LG Hints at Optimus Phone With Unbreakable 5-Inch Flexible Display


LG Display is showing off a concept for an unbreakable and flexible 5-inch OLED panel that could be employed in smartphones, like the company’s Optimus series, in the future. Unlike rival Samsung, which is using a different type of technology for its flexible OLED/AMOLED display and is facing delays, LG uses a different process and […]

Android Device Users Help Me Out Here When It Comes to Buttons and Bezels

3- an overview of the smart bezel's secondary display - apple patent apr 2011

Yesterday we linked to information about Apple getting a patent on technology that allows for discrete and/or capacitive buttons on the bezel of a device. We’ve heard in the past about Apple and others exploring technology to allow touch on both front and back sides of devices. In my admittedly limited experiences with Android devices, […]

Apple Patent Reveals Touch-Sensitive Buttons Underneath iPhone Bezel

1 - Apple Blows us Away with Smart Bezel Detailing - Apr 7, 2011

Similar to the discrete gesture areas on webOS smartphones like the HP Palm Pre, an Apple patent shows that the iPhone-maker is looking to embed dynamic buttons, gestures, and actions into the unusued bezel area surrounding the touchscreen smartphone. In the patent application, Apple intends to use the area as a secondary display with¬†electro-luminescence¬†technology. Apple […]