Apple Bumps Google in Favor of Bing for Spotlight Search


*+-At the 2014 World Wide Developer Conference keynote Apple delivered a lot of information. One key announcement focused the bright lights on new Spotlight search features that illuminated some interesting mystery. As is typical of these events Apple explains some things from the stage but also raises questions about features and functionality that are left […]

Earn Bing Rewards By Searching On Every Mobile OS Except Windows Phone


*+-Microsoft is bringing Bing Rewards, the program that sends users codes for gift cards and more in exchange for performing searches with the company’s Bing search engine, to smartphones. At least, it is to anyone who isn’t using the company’s own Windows Phone platform. Microsoft announced the move in a post on its Bing Blog […]

Microsoft Refreshes Bing On Android

bing for android

*+-Following a refresh of its iOS app, Microsoft has finally refreshed Bing for Android, giving users a few new features and a better user interface. It’s that aforementioned refreshed interface that users will like the most. Bing for Android pre-dated Microsoft’s push to unify its interface designs behind one set of principles. As such, the […]

Microsoft Extends Bing Speech Capabilities to Windows 8 Apps


*+-Developers creating applications for Windows can now add a bit of code that allows their app to interpret voice commands using the back-end features of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Microsoft formally announced the new controls earlier this week. While the company didn’t provide any direct examples of the controls, developers using Bing’s new controls could […]

Surface & Bing Team Up To Make Inroads in Education


*+-In its quest to secure a portion of the education market for itself, Microsoft seems to have pulled out all the stops, including offering schools free Surface RT devices and a custom Bing experience that is completely devoid of advertisements. A blog post announced the program and the school districts that will act as testers […]

As Bing Apps Arrive and Windows Phone Sales Thrive, the iPhone Stalls

*+-Just as Microsoft is announcing new Bing Apps meant to bolster the user experience on its mobile platform, new market share numbers seem to indicate that Windows Phone is finally starting to affect one of the biggest players in the smartphone market: Apple. The additions to the Windows Phone Store were detailed today on the […]

Microsoft Shares Windows Phone 8 Bing Update Details

The slightly updated Bing on Windows Phone 8.

*+-An update to the way Bing presents search results should help improve the browsing experience for Bing on Windows Phone users, according to Microsoft. Microsoft detailed the changes in full on the Windows Phone Blog today, which finally address some of the issues users had when browsing results that the Bing hub gave them. Microsoft is […]

Microsoft Enhances, Speeds Up Windows Phone Speech Recognition

Bing on the HTC 8X, as well as all Windows Phone 8 devices.

*+-The voice recognition and speech features included in Windows Phone have just gotten a huge speed boost according to Microsoft. Speaking for Microsoft at the Windows Phone Blog, Michael Stroh and the Microsoft Bing Team announced this morning that the voice search and voice to text options that are included in every Windows Phone 8 […]

Bing App Crashing on Surface RT


*+-I took some flack from some folks about my review of the Windows Surface RT. Not only did I say the device and its dual nature confused me, but I pointed out that there are, at least in my experience quite a few bugs that obviously need attention in this very Version 1.0 device. As […]

New Windows Phone 8 Apollo Features Leak Out

New Windows Phone 8 Features Leak Out

*+-Windows Phone 8 Apollo is going to be Microsoft’s next big Windows Phone update and today, new purported features of the company’s next big update have come to the surface. WPCentral has leaked several new alleged features of Windows Phone 8, also known as Windows Phone Apollo, and it appears that the software is shaping […]

Microsoft’s Bing to Go Bada Boom?


*+-There are reports that Microsoft may try to spinoff and offload its Bing search engine service as pressures mount from inside and outside Microsoft. The idea is said to be opposed by current CEO Steve Ballmer, who says that Bing is a core strategic asset for the company as it tries to integrate Bing into […]

Bing Vision Scans Paper Articles, Puts Web Version to Your WP7 Browser

Windows Phone 7

*+-With Windows Phone 7 Microsoft has taken it upon itself to create apps that other platforms would get from third-party developers. Most of those features are built into Bing, whether through the search engine or Bing Maps. One of those features, Bing Vision is adding a cool new feature next month. Bing Vision is the […]

Microsoft’s Pedestrian Walking Direction Patent Steers Walkers Away From Crime


*+-For frequent travelers, the challenge isn’t always trying to find the quickest route from point A to point B while on foot, but doing so while steering clear of danger and staying safe, especially in foreign and unfamiliar surroundings. Fortunately, the engineers at Microsoft has figured that out, and the Redmond, Washington software giant was […]

Bing for Mobile Brings Deals & More to iPhone and Android

Bing Mobile App

*+-Bing brought a new app to market today, which rounds up a collection of new features for iPhone and Android devices. Inside the new Bing for Mobile app, HTML5 powers the experience, which is also available on on devices like Windows Phone 7, which is not included in this update. Bing excitedly announced the […]

Bing Adds Mall Maps to iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

bing mall maps

*+-Bing has updated their map offering with Mall maps and search on maps.The new features are available on the desktop and mobile offerings, to help you find where a Mall is, where each store is and to search for local businesses right from map view. Bing Mall Maps includes over 400 malls across the country. The mall maps […]

Microsoft Hires iPhone Army to Shoot Photos


*+-It looks like Microsoft wanted to save some time and money in creating image results for its Bing search engine. Rather than working exclusively with in-house photographers, Redmond is (according to All Things D) hiring iPhone-toting users of the Gigwalk iOS app to do its dirty work. If you haven’t heard of Gigwalk, it’s a service […]

Viva La Revolucion! Bing Be Gone, LG Revolution Now Rooted


*+-The LG Revolution, launched yesterday for consumer consumption on Verizon Wireless’s 4G LTE network, has now been rooted. The handset features a snappy Snapdragon processor at 1 GHz, Netflix integration out of the box, 4G LTE mobile broadband speeds, but the issue that some Android purists would have with this handset despite its very capable […]

Windows Phone Nokia Maps Integration Won’t Happen Until 2012


*+-Though Microsoft had announced the next update to its Windows Phone 7 platform earlier this week, boasting more Bing services and over 500 new features, the switch to use Nokia Maps to power Bing Maps won’t happen in Mango. In an interview with Phonescoop, Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan says that more work will be needed to […]