon Unveiled for Completely Hands-Free Payments


As if NFC payments just weren’t convenient enough, PayPal has announced Beacon, a completely hands-free payment method that uses Bluetooth to transmit data and payment information. Stores will be able to set it up at their cash registers and customers will be able to buy something without even pulling their phone out of their pocket. […]

$50 Gadget Turns the iPhone Into a Universal Remote

Griffin's Beacon universal remote accessory for iOS and Android devices.

Using Griffin’s new Beacon accessory you can turn the iPhone or iPad into a full-blown universal remote. The Beacon, from accessory maker Griffin, uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity to connect with a base station that can then transmit to a large assortment of living-room entertainment devices. This includes stereo systems, sound bars, high-definition televisions and the Xbox […]