Every T-Mobile Smartphone Free With Contract on February 11th

T-Mobile Sale

T-Mobile has announced that it will be hosting a one day sale in honor of Valentine’s Day and that sale will begin on February 11th and see the carrier offer up its entire 4G smartphone lineup for free. In addition, the carrier will also be offering up select tablets for free. Of course, in the […]

Gift Guide: 5 Smartphones You Should Have on Your Holiday Wishlist

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Gifting someone a smartphone is a little weird given that the best prices come with a contact attached. What happens? Do you say: “Here’s your new phone… and a 2-year contract plus a $30/month data plan. Merry Christmas!” That wouldn’t go over well. It’s more likely that a new phone won’t be a surprise and […]

AT&T Launching Three New BlackBerry 7 Handsets in November

Bold 9900

AT&T has announced that it will be launching three new BlackBerry 7 handsets this month including the long awaited BlackBerry Bold 9900, the BlackBerry Torch 9860 and the  BlackBerry Curve 9360. Two of them, the Bold 9900 and the Torch 9860, will be available starting November 6th while those looking to get the Curve 9360 […]

Spec Showdown: iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S II vs HTC Titan

We’ve already shown you how Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S, stacks up against the iPhone 4, and now, thanks to Android Central, we have a very clear cut way to show you how it stacks up against competition outside of Apple products. Unfortunately, we can’t quite put it up against the likes of the […]

T-Mobile Hosting Sale on Every Smartphone and Tablet on September 24th


T-Mobile has announced that it will be discounting every single smartphone and every single tablet in its arsenal on September 24th. And yes, if you’re looking for a mobile broadband device, those will also be on sale as well. T-Mobile’s sale is an effort to mark the arrival of its new Value plans. Now, unfortunately, […]

iPhone 5 Competitors: The Best iPhone Alternatives

iPhone 4

We’re still not exactly sure when Apple is going to announce or release the next iPhone, or iPhones, but we have a pretty good feeling that a launch will be taking place in September or October. If true, the iPhone 5 is going to be up against some stiff competition, arguably, the most serious competition […]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Already Sold Out at T-Mobile

Bold 9900

Yesterday, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 officially went on sale on T-Mobile.com. Today, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is officially sold out at T-Mobile.com. That’s right. The Magenta carrier’s first 4G enabled BlackBerry handset has sold out just 24 hours after the phone launched which must feel pretty good for both T-Mobile and RIM, especially since the […]

T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 4G Now Available for $300

Bold 9900

Today is August 31st. And that means that a new BlackBerry device, arguably the best one ever made, has officially landed on T-Mobile. That’s right. The heralded BlackBerry Bold 9900 with 4G HSPA+ capabilities has finally landed after long last and it is now available over on T-Mobile’s website for a whopping $300 on a […]

T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 Cheap at Walmart

BlackBerry Bold 9900

If you’ve been waiting to get a BlackBerry Bold 9900 on T-Mobile without the ludicrous $300 price tag attached to it, today is your lucky day because Walmart is currently offering the device up for pre-order for $120 with a new contract. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a new contract to get that price. Upgrading […]

T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 Coming Soon, But Without Key Features

BlackBerry Bold 9900

While we’ve gotten the official details regarding Sprint and Verizon’s version of the new BlackBerry Bold, we’re still waiting on word about AT&T and T-Mobile’s Bold 9900. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing AT&T’s on or around August 21st and we’ve seen a rumored August 31st release date for T-Mobile’s device but it appears […]

Why Is the New BlackBerry Bold So Expensive?

BlackBerry Bold 9900

This morning, the rumors were confirmed. Sprint and Verizon will be offering the BlackBerry Bold 9930 for $250 on a new two-year contract and AT&T will presumably charge around the same for its model, the BlackBerry Bold 9900. I’ve been sitting here, thinking about this all morning and quite honestly, I still can’t put my […]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Now Available in U.K.

BlackBerry Bold 9900

RIM is a Canadian company so it was no surprise that Canadian carriers Bell, Telus and Rogers were the first to get RIM’s latest and greatest BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry Bold 9900. However, we know that the latest Bold won’t just be limited to the Canadian borders and will be launching worldwide over the course […]

Otterbox Announces Cases for BlackBerry Bold 9900, Bold 9930 and Torch 9810

BlackBerry Torch 9810

If you’re thinking about picking up one of RIM’s new BlackBerry 7 devices whether it’s the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 for AT&T or the BlackBerry Bold 9930 for Sprint, you’re probably going to want a solid case solution to go along with your new purchase and lucky for you, Otterbox has announced that […]

AT&T Announces Three New 4G BlackBerry Smartphones

AT&T Torch 9810

RIM is busy today and has dropped an avalanche of new devices upon the world finally making some of the devices we’ve seen leaked for months official. A few of those devices were made official by AT&T earlier today as the mobile carrier plans to offer the BlackBerry Torch 9810 starting in August and will […]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Launching on T-Mobile End of August?

Leak mentions August 31st launch date for T-Mobile's BlackBerry Bold 9900

The touchscreen-enabled and powerful BlackBerry Bold 9900 is nearing launch, but until now we haven’t heard of an official launch date. Thanks to Phone Arena‘s tipster, who sent the blog a picture of an early promotional material, it looks like the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will launch on August 31st. The device will be available with […]

RIM Unveiling New BlackBerry 7 Devices Tomorrow?

BlackBerry 7

We still have absolutely no idea when the very official BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 will be coming out but it appears that that’s not going to stop RIM from announcing new handsets as a tweet from the company’s official account has indicated that that very thing will happen at some point tomorrow.  So, what might get […]

BlackBerry Bold 9930 Appears Headed to Verizon (Photos)

Bold 9930

Way back in June, RIM announced a device called the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 that the company said would be arriving this summer. Shortly afterward, there were mysteries abound. What carriers would the device head to and when? Well, we’re still unsure about a launch date but we do know that the Bold 9900 will be […]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 And BlackBerry Torch 9860 Strike A Pose Together

BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9860

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the announced BlackBerry Bold 9900 or the unannounced BlackBerry Torch 9860 but this is certainly the first time that we’ve seen both of them posing together. The photo you see here was taken on the streets of Toronto and shows both the Bold 9900 and the the Torch […]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Not Launching Until September?

BlackBerry Bold 9900

We have known that it might take awhile before RIM  gets the BlackBerry Bold 9900, a phone that it announced at BlackBerry World, out the door.  And today, those fears were realized as it has become apparent that the company will likely not get the phone out until sometime after August is over. According to […]